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Purcell pp


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Purcell pp

  1. 1. Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
  2. 2. •Little isknown aboutPurcell,including placeof birth andmusicaleducation•Begancomposing atage 8 when achorister atthe ChapelRoyal
  3. 3. •When his voice changed at age14, he began assisting with the king’skeyboard and wind instruments, andbegan tuning the Westminster Abbeyorgan at age 15.•He later became organist atWestminster Abbey (succeeding JohnBlow) and then at the Chapel Royal.•He remained at the Chapel Royaluntil he died at age 36.
  4. 4. Approximate Output•100 Anthems•Several Services•24 odes•6 operas•More than 300 solosongs, duets, and trios
  5. 5. “His primary focus was vocal music: hecomposed songs for homeperformance, choral music for Anglicanservices and royal ceremonies, andmusic for the theater. Purcell’sgreatest gift lay in setting Englishwords movingly yet with naturaldeclamation.” -A History of Western Music (Burkholder, Grout and Palisca)