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DedoDel, Economic Dev. Office Evening Presentation


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Social Media for ecommerce quick overview

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DedoDel, Economic Dev. Office Evening Presentation

  1. 1. Connecting With CustomersUsing The Power of Social Media to Enhance Your Business Whitney Hoffman Hoffman Digital Media
  2. 2. Changing LandscapeEveryone can create their own channel ofcommunication- often inexpensively.Everyone can market their own ideas.The problem lies in building the right networkor ecosystem for that communication.
  3. 3. Changing LandscapePeople find out about you long before you evermeet....or not.Reputation management is more importantthan ever, and it’s GlobalYou Only Control Part of the Equation
  4. 4. The Web Controls the Other Side
  5. 5. Imagine all your friends got phones for the first time...Are you going to sit around all day waiting for a letter? Or are you going to go out and get a phone?
  6. 6. The New TelephoneThe New Coffee Shop/Water Cooler
  7. 7. Two types of Social Media CallsIncoming- ListeningOutgoing- Conversations and Engagement
  8. 8. MobileQuick Facts from Pew(Pew 2020, they predict thata mobile device will be theprimary connection toolfor most people in theworld.
  9. 9. Contact Info:Whitney HoffmanHoffman Digital MediaLDpodcast@gmail.comHoffmandigitalmedia@gmail.comTwitter: @whitneyhoffman, @ldpodcastFacebook: Whitney HoffmanGoogle Voice: (302) 482-4599Mobile: (302) 562-6507URL: