How to find deals on antiques with antique auctions


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How to find deals on antiques with antique auctions

  1. 1. Article Directory: ArticleSlash Category: Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Auctions How to Find Deals on Antiques with Antique Auctions by Whitney Segura Getting good deals on antiques is difficult due to the huge variety of merchandise and its pricing. This makes it difficult to determine whether the merchandise is genuine and also whether the pricing is correct. Most dealers price their merchandise quite highly, since they expect the buyer to negotiate. However, in all this confusion it is also possible to find several items whose pricing is well below their value. Antique shows usually provide collectors an opportunity to access a large variety of merchandise at one place. Since they run over a period of up to one week, they offer an opportunity to thoroughly search for good deals. They also offer merchandise from different parts of the world and the dealers give room for negotiating. Most antique buyers prefer to comb through antique shows since they can find really good deals. Antique shows are usually advertised online and also in newspapers. The most opportune time to attend the shows is usually early on the first day or late on the last day. Chances of coming across items that are rare or incorrectly priced are higher on the first day. Dealers also prefer to sell at a lower price than go back with their items, especially if they are fragile on the last day. Today, antique sales are thriving on websites like A1 Antique Auctions, which allow users to post antique auctions and sell their antiques online. Nevertheless, one can still find great steals during the course of the show. It is also important to thoroughly and slowly go through the merchandise offered at the show, as being hasty may cause you to miss good deals. Also getting to know the dealers and establishing a relationship with them can result in better prices. One also needs to have an idea of the price of the item they are purchasing so as to negotiate. Negotiating without knowing the price is usually counterproductive, both for the buyer and the dealer. Getting good deals requires the buyer to have certain tips that are useful when dealing with antique merchandisers. It is good practice to be patient while shopping for antiques because speedy decisions may be regretted later. A buyer should also avoid carrying the exact amounts they suspect the piece is worth. This may cause them to miss out on a good deal. An antique that appears relatively modest may also end up costing a lot of money. It is also good policy to have at least some knowledge of the antiques one is interested in. This comes in handy when distinguishing genuine pieces from non-antique articles. It is also quite helpful to be able to ascertain the authenticity and genuineness of any object that one intends to buy, especially when buying online. Checking it for defects like cracks and Page 1/2
  2. 2. chippings is also helpful since it reduces the value of the item. Window shopping also helps a buyer to identify where to find the best deals. A buyer should also know where to find what, for example antique stores generally specialize in one or two items. They therefore offer more depth in the items they stock. Generally there are no set guidelines on how to find deals on antiques. However, regular interaction with buyers and sellers, coupled with research on items gives one a good base. Referrals and networking also give one an edge in the antique world. ? Tags: antiques, antique auctions, antique, antique stores, antique auction, antique store, find antiques Source: Page 2/2