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House attic fans health benefits for the entire family


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This article introduces indoor air quality and the importance of ventilation and how to achieve it with the help of whole house ventilation fans.

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House attic fans health benefits for the entire family

  1. 1. House Attic Fans: Health Benefits for the Entire FamilyThis article introduces indoor air quality and the importance of ventilation and how toachieve it with the help of whole house ventilation fans.House attic fans, in conjunction with open windows, efficiently propel hot air and itspollutants (smoke, humidity, odors) to the attic of a home. This eliminates the build-up ofheat by dispelling the air with a cooling fan and providing home occupants with healthy,clean and fresh air for breathing. But, aside from cooling your home, why are house atticfans so important?House Attic Fans: For You and Your Family’s HealthThe quality of air within a home is often referred to as indoor air quality, or IAQ. IAQ inhomes without a cooling fan is often poor, leaving occupants hot and sticky or worse; withhealth complaints. Among the most common pollutants in homes not fitted with house atticfans is mold, whose growth is associated with moisture (condensation) and can accumulatein homes without house attic fans. Mold can be an allergen, with a 1999 study by MayoClinic having connected the sinus infections of 37 million Americans with mold.Moisture in homes without house attic fans or a cooling fan can also lead to mildew, a typeof mold that we most commonly associate with dirty-looking bathrooms and laundry areas.Left untreated, it can cause structural damage and a devaluation of your property! It’s notjust unsightly mildew that is responsible for the release of allergenic spores into the air.While these are rarely toxic to humans, they can be the source of you and your family’sallergies and can even trigger asthmatic attacks! Poor ventilation in homes with no houseattic fans can also result in the lingering of nasty smells such as cigarette smoke and oldcooking fumes.
  2. 2. The Importance of VentilationVentilation through the use of a cooling fan like house attic fans is the most effective way tofilter and dilute contaminants in the air in order to improve the air in your home( The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) attributesindoor air pollution to the loss of US$1 billion in direct health care costs and up to US$60billion through loss in productivity annually while also maintaining that 50 percent of allillnesses are caused or perpetuated by poor IAQ, which is most present in homes withouthouse attic fans. Not just the EPA is taking the importance of ventilation seriously; Doctorsacknowledge that poor IAQ can be a threat to one’s health.How to Achieve Effective VentilationEffective ventilation in your home involves circulating and replacing hot, moist air withfresh, cool air from outside. House attic fans ventilate the entire home by expelling hot,stale and poor quality air out from vents that are installed in your roof. Cool, fresh andclean air is then drawn in through open windows, with the home’s air constantlycirculating. The introduction of house attic fans can see room temperature drop by up to20°F, reducing the need for air-conditioning and its associated cost by up to 90 percent!House Attic Fans: A Final NoteThe best way to keep cool air circulating through your home is through the use of a coolingfan ( The use of such house attic fans will not only bring theroom temperature within your home down, but you will also save on electric billsaccumulated through the use of air-conditioning. Furthermore, and perhaps mostimportantly, house attic fans can ensure that you and your family don’t suffer from any ofthe nasty health complaints associated with poor IAQ!