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Social Media and Healthcare- HIPAA and Beyond


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COnference presentation for midwives discussing social media and its implications for health care providers

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Social Media and Healthcare- HIPAA and Beyond

  1. 1. Social Media for Healthcare Whitney Hoffman Hoffman Digital Media
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover✦ What’s this “Social Media” thing anyway?✦ Why Should I Care About This for my practice?✦ What do I need to be careful about? HIPAA and more✦ Practice Implications✦ What’s Coming Next
  3. 3. What You Will Learn✦ Know the basics about the three top social media sites, plus how to use them for your practice✦ Know the pros/cons of each and alternatives to use to avoid HIPAA or other problems✦ Have to tools to formulate a social media strategy for you and your practice
  4. 4. Evolution of Midwives
  5. 5. Mixing Old and New Technology
  6. 6. Changing Marketplace✦ Everyone can create their own channel of communication- often inexpensively.✦ Everyone can market their own ideas.✦ The problem lies in building the right network for that communication.
  7. 7. Questions to Ask✦ Where are my patients and potential Patients?✦ How do I differentiate myself from the competition?✦ What do I add to the process? How can I express this to patients? To Physicians?
  8. 8. Reputation is Important. Megaphones Don’t WorkYou no longer control the entire message
  9. 9. The Web Controls the Other Side
  10. 10. They’re Shouting BackEveryone You Interact With Now Has a Say
  11. 11. Pew Research Internet &American Life
  12. 12. 80-90% of18-55 year olds are searching forHealth Information Online
  13. 13. MobileBy 2020, they predictthat a mobile devicewill be the primaryconnection tool for mostpeople in the world.It may not take thatlong....
  14. 14. What is Social Media?
  15. 15. Social Geek Timeline 2003 Myspace launches as Friendster Clone; 2006 2008 2000 Facebook 1994 Internet Bubble (1) LinkedIn Twitter surpasses Geocities is born Bursts Launched Launches MySpace 1971 1997 2002 2004 9/06 2009The First email is Facebook AOL Instant Friendster Facebook Location aware sent Messenger is launched Launches launches opens to Foursquare and College students Gowalla 3 M people only everyone in 3 months 13 & older Launch 2007 iPhone Launched Dawn of Mobile Pocket Computing
  16. 16. Top Social Networks✦ LinkedIn✦ Twitter✦ Facebook
  17. 17. Imagine all your friends got phones for the first time...Are you going to sit around all day waiting for a letter? Or are you going to go out and get a phone?
  18. 18. The New TelephoneThe New Coffee Shop/Water Cooler
  19. 19. Two Types of Social Media Calls✦ Incoming- Listening✦ Outgoing- Conversations and Engagement
  20. 20. Step One
  21. 21. Using Tools to Listen 1. Google Alerts 2. Twitter search 3. Blog Search
  22. 22. iGoogle can be your Newspaper
  23. 23. Step Two:Conversations
  24. 24. Channels are on 24 x 7
  25. 25. HIPAA andSocial Media
  26. 26. De-Identification ??
  27. 27. HIPAA Requires:✦ Respecting patient privacy especially when transmitting electronic data- this would include any type of social network✦ Patients can be discussed but without identifying information✦ Is this possible in a world where everything online is public and on the record?
  28. 28. Questions to Keep In Mind✦ Am I discussing health information in a public forum? (online or real life?)✦ Could anyone reasonably identify the individual? (Keep in mind community, time frame, network as well as name, etc.)✦ Am I discussing this for personal or professional reasons?✦ Can I have this discussion in a more private setting?
  29. 29. Questions✦ Am I giving medical advice?✦ Would I be happy if this were printed in the newspaper or on a billboard?
  30. 30. Facebook
  31. 31. Great way to form an opt-in communityGreat way to create a network of like-mindedpeople for group events/projectsGreat way to selectively target potentialpatients with meaningful messagesEvaluate your need and goals in advance
  32. 32. Important FactorsPublic versus Private- private groups are notindexed by Google, other things can beKnow your privacy settingsPublic Pages versus Personal ProfilesHIPAA implications
  33. 33. Twitter
  34. 34. Twitter #10,233 Twitter #235,752,570
  35. 35. Private Group Option- Ning
  36. 36. LinkedIn-
  37. 37. LinkedIn- Your Resume and Recommendations Online
  38. 38. Expanding and Visualizing Your Network
  39. 39. LinkedIn Goes Social
  40. 40. A Word About Blogging
  41. 41. A Few Tips✦ Own your own Domain Name✦ Allows combining audio, video, news, articles in one spot✦ Wordpress is your friend and you can integrate your other SM channels into it✦ Tag everything- Helps you get found/SEO✦ Remember HIPAA here as well.✦ Email Newsletter can be great outreach
  42. 42. Strategy
  43. 43. Where is Your Community? Where are Your Audience?Connecting Where It’s Relevant to Them
  44. 44. Finding Out Things You Should (or shouldn’t) Know If you do “know” through online channels, what’s your duty, if any?
  45. 45. Cautions
  46. 46. What Does It All Mean? Demystifying the Networks Comparisons and Data
  47. 47. Social Media ROI✦ Efficiency ✦ Grow Trust✦ Reputation ✦ Client Education✦ Differentiation ✦ New Opportunities✦ Client Service/Retention ✦ Flexibility, Timeliness✦ PR & Exposure✦ Increase network
  48. 48. Creating Communities✦ This is a long term versus short term strategy✦ People come to you because of content and added value✦ Grows network, fans, evangelists✦ Must give them something to do- keep it fresh or it dies
  49. 49. Other Important Tools
  50. 50. HARO- Help a Reporter Out✦ Be your own Marketing Department✦ Become an expert✦ Become a resource✦ Help out reporters, help out your business
  51. 51. Social Bookmarking: Develop Your Library
  52. 52. The Future:Mobile & Location Aware Strategy
  53. 53. Resources
  54. 54. Content Rules Text
  55. 55. Social Media Laboratory Experiment, Tweek, Try Again
  56. 56. Cafe-Shaped Conversations
  57. 57. The End
  58. 58. Contact Info:Whitney HoffmanHoffmandigitalmedia@gmail.comTwitter: @whitneyhoffman, @ldpodcastFacebook: Whitney HoffmanGoogle Voice: (302) 482-4599Mobile: (302) 562-6507URL:
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