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Present & great truths


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Published in: Spiritual
  • Got this from Anthony Banton who made the presentation at my Church May 17 2014
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Present & great truths

  1. 1. ‘Present  &  Great   Truths’    
  2. 2. STRONG  MEAT   Present  &  Great  Truth  
  3. 3. Hebrews  5:11  –  6:2   Eternal  Judgment   Resurrection  of  the  Dead     Laying  on  of  Hands   Doctrine  of  Baptisms   Faith  Towards  God   Repentance  from  Dead  Works   “Strong  Meat”  
  4. 4. Hebrews  5:11  –  6:2   Eternal  Judgment   Resurrection  of  the  Dead     Laying  on  of  Hands   Doctrine  of  Baptisms   Faith  Towards  God   Repentance  from  Dead  Works     (Hebrews  6:20  &  5:10)   “Strong  Meat”  
  5. 5. Hebrews  5:11  –  6:2   Eternal  Judgment   Resurrection  of  the  Dead     Laying  on  of  Hands   Doctrine  of  Baptisms   Faith  Towards  God   Repentance  from  Dead  Works   …Jesus,  made  an  high  priest  for  ever…   (Hebrews  6:20  &  5:10)   “Strong  Meat”  
  6. 6. Jesus  Our  High  Priest   Hebrews  8:1-­‐5;  9:11-­‐12,23-­‐24  
  7. 7. The  Order  of  Melchisedec   compare  Gen.  14:18-­‐20  &  Heb.  7:1-­‐11     The  superiority  and  significances  of  the  Melchisedec   priesthood  (relaNve  to  the  LeviNcal):   •  Both  King  and  Priest  (v.1)   •  Interpreted  King  of  righteousness  and  peace  (v.2)   •  Genealogy  is  not  recorded  (v.3)   •  Death  is  not  recorded  (v.3)   •  Great  enough  to  receive  Nthes  from  Abraham  (vs.4,6)   •  Great  then  Abraham  for  he  blessed  Abraham  (v.7)   •  Levi  can  be  considered  as  paying  Nthes  through   Abraham  (vs.9-­‐10)    
  8. 8. Present  Truth   There  are  many  precious  truths   contained  in  the  Word  of  God,   but  it  is  "present  truth"  that  the   flock  needs  now.  I  have  seen  the   danger  of  the  messengers  running   off  from  the  important  points  of   present  truth,  to  dwell  upon   subjects  that  are  not  calculated  to   unite  the  flock  and  sancNfy  the   soul.  Satan  will  here  take  every   possible  advantage  to  injure  the   cause.  EW  63.1      
  9. 9. Present  Truth   But  such  subjects  as  the  sanctuary,  in   connec:on  with  the  2300  days,  the   commandments  of  God  and  the  faith   of  Jesus,  are  perfectly  calculated  to   explain  the  past  Advent  movement   and  show  what  our  present  posiNon   is,  establish  the  faith  of  the  doubNng,   and  give  certainty  to  the  glorious   future.  These,  I  have  frequently  seen,   were  the  principal  subjects  on  which   the  messengers  should  dwell.  EW   63.2  
  10. 10. Eternal  Judgment   Resurrection  of  the  Dead     Laying  on  of  Hands   Doctrine  of  Baptisms   Faith  Towards  God   Repentance  from  Dead  Works   “Present  Strong  Meat”  
  11. 11. Eternal  Judgment   Resurrection  of  the  Dead     Laying  on  of  Hands   Doctrine  of  Baptisms   Faith  Towards  God   Repentance  from  Dead  Works    …the  sanctuary…    …in  connection  with  the  2300  days…   …the  commandments  of  God…   …and  the  faith  of  Jesus.   “Present  Strong  Meat”  
  12. 12. Essential  to  the  Plan  of  Salvation   The  intercession  of  Christ  in  man's   behalf  in  the  sanctuary  above  is  as   essen:al  to  the  plan  of  salvaNon  as   was  His  death  upon  the  cross.  By  His   death  He  began  that  work  which  aber   His  resurrecNon  He  ascended  to   complete  in  heaven.  We  must  by  faith   enter  within  the  veil,  "whither  the   forerunner  is  for  us  entered."   Hebrews  6:20.  There  the  light  from   the  cross  of  Calvary  is  reflected.  There   we  may  gain  a  clearer  insight  into  the   mysteries  of  redempNon…  GC  489.1    
  13. 13. Three  Angel’s  Messages   1st  Angel  (Rev.  14:6-­‐7)   •  EverlasNng  gospel.   •  Fear  God  and  giving  glory.   •  Hour  of  his  judgment  is  come.   •  Worship  him  that  made.   2nd  Angel  (Rev.  14:8)   •  Babylon  is  fallen.   •  Wine  of  the  wrath  of  her  fornicaNon.   3rd  Angel  (Rev.  14:9)   •  Worship  the  beast  and  his  image.   •  Receive  his  mark  
  14. 14. Greatest  Importance   The  theme  of  greatest  importance  is   the  third  angel's  message,  embracing   the  messages  of  the  first  and  second   angels.  All  should  understand  the   truths  contained  in  these  messages   and  demonstrate  them  in  daily  life,   for  this  is  essenNal  to  salvaNon.  We   shall  have  to  study  earnestly,   prayerfully,  in  order  to  understand   these  grand  truths;  and  our  power  to   learn  and  comprehend  will  be  taxed   to  the  utmost.  Ev  196.1    
  15. 15. Promises   Proverbs  2:1-­‐5     Matthew  7:8-­‐11    
  16. 16. Should  Not  Rest   Eyes  Fixed  on  Sanctuary.-­‐-­‐As  a   people,  we  should  be  earnest   students  of  prophecy;  we   should  not  rest  unNl  we   become  intelligent  in  regard  to   the  subject  of  the  sanctuary,   which  is  brought  out  in  the   visions  of  Daniel  and  John…  Ev   222.3  
  17. 17. SHARING  IN  HIS  WORK   Present  &  Great  Truth  
  18. 18. Co-­‐Workers   God  might  have  commihed  the   message  of  the  gospel,  and  all  the   work  of  loving  ministry,  to  the   heavenly  angels.  He  might  have   employed  other  means  for   accomplishing  His  purpose.  But  in   His  infinite  love  He  chose  to  make   us  co-­‐workers  with  Himself,  with   Christ  and  the  angels,  that  we   might  share  the  blessing,  the  joy,   the  spiritual  uplibing,  which   results  from  unselfish  ministry.   MC  9.1  
  19. 19. Co-­‐Workers   Every  one  of  us  can  do   something,  if  we  will  only  take   the  posiNon  that  God  would   have  us  take.  My  brethren,   every  move  that  you  make  to   enlighten  others,  brings  you   nearer  into  harmony  with  the   God  of  heaven.    MC  9.2    
  20. 20. World Religions by Percentage Isaiah  42:8-­‐9  (see,  Isa.  41:26;  45:21;  46:9-­‐10;  John  13:19)    [NIV]  I  am  the  LORD;  that  is  my  name!  I  will  not  yield  my  glory  to   another  or  my  praise  to  idols.  See,  the  former  things  have  taken   place,  and  new  things  I  declare;  before  they  spring  into  being  I   announce  them  to  you.  
  21. 21. Evidence  and  Faith   God  never  asks  us  to  believe,   without  giving  sufficient   evidence  upon  which  to  base   our  faith.  His  existence,  His   character,  the  truthfulness  of   His  Word,  are  all  established  by   tesNmony  that  appeals  to  our   reason;  and  this  tesNmony  is   abundant.  SC  105  
  22. 22. The  Remnant   “…the  remnant  of  her  seed…”  (Rev.  12:17)     Remnant.  Gr.  loipoi,  “remaining  ones,”  from   leipō,  “to  leave,”  “to  leave  behind.”  The   Seventh-­‐day  AdvenNst  Bible  Commentary,   Volume  7.  1980  (F.  D.  Nichol,  Ed.)  (812).  Review   and  Herald  Publishing  AssociaNo  
  23. 23. Ini:al   Calamity/Apostasy   Remnant   Reference     Abraham   decedents   EgypNan  famine   Jacob’s  family  (twelve   sons)   Gen  45:7   Israel  (twelve   tribes)   General  apostasy   Elijah  plus  seven   thousand   1  Kings  18:22;  19:14;   Rom  11:4,  5   Israel  (twelve   tribes)   Assyrian  invasion   Judah  (two  tribes)   2  Chron  30:6;  2  Kings   17:18;  Isa  10:22   Judah  (two   tribes)   Sennacherib  invasion   Jerusalem   2  Kings  19:4,  30,  31;  Isa   37:4,  31,  32;  4:2;  10:20;   11:11,  12,  16   Jerusalem   Babylon  invasion     Reaming  capNves   2  Kings  25:22;  Eze   14:22;  Jer  40:11;  Jer   42:2;  Eze  7:16;  Eze  24:8,   9;  Eze  44:14   Jerusalem   Babylon  invasion   Released  capNves   Eze  6:8,  8;  Jer  23:3;  Jer   31:7;  Jer  50:28;  Jer  1:2,   3;  Zech  8:12;  Ezra  9:14   The  Remnant  
  24. 24. The  Remnant   The  “remnant”  of  OT  Nmes  is  thus  composed  of   successive  generaNons  of  Israelites—God’s  chosen   people.  Again  and  again  the  majority  apostaNzed,   but  each  Nme  there  was  a  faithful  “remnant”  that   became  exclusive  heirs  to  the  sacred  promises,   privileges,  and  responsibili:es  of  the  covenant   originally  made  with  Abraham  and  confirmed  at   Sinai.  The  Seventh-­‐day  AdvenNst  Bible   Commentary,  Volume  7.  1980  (F.  D.  Nichol,  Ed.)   (814).  Review  and  Herald  Publishing  AssociaNon.  
  25. 25. The  Remnant   “…it  cast  down  the  truth  to  the  ground…”  (Dan.   8:12)     “…knowledge  shall  be  increased.”  (Dan.  12:4)   1260-­‐years   538  AD   1798  AD   (Rev  12:6,14)  
  26. 26. Responsibility     Romans  1:14   I  am  debtor  both  to  the  Greeks,  and  to  the   Barbarians;  both  to  the  wise,  and  to  the  unwise.       Jeremiah  23:30     Therefore,  behold,  I  am  against  the  prophets,   saith  the  LORD,  that  steal  my  words  every  one   from  his  neighbour.    
  27. 27. God-­‐Given  Message   …We  are  not  only  to  read  and   understand  this  message,  but  to   proclaim  it  with  no  uncertain  sound   to  the  world.  By  presenNng  these   things  revealed  to  John,  we  shall  be   able  to  s:r  the  people.  19MR  41.1  
  28. 28. God-­‐Given  Message   The  usual  subjects  on  which  the   ministers  of  nearly  all  other   denominaNons  dwell  will  not  move   them.  We  must  proclaim  our  God-­‐ given  message  to  them.  The  world  is   to  be  warned  by  the  proclamaNon  of   this  message.  If  we  blanket  it,  if  we   hide  our  light  under  a  bushel,  if  we  so   circumscribe  ourselves  that  we   cannot  reach  the  people,  we  are   answerable  to  God  for  our  failure  to   warn  the  world.  19MR  41.2  
  29. 29. MOST  CONVINCING  EVIDENCE   Present  &  Great  Truth  
  30. 30. Most  Convincing  Evidence   Many  take  it  for  granted  that  they  are   ChrisNans,  simply  because  they   subscribe  to  certain  theological   tenets.  But  they  have  not  brought  the   truth  into  prac:cal  life.  They  have  not   believed  and  loved  it,  therefore  they   have  not  received  the  power  and   grace  that  come  through   sancNficaNon  of  the  truth.  Men  may   profess  faith  in  the  truth;  but  if  it   does  not  make  them  sincere,  kind,   paNent,  forbearing,  heavenly-­‐minded,   it  is  a  curse  to  its  possessors,  and   through  their  influence  it  is  a  curse  to   the  world.  AG  263.2      
  31. 31. Most  Convincing  Evidence   A  true,  lovable  Chris:an  is  the   most  powerful  argument  that   can  be  advanced  in  favor  of   Bible  truth.  Such  a  man  is   Christ's  representaNve.  His  life   is  the  most  convincing  evidence   that  can  be  borne  to  the  power   of  divine  grace.  AG  263.5  
  32. 32. Spirit  and  Truth   John  4:24   God  is  a  Spirit:  and  they  that  worship  him  must   worship  him  in  spirit  and  in  truth.     Seal  Is  a  Sehling  Into  Truth.-­‐-­‐Just  as  soon  as  the   people  of  God  are  sealed  in  their  foreheads-­‐-­‐it  is   not  any  seal  or  mark  that  can  be  seen,  but  a   sehling  into  the  truth,  both  intellectually  and   spiritually,  so  they  cannot  be  moved...    4BC   1161.6    
  33. 33. Great  Truth   The  sacrifice  of  Christ  as  an   atonement  for  sin  is  the  great   truth  around  which  all  other   truths  cluster.  In  order  to  be   rightly  understood  and   appreciated,  every  truth  in  the   word  of  God,  from  Genesis  to   RevelaNon,  must  be  studied  in   the  light  that  streams  from  the   cross  of  Calvary…  GW  315.2    
  34. 34. Grow  in  Grace  and  Knowledge   2  Peter  3:18   But  grow  in  grace,  and  in  the  knowledge  of  our  Lord  and   Saviour  Jesus  Christ.  To  him  be  glory  both  now  and  for   ever.  Amen.     Proverbs  4:18   But  the  path  of  the  just  is  as  the  shining  light,  that   shineth  more  and  more  unto  the  perfect  day.     Psalms  119:105   Thy  word  is  a  lamp  unto  my  feet,  and  a  light  unto  my   path.    
  35. 35. Religious  Experience   When  the  books  of  Daniel  and   RevelaNon  are  beher  understood,   believers  will  have  an  en:rely   different  religious  experience.  They   will  be  given  such  glimpses  of  the   open  gates  of  heaven  that  heart  and   mind  will  be  impressed  with  the   character  that  all  must  develop  in   order  to  realize  the  blessedness   which  is  to  be  the  reward  of  the  pure   in  heart.  The  Lord  will  bless  all  who   will  seek  humbly  and  meekly  to   understand  that  which  is  revealed  in   the  RevelaNon...  FLB  345.3  
  36. 36. ‘But  Daniel  purposed  in  his  heart…’  (Dan.  1:8)    
  37. 37.     hhps:// kt7t8pkh7pn9hp3/ MHE_KWySxG   Presentation  made  available…