Learn The Basics Of Machine Shops


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This is a great introduction to getting you to the next step and working in the machine industry.

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Learn The Basics Of Machine Shops

  1. 1. A Basic Knowledge Guide and Tutorial of Modern Day Machine Shop Industry.
  2. 2.  Machine shops continue to grow in number with the increasing volume of things that render the machine shops' service. It could be a room, office building or open space where machining is done. Machining is the conversion of certain material with the aid of tools and equipment into a more useful product. Machine shops commonly contain tools and materials that are uniquely used by the machinists.  The machinists are the ones performing the transformation materials. Being a machinist is actually not an easy task. It requires not only knowledge of the tools but the skills needed to properly perform the job.
  3. 3.  The machinists should have relevant knowledge on how to operate and set up the said tools for safety precaution. There are various materials working on lathe which include collets, chucks, mandrels, faceplates and centers.
  4. 4.  Lathe is often applied in woodturning, glass works, metalworking, and metal spinning, Several objects can be made from lathe, for example: baseball bats, candlestick holders, table lags and cue sticks.
  5. 5.  On the other hand, mills or milling machines serve for the purpose of shaping metal and other solid materials. Horizontal and vertical milling machines are used for orientation of the cutting tool spindle. Milling machines could be manually-operated, mechanical, automated or digitally automated such as the computer numerical control (CNC).
  6. 6.  The basic parts of the drill are base, column, table, spindle and drill head.  Some of the types of drills are geared head drill press, radial arm drill press and mill drill.
  7. 7.  The geared head type of grill is operated through electricity wherein transfer of power from motor to spindle occurs by spur gearing which is found inside the head of the machine.  The head of the radial arm drill could be moved from the machine's column. Mill drill is a lighter alternative to a milling machine.  Machine shop covers a spectrum of discipline depending on what the shop is specializing on. However they all have primary machining processes which are turning, drilling and milling. The secondary activities are shaping, planning, boring, broaching and sawing.
  8. 8.  The rotating work part provides the turning and the feed motion occurs by slowly moving in a direction that is parallel to the axis of rotation. Drilling is just the creation of a round hole.  The drill is placed in a parallel direction to the axis of its rotation.  Lastly, the boring enlarges the created hole.
  9. 9.  The people that will greatly benefit in the machine shop owning are the machinists, industrial prototypes, car restorers, R&D lab technicians, instrument makers, product designers, gunsmiths, engineers, inventors and people making one-of a kind repair parts. A beginner should always be cautious of his action to avoid injury.
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