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Risk assessment


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk IdentifiedStrategy To OvercomeWho Is ResponsibleThe camera breaks, either accidentally or due to someone else’s inability to look after a camera.Handle the camera with care, put it back in the correct case never leave it with any member of the public and do not get wet.Whoever is handling the camera/transporting it to college or shoot location.The weather is not as desired on the day of shooting.Reshoot another day, or overcome this by changing the shooting spot (perhaps to indoors) and then mentioning this on the call sheet as a foot note.The weather is no ones responsibility however how we overcome the difficulties it presents is the entire groups responsibility as a whole.Whilst downloading footage onto the computer the computer breaks.See an IT technician so we know exactly how to download correctly, do not eat near computers and do not go on any websites you believe may contain virus’Whoever is downloading at the time/whoever is using their computer account at college.Risk of electrocution from various equipment (for example if shooting whilst rainy).Do not shoot in extreme wet conditions, do not get the cameras or any equipment wet, do not eat near equipment’s or drink.Whoever is using the camera at the time, however not eating near the equipment is the entire groups responsibility.Costume gets damaged/need replacing or is unattainable.Be careful not to get costume ripped/do any stunts that may get it damaged. If costume planned is unavailable then change it to nearest as is possible. Mention this on the call sheet as a footnote.Costume is everyone’s responsibility for their own individual costume. Do not eat whilst in costume/put overclothing on whilst not filming.Crew member is ill.Phone in beforehand to tell the rest of the crew one is ill. If this is the case try and reschedule. If not replace member/shoot without if possible.Illness is unavoidable and nobody should shoot whilst ill however it is everyone’s responsibility to give early warning to any illness so the rest of the crew can work to overcome the problem.<br />