Top 3 types of train air horns


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Find out about the best rated train horns in the world!

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Top 3 types of train air horns

  1. 1. Article Directory: ArticleSlash Category: Automotive Top 3 Types of Train Air Horns by Whitney Segura There are several types of train air horns available today however it wasn't always that way. Finding the right train air horn whether it is for your own personal collection or for your personal use can be a difficult task. There are several models to choose from and knowing what you are looking for and the proper price range can make a big difference in your choice. Below are the top 3 brands of train air horns, price ranges, and a bit about them: HornBlasters: While HornBlaster Inc. has only been around for less than a decade it has surely made a big impact on the train air horn industry. Their current revenue is around 1.4 million dollars. Their train horns are very reasonably priced including rates ranging from $300-$600 dollars they provide high quality train air horn kits fitted for both your personal & business use. While it does have three main levels of air horn kit types it is up to you on which you want to fit your needs. The “Conductors Special Model 232" is clearly the most popular they also provide you with a better quality train air horns. The upgrade “Conductors Special Model 540" provides you with a 5 gallon tank for only a mere $80-$100 more. Maximus Horns: Maximus train air horns vary in price from $200-$2000 dollars. Choosing the one that is best for you depends on how loud you need it to be. At Maximus horn systems they provide train air horn kits that have between 1-5 gallon tanks and range in levels from 1-4. The train air horns are chrome plated and evoked a lot of noise. The Maximus IV kit holds a 3 gallon air compressor and has 12 volts. Depending on where you want to put this train air horn it could be mind blowing. The Maximus IV costs approximately $500 dollars. While making the decision on what type of train air horn you are looking to add to your vehicle is yours, taking a look at the Maximus may be worth your while. Klienn Horns: Finding a Klienn air horn maybe in your budget. While their train air horns range from $300-$600 dollars it is worth taking a peek. Their train air horns have between 1-4 trumpets depending on the level and use of the horns purchased. If you are looking for something loud with some kick than the Model 141 is a great option. However model 99 is sufficient to bring you the unique attention you need and can save you a bit on your pocket book. Page 1/2
  2. 2. While there are several types & brands of train air horns ultimately the decision is up to you. Keeping in mind the level of sound you can handle without being distracted from the road, the budget you are working with, and the use of your train air horn you can narrow your search incredibly. Remembering to spend you money wisely purchase the train air horn that is best suited for you. Tags: train horns, horns, automotive, trucks, air horns, atv, train horn, train air horns Source: Page 2/2