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Eval question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planningand evaluation stages?During the construction of our music video we used ‘Final Cut Express’ in orderto edit and piece together our final product, we were able to edit many thingssuch as timing, length of shots, special effects and video filters. We used manytools such as the razor tool, the duplication tool, filters and effects, FX, colouradjustments and grey scales. We often used markers in order to pin certainpieces of video in order to keep the lip-syncing in place. Furthermore I myselfused Photoshop extensively in order to create my digi-pack, using tolls such asdodge, burn and sponge in order to create the grey effect that is seen sofrequently within our digipack. I found Photoshop very much to my liking because I am familiar with it fromprevious work (namely GCSE Graphic Design) which meant I had a strong base ofknowledge of how to work Photoshop in order to make our ancillary texts asexcellent as they could be. For example I was able to skilfully blur edges in ourancillary text, or how I was able to combine layers (something students have notbeen taught in media but only in graphic design). Our camera (a CanonXL2) wasa key piece in creating our music video for the simple fact it was the equipmentthat did the actual filming. We found it easy to use and it captured a very high-resolution from a great distance meaning any long shots retained their quality.This meant that our footage looked highly professional, furthermore throughusing a tripod we were able to capture steady shots with no shaking with avariety of different types of shots, such as meat shots, close ups and establishingshots. During the process of creating stop motion we used the college’s camera, aNixon. We found this an excellent camera, as it was able to take multiple shotswith only one click, making sure we had at least 14FPS for our stop motion,making it a smooth and effective piece.
  2. 2. Whilst creating our digipack I had to research what digipack’s were like withinmy genre, for this I used Google extensively, I found it easy to use (as I wasalready highly familiar with the software) and used many images at Google’sdisposal in order to make my digipack more effective.In order to upload my video I needed a popular up loader in order to upload myfinal product through a media that was accessible, for this I used YouTube, as Ialready have an account and several video’s (along with Bradley) we both foundusing YouTube to upload our video’s easy and simple, meaning we could uploadmany stages of our video’s production making sure we had many drafts in ourvideo in order to obtain more marks. Furthermore we also used YouTube to seewhat the genre we were working within had to offer, what conventions it usedand how our video should be seen and therefore be ‘interpreted’ by the audience.During the research and planning stage of our music video I used many productsin order to present my work on my blog, programmes such as Prezi, Slidershare(the very program this file will be uploaded to), Microsoft Word/Powerpoint andItunesMovieMaker were all very integral in the creation and presentation of myresearch and planning for Misery.
  3. 3. During our class evaluation the use of the interactive whiteboard in order toshow our video to many people at once was integral to gain thorough feedbackfrom our rough draft of our video and show us how to proceed in developing ourfinal product to an even better standard, this helped incredibly as it meant wecould gain large amounts of feedback in one sitting.David Leighton