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Attic Fans Whole House Fans


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This article explores the benefits of high volume ventilation fans in the attic and their advantages over traditional air-conditioning.

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Attic Fans Whole House Fans

  1. 1. -202374521399566103501724025-6572251723390-9620251647825-523875-4667255334000180340-962025-914400This article explores the benefits of high volume ventilation fans in the attic and their advantages over traditional air-conditioning.<br />Summertime guarantees an excess of fun, family time and heat. Although these things can be wonderful, the damage heat can do to your electric bills and family’s comfort is overwhelming. Houses retain heat though their materials; whether brick or wood. This retained heat causes stifling conditions in the home as well as the accumulation of stale and unhealthy air. Attic fans whole house fans have proven themselves to be the economical and green solution to this heated problem!<br />95255476875<br />Attic Fans Whole House Fans: The Problem with Traditional A/C…<br />4333875464185-3238500464185Traditional A/C recycles the existing air inside your home, cooling it each time the air cycles through it. However, this technology does nothing to remove the source of the heat (your attic) and so it runs on an endless cycle at dollars per hour. Furthermore, the air inside your home remains stale and its overall quality suffers. Attic fan whole house fans work by drawing in great volumes of cool, fresh air from outside the house, while pushing all that old, stale air out through vents installed in your attic. The health benefits afforded by attic fans whole house fans for your family are immeasurable. With up to 20 complete air exchanges per hour and a cooling system that runs at pennies per hour, your family can breathe easier and healthier.<br />6610350-1271905-962025-1329055<br />The Benefits of Attic Fans Whole House Fans<br />The innovation of the simple design behind attic fans whole house fans provides an astonishing change in the home. These high volume ventilation fans operate quietly and efficiently, using a fraction of the energy required by traditional A/C. The natural and quiet cooling of your home enables you to run attic fans whole house fans at nighttime, when temperatures outside are coolest. Clean fresh air provides fantastic health benefits for everyone as allergens, dust, pollen, airborne germs, old cooking smells, bathroom and pet odors, tobacco smoke and moisture are swept out of the home by the attic fans whole house fans.<br />66103501489710-9620251584960leftcenter<br />Attic Fans Whole House Fans: Returning Your Attic Space to You!<br />Another fantastic benefit afforded by attic fans whole house fans is that, by exhausting all that old hot and stale air making this space intolerably hot, you can actually use your attic again for what it was originally intended! During the summer, temperatures here can soar to 150ºF, which can do tremendous damage to your furniture as well as the materials in the roof of your home. By massively reducing attic temperatures, attic fans whole house fans prolong the life of your roof as well as all the items you store in your attic.<br />A Final Note<br />Attic fans whole house fans benefit you and your family in so many ways. The health benefits of clean air without pollutants, structural benefits of cooling the roof during summer and protecting it during winter, as well as the money you will ultimately save makes these high volume ventilation fans a fantastic investment. It’s time to stop thinking of ventilation systems as just a way to cool down in summer but as a way to improve your property, your health and your family’s well being!<br />