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February 2010 presentation on facebook for marketing with Screenshots

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  • Very interesting wrap-up on facebook, thanks.

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  • Facebook for Marketing

    1. 1. Marketing with Facebook AGS University Social Media Series Whitney Hoffman Hoffman Digital Media, LLC
    2. 2. Before we start... Social media is an addition, not necessarily a replacement, for traditional marketing Know your sales funnel
    3. 3. Social Media Sales Funnel Marketing Sales Product & Customer Service
    4. 4. Why is Facebook Important?
    5. 5. Facebook Facts Facebook turns 6 yrs old this month Started in a Dorm room at Harvard as a way for college students to connect
    6. 6. Facebook opened to Highschool students in 2005, and to everyone 13 or older with an email account in September, 2006 Facebook claims it became profitable for the first time in September 2009
    7. 7. Facebook announced it has 400 million active users this month 100 Million mobile active users (2x in 6 months) Compete.com reports monthly unique users at over 132 million, up 132% in the last year alone
    8. 8. Demographics: Who is on Facebook?
    9. 9. Growth over Time More and more older people joining Facebook Time spent on Social Networks growing every month Social network participants more educated and better off than average
    10. 10. Facebook “Average” User Female 18-34 yrs old Children at home, esp. teens Better educated and more well off than average Access is both at home and on the go
    11. 11. Facebook Advantages
    12. 12. Facebook Advantages HUGE market- 400 Million + Ability to highly target the market (12 different selection criteria) Integrate other efforts (blog, twitter, etc) into Facebook New mail features and analytics may make it a de facto internet portal
    13. 13. Advantages Useful way to engage small or large groups Still growing- only 50% of major brands represented on Facebook Potential to engage audience socially and convert to leads, customers Potential for interactive customer service, customer engagement engine
    14. 14. Anatomy of a Facebook Page
    15. 15. Facebook Usernames: The Initial Landrush has passed
    16. 16. Fan Pages
    17. 17. “Fan Pages” Just like a personal Page, with a group of people who can act as Administrators Fan pages less limited than group pages, but open to the public Brands are frequently setting up a presence on Facebook with a fan Page
    18. 18. Blog Integration Will import your blog posts automatically and post as Notes to Facebook. Comments in Facebook do not export out to your blog
    19. 19. Limitations & Work Arounds Can only import one blog to Notes (used to be able to have more than one) if you integrate Twitter, tweeting links to new posts will show up in Facebook as Status updates Put links to posts into Facebook directly as Status Updates Use an aggregation app like Friendfeed (caution- double posts possible)
    20. 20. Step 1 Step 2
    21. 21. Group pages
    22. 22. Group pages Can control the participants- open or closed Limited to 5,000 members More like a club with more responsibility for management and postings
    23. 23. Examples
    24. 24. Ideas Fun contest of “Showerheads in the Wild”- show pictures, win a gift card, shower head, etc. Design your dream bathroom/Bathroom makeover Bathroom design advice from the Pros Partner more obviously with hotels- they are now selling mattresses and sheets, why not shower heads? Holiday tie-in applications or memes- Valentine’s Day (Shower with a friend?? Who would you most like to take a shower with?) Mother’s Day, etc. Good Clean Fun
    25. 25. Ideas Appropriate shower related videos from Youtube- cross post Make a fun video; video contest Play up green angle- current Look at Analytics within Facebook; Consider moving video tab
    26. 26. Integrating Other Channels
    27. 27. Schools of Thought Integration versus “Unique Message” Social face of business Meet your customers where they are
    28. 28. There are many ways to integrate Twitter updates into your Facebook Status- details in handout Remember there are may be two different audiences and plan accordingly
    29. 29. Advertising and Outreach on Facebook
    30. 30. Measuring Success Facebook Analytics *Pages only- Not Groups
    31. 31. The Future- What’s Coming
    32. 32. What We Can Learn From Lexicon...
    33. 33. Skeptical? Still have questions?
    34. 34. Social Media Overlaps it All Marketing Sales Product & Customer Service
    35. 35. The End
    36. 36. Creating Events