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India’s Most Exciting Companies and the Key People who Steer Them to Excellence.


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India’s Most Exciting Companies and the Key People who Steer Them to Excellence.

  1. 1. Press Releases 2012 - Latest News,Press Release   Home Software QA & Testing Mobile I.C.T Internet Network & Security Semiconductor Services SiliconWires Home > Services > CenTTra Solutions CenTTra Solutions About us cenTTra is a global logistics SaaS solution provider.Our to our portfolio, including equipment leasing, maintenance and solutions provide 3600 visibility and Exception repair management, and transportation management. andAlertmanagement. cenTTra enables shippers, freight We also offer professional services to the transportation and forwarders, third party logistics providers, brokers and logistics industry, managing back office and support functions on importers to plan, process and manage their cargo shipments behalf of our clients. We provide a wide range of customer service efficiently at a lower cost.Our unique service scours industry and transaction services, include processing of bill of lading, airway data sources to provide a lowcost, carrier independent and bills, arrival notices, sailing schedules, customer invoices, trucking consolidated viewof shipments in the transportation chain. procurement, container rentals, vendor invoices and customer cenTTra also offer tracking services usingGPS devices. In 2012 contract management, etc. we have plans to add several new assetmanagement solutions KEY PERSON: applications to SaaS and cloud computing models. Abhijit Joshi, Founder and CEO He holds a Bachelor of Engineering As a founder and CEOof cenTTra solutionsMr. Joshi is degree in industrial electronics from actively involved in building key alliances, strategic Pune University and a Master of Science business planning and business development. With two degree in computer science from NJ IT, decades of experience in the Operations Management and US IT services industry in US,Asia and Europe, he led sales CLIENTELE: and delivery operations for cenTTra’s parent Ocean Cargo carriers,Logistics company,WhiteHedge Technologies, for which he continues Companies,Freight to serve as CEO and as a Director. Forwarders,Manufacturing Companies, Prior to founding cenTTra solutions, he was co-founder of Leasing Companies. i-scope Inc. A core business belief for Mr. Joshi is in FOUNDED: building long term partnerships with customers by gaining INVESTORS: 2003 insights into their spoken and unspoken needs, and Self funded OFFICES: addressing them proactively. His current focus area is to WEBSITE: Head Office: Pune, India grow cenTTra solutions into a world-class company Sales Offices: Iselin, NJ specializing in building Transportation and Logistics and Berkeley, CA(U.S.); solutions. cenTTra’s vision is to be the global leader in Pune, India moving legacy transportation Representative offices: Rotterdam, Netherlands andSingapore. PRODUCT OFFERINGS: DIFFERENTIATING FACTORS: cenTTra’s expertise in the transportation and logistics domain, cenTTra Exception andAlertmanagement plus its innovative approach to building solutions for the sector, cenTTra Real Track make us unique in this space.With operations distributed portable container rental[3/15/2012 12:13:49 PM]
  2. 2. Press Releases 2012 - Latest News,Press Release inAsia,NorthAmerica and Europewe are able to remain in close contact with our customers while at the same time offering low cost off shore development, management and support of our WHAT NEXT? applications. cenTTra recently took over themanagement of aUS¬based MAJORMILESTONES: portable container rental company allowing us to build out our back¬ office teaminto a world class container operations support center. 2003 – Company Founded cenTTra is also forming joint ventureswith two ITcompanies 2004 – First customer on cenTTra and first US client based in the UK for the purpose of building a new series of 2007 – Voice Interface launched container management applications, including a maintenance 2008 – Independent US operation stated and repair solution built around a unique mobile app. platform. 2009 – cenTTra recovery service launched; cenTTra Exception and Alerts launched REVENUE MODEL: 2010 – Offices in Europe and Singapore 2011 – Joint Ventures with European companies; New series of SaaS delivery and pricing for our product portfolio. Custom container management applications development is performed on a fee-for service basis.   @ 2012 SiliconIndia all rights reserved[3/15/2012 12:13:49 PM]