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Janas education


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My idea of education for slovakia

Published in: Education
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Janas education

  1. 1. Jana´s education Student to student
  2. 2. Students to students Critical thinking Education of values Civic engagement Students need to develop and improve their ability to think constructively and evaluate other ideas Students need to give importance to a set of values, in order to develop into committed people with a sense for excellence, moral courage and self-worth Civic engagement as a part of curricula is teaching students how to be aware of their environment and to take a leadership role in local projects
  3. 3. Critical thinking In times, when we can access a lot of information, it is essential to know how to take it, separate and translate that information into a personal meaning. The ability to make judgments and reason effectively is therefore a skill of modern era. Students need to think in broader contexts, review background of information and make a rational decision. That is why this should be a base of every education.
  4. 4. Education of values Values should not be separated from any form of education. Students should allow themselves to dig deeper and develop a strong set of values, moral beliefs and respect towards one another. That is the only way how we can achieve common goals and improve our country. Teachers should serve as an example.
  5. 5. Civic engagement Civic engagement should be an important part of every education. Not only it allows students to take the knowledge into practice, but it also helps them develop into caring people with heart for their local community, seeing their need and ways how to meet them. It also develops their abilities as leaders when they pursue personal local projects. They will build locally, while they will also learn how to think globally.
  6. 6. Students to students Essential part of the education will be learning from each other. Teacher will serve as a guide during the lessons, while students will be discovering and resolving problems, coming up with ideas and respecting each other.
  7. 7. Feedback Grades will be used only as an end of the year assessment, with 3 meaning that you understand the topic and are able to translate it into real life problems, 2 meaning you need some improvement and 1 stating that you have a plenty of room for improvement. 4 means that you overcame the expectations of the teacher and deserves an additional praise. Feedback during the year is written in a form of personal letter and teachers address their comments after the lesson
  8. 8. “I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message.“ Steve Irwin