Metrics and proper use of google analytics for small businesses


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Running your own small business is a full time effort and you, as the director or senior manager, need to keep your eye on the ball and more importantly on the "purse strings" to ensure every penny spent is generating a positive return and hopefully growth for the business.

You need to KNOW what your marketing budgets are doing for you - to identify which sources are truly yielding a return and which are simply vanity campaigns with no real fruit.

Our presentation helps identify the basic metrics that you as a small business owner can look up in Google Analytics to help quickly see these elements.

For more detail or help with marketing analytics and campaigns, contact us:

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Metrics and proper use of google analytics for small businesses

  1. 1. The Merits and Proper Use of Google Analytics for Small Businesses Chris Surridge: Marketing Director Whitefish Marketing /whitefishmarketing /WhitefishMarktg
  2. 2. 01303 720288 Agenda • What is “GA” and why use it at all? • What can it measure? • Top metrics for new businesses? • How are customers finding you? • Where are your customers from? • What areas of your business are they most interested in? • Your best Landing Pages? • Personalised Desktop
  3. 3. 01303 720288 What is Google Analytics?
  4. 4. 01303 720288 What can Google Analytics measure? Main Points for new businesses: 1. Which marketing mediums are working for you, which aren’t 2. Geography of your online visitors 3. Site Content – all pages 4. Effective Landing pages …traffic visits, time on site, page views, date ranges, YOY movement, bounce rates, IP locations, best selling products, SEO, popular pages, adwords data, campaigns, conversion funnels, goals, marketing apportionment, mobile data, revenue, time of day viewed, google instant intelligence, averages, keywords, exit pages, navigation visitor flow, languages, referrals, % growth…
  5. 5. 01303 720288 The default screen
  6. 6. 01303 720288 How do customers find you? What forms of Digital Marketing do you currently adopt? Or are thinking of adopting? SEO PPC Email Marketing Facebook Twitter Google + Display Advertising Paid Directory Listings (e.g. Referrals and Affiliate Marketing Industry associations
  7. 7. 01303 720288 How do customers find you?
  8. 8. 01303 720288 In-depth Granular Analysis …Referrals
  9. 9. 01303 720288 Where are your customers located? Do you know where the vast majority of your Online Visits live? Local Customers, or National Coverage?
  10. 10. 01303 720288 How do customers find you?
  11. 11. 01303 720288 What are customers looking at? What service or product is your most popular? PRODUCT A or PRODUCT B or PRODUCT C?
  12. 12. 01303 720288 What are customers looking at? Possible Sections Services Testimonials Contact Us Portfolio Blog Specific Product Gallery Returns Policy
  13. 13. 01303 720288 What’s the first thing they see? You only have one chance to make a first impression
  14. 14. 01303 720288 Identify Top Landing Pages Top Pages Visited: Ecommerce Shop Top Entrance Pages: 8 out of 10 were Jobs
  15. 15. 01303 720288 Watch your bounce rate! Tip: Look at your bounce rate for the most popular landing pages
  16. 16. 01303 720288 Dashboard Instruments
  17. 17. 01303 720288 Your Personalised Dashboard
  18. 18. 01303 720288 Your Personalised Dashboard • Fully customisable • 12 widgets per dashboard • Instant Snapshot of your selected criteria • Automatically adjusts to date range • Perfect for KPI reporting • PDF email to clients/managers/team
  19. 19. 01303 720288 Multiple Dashboards! Mobile Revenue SEO So Many More Possibilities…
  20. 20. 01303 720288 Any Questions?
  21. 21. Chris Surridge: Marketing Director Whitefish Marketing /whitefishmarketing /WhitefishMarktg 01303 720288