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Treatment sheet

  1. 1. 6057900-114300000-1485900-1143000Treatment Sheet – Misery by Maroon FiveTreatment Sheet – Misery by Maroon Five<br />Background to the song – Misery by Maroon Five<br />Misery is a song written by Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael and Sam Farrar, it was released as a digital download on June 22nd with A&M/Octane Records via ITunes (store). It was the second single of the album ‘Hands All Over’ (released September 21st 2010) the album later reached number 1 in the US billboard. According the Adam Levine the song is about ‘the decay of a relationship’, he was quoted by MTV news as saying ‘Misery is about the desperation of wanting someone really bad in your life but having it be very difficult. Kind of what all the songs I write are about, I’m not treading on new ground but I think a lot of people (including myself) deal with that all the time’. The song was also promoted in the trailer for the film ‘The Dilemma” in 2011.<br />The Music Video – American Version<br />The original version of the video was filmed in May 2010; directed by Joseph Kahn; the bands lead singer Adam Levine was quoted by MTV news to have said the video ‘Focuses on violence, rather than sex, where the female lead attempts to torture and possibly kill her lover’. Interestingly the female lead is also Levine’s current girlfriend (Anne Vyalitsyna). We intend to perhaps use this idea of genre conversion in our video although the gender balance will not weigh quite so heavily (and in the case of the males fatally) on the females side. However other conventions of the pop genre will be stuck to. As we are not entirely sure if the narrative will be diegetic or not our shots are not yet in any sort of order. However this will be planned at a later stage and improvised somewhat when we are syncing it together with the music.<br />I hope that our video will give a less violent edge to this song and bring home the more sorrowful side of what Levine quoted to be ‘the desperation of wanting someone really really bad’. As two male leads we intend to perhaps lead two separate but parallel narratives each with it’s own story and different message. Furthermore because we look very different perhaps we could be two ends of the spectrum of relationships. We will be two different characters and we may incorporate intertextualities from other ‘love songs’ but reverse these to show how love is not necessarily always a good thing. Colour will be used somewhat like in a Noir movie where it is rather grey but then bold colours are used on certain props for symbolism effect.<br />A few ideas we may choose to include are:<br /><ul><li>Using iPods (or other electronic screens) to jump between the two different narratives.
  2. 2. -914400-114300000Perhaps using a bus window in the dark (as a strong reflection is shown here) to bring the two narratives together, or the two narratives on the two different sides of a window/screen.
  3. 3. Perhaps if filming only by night is unavailable than to change the footage through editing to look darker (maybe a grey scale).
  4. 4. 4508500132588000The shot I personally have thought about the most is the introduction shot; the male lead (perhaps myself) leaves a female character (evidently a love interest/partner shown through a kiss) the camera follows the lead onto the bus and onto the back seat where he sits and then the camera zooms into his iPod (as he chooses the song ‘Misery) this is when the song begins and the camera zooms into the screen to which there is a jump cut where the narrative starts at the beginning of the relationship of the male lead and female character and the video then ensues a parallel narrative that leads you up to the end of the relationship (the bus exit seen earlier).</li></ul>Video Location<br />There are several settings we are hoping to use for our music video, including the studio at college for any film that needs editing highly in post production (such as IPod transition shots), a bus or car (preferably at night) for the introduction scene, the Marina in Hartlepool (also at night perhaps) for some other scenes, also we hope to include a few other settings. The reason for this is as it is most likely going to be a diegetic narrative it seems only natural that a person would not stay in one place for several months so this use of setting change will show the process of time throughout the narrative of the relationship. <br />Costume Ideas<br />Because the video is most likely to be a diegetic narrative highly eccentric costume would not be coherent, as most people do not go dressed around as clowns or anything like that. However there are ways to use costume seen in recent pop genre videos for the costume use in this genre is usually simply fashionable; so the use of ‘current clothing’ instead of our own might be a wise choice here. Perhaps if there are any scenes where the lead is getting ready for the day or it is the early morning or night there could be fitting costume use there such as pyjamas or slippers.<br />Casting<br />525780092265500Our casting will mainly be of ourselves and perhaps friends and family (for scenes were there requires more than two people) the reason for this being is obviously that we cannot afford to hire anybody. However we will still be selective of our cast perhaps picking people we know study performing arts or people we know are comfortable in front of a camera as if we pick somebody who isn’t it will make our entire storyline seem unbelievable as the watcher will not be immersed in it as it will not feel natural.<br />By David Leighton <br />