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Business Review Europe


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Latest Business News and Tips for Europe

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Business Review Europe

  1. 1. SpecIAl revIeWInG europe’S Ipo reporT AcTIvITY In 2010 | Feb | Feb 2011TIpS & TrIckS ForWHAT ISTHe coverHeAdlIne?loAd THe Seo WHAT IS THedIce In Your cover SubfAvour HeAdlIne? WHAT IS THe cover Sub HeAdlIne? WHAT IS THe cover Sub Top Ten HeAdlIne? europeAn Golf courSeS revIvIng THe AuTomoTIve InduSTry WITH elecTrIc cArS europe’S Top fIve Telecom ImAGe compAnIeS SHApe cuT ouT TecHnoloGY: THIS IS THe feATure HeAdlIne
  2. 2. visit us online at
  3. 3. Marketing 2.0TIpS AndTrIckSForgoogleloADing ThE SEo DiCEin your FAvourby roSS denSley February 2011
  4. 4. Marketing 2.0 tips and trickF or buSIneSSeS HopIng To Succeed and increase profitability online, whether it be marketing, sales or simply gaining a stronger online presence, understanding the evolvingnature of cyberspace and the nuances of searchengines - namely Google - is desperately important toits overall health moving forward. Since Google burst onto our desktops as a primarysearch engine in 1997, it has taken cyberspace bythe scruff of the neck and taken stewardship of howconsumers search for products and services online. But Google is not just a wickedly efficient search engine - it has evolved numerous tools in the past decade, which if operated and utilised correctly, can make a positive difference for businesses of any size or format. At the 2010 iStrategy Conference in Singapore,visit us online at
  5. 5. ks for google page 91 Google Head of Online Sales Aliza Knox outlined a plethora of succinct and useful online apparatus that can aid a business in making additional profit – the most popular and well-known being tools such as AdWords and AdSense. Aliza knox, google However, before committing head of online Sales money and time on every Google tool, every company should be looking to rank as high as possible – and that is where efficient Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play. drIvIng TrAFFIc vIA google Let us put this into perspective. In North America, Google accounts for roughly 65 percent of the US search market. In the UK, those numbers are increased further to about 90 percent, and according to Hitwise, Google controls 36.55 percent of the traffic February 2011
  6. 6. Marketing 2.0 page 93going to UK websites. In other words, if a businessis destined to succeed online, utilising SEO withinGoogle is a large cog in its strategic wheel. Of course, no amount GooGle’S SHAre of of well-sculpted SEO THe SeArcH mArkeT IN thE uS can guarantee a business landing on the front page of every search engine. There 65% are, however, steps businesses can take to give themselves a far better chance of IN thE uK ranking highly among competitors. There are also a number of tricks that 90% businesses can adopt to improve their ranking. This is central tovisit us online at February 2011
  7. 7. Marketing 2.0 tips and tricksuccess, because, quite frankly, if your business is notlocated within the top five rankings on the front pageof a Google search, you may as well be on page 1,087. Even when your business ranks on the front page ofa Google search, the work is not always done. highlights an example of a BingoCard Creator who ranked fifth and enjoyed 6,000unique visitors per month, yet according to leakedAOL search data, ranking number one on Google isworth 8.5 times more than number five. So in thiskeywords are hidden strings of text that googlesearches for to improve your page rankingvisit us online at
  8. 8. ks for google page 95 EvEn whEn your BuSinESS rAnkS on ThE FronT pAgE oF A googlE SEArCh, ThE work iS noT AlwAyS DonE case, 6,000 unique visitors becomes 50,000. If the business plans to sell products or services, the upsurge in traffic will obviously mean potential customers casting their eye over what that company has to sell, and if a business site has the lure of adverts on a pay-per-click (PCP) basis, then more traffic means more clicks, thus more cash. keyWord, keyWord, keyWord So first things first - make your website keyword rich. This simply means words and phrases that potential visitors are likely to be searching for. February 2011
  9. 9. Marketing 2.0 tips and trick To Google, keywords are the clues that are hiddenon a website, which informs the search engine whatthat site is about. With keyword-rich body text, pictureheadings, titles and standfirsts, the website can beranked highly according to its keyword density. “Think about the words users would type to findyour pages and make sure that your site actuallyincludes those words within it,” saysGoogle’s website. Google has a number of tools thatcan point you in the direction of whatkeywords are searched for and alsowhat words and phrases drive trafficto your site. Google AdWords is a great tool for thispurpose; its primary function is highlightingwhat phrases are being searched for and how muchvalue they have. A great addition to AdWords is Wonderwheel, whichaims to ‘simplify and arrange search results’ of inputvisit us online at
  10. 10. ks for google page 97 keyword searches, and Traffic Estimator, which lets the user search a word or phrase and provides information such as global and local monthly searches and the estimated average CPC. Using links on your website is another important contributing factor to a good ranking. Google uses PageRank, an algorithm that accesses not only your website, but the websites that have URLs linked within yours. The better the links – and the better the websites linked to yours – the better ranked your site will be. Understanding the algorithms of Google is incredibly important for any business looking to operate digitally. To read more hints and tips regarding Google ranking directly from the search engine’s website click here. Alternatively the international iStrategy Conference constantly provides blogs and daily updates from global marketing experts; to read up-to-date industry advise click here. blog February 2011