Presentation to BIM Lancashire Conference 2013 @uclan


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Presentation to the BIM Lancashire Conference 2013 on BIM, Facilities Management & the Government's Soft Landings approach

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Presentation to BIM Lancashire Conference 2013 @uclan

  1. 1. Facilities Management & BIM Wednesday 27th November 2013
  2. 2. An Introduction E: M: 07764 840 694 T: @Whitbags B:
  3. 3. Outline 1. Why is BIM important for FM? 2. BIM & FM in Practice 3. Confused.FM 4. Govt Soft Landings Approach
  4. 4. BIM&FM - Why is it important? “No, we don’t have any accurate asset information. You’ll have to guess-timate” “who decided to put that light fitting up there?” “did they never think how it was going to be maintained?” “building lifecycle? We don’t think that far ahead.” “I wish the architect had spoken to me when this building was constructed.” “BIM?? Our budgets are being slashed as they are.”
  5. 5. A Clear Need for Case Studies
  6. 6. BIM&FM - In Practice
  7. 7. Salford University @ Media City
  8. 8. Salford University @ Media City “Data maintenance a concern. CAFM is a more familiar tool.” “BIM: Still requires FMs to gain awareness of its added benefits over the status quo.” “Cost needs to incorporate user training.” “BIM can deliver cost savings, as long as data is accurate & well maintained.”
  9. 9. BIM&FM -
  10. 10. BIFM4FM Survey
  11. 11. BIFM4FM Survey 65% had heard of BIM 61.7% believe BIM can support FM 35.3% do not understand BIM capabilities 26.5% state they have used it’s capabilities 63.2% unsure if their company had plans to use will use BIM in the near future “misunderstanding within FM about BIM & capabilities” “BIM more than 3D modeling programme” “confusion on what actually constitutes a BIM project”
  12. 12. Government Soft Landings FM
  13. 13. GSL - Industry View “I believe that FM are still getting to grips with BIM they have been a bit bamboozled by the techies on this and cannot see the woods through the trees. That’s why Government Soft Landings is so important as this is the process that really interlinks with BIM for FM” Deborah Rowland Head of Facilities Management Policy & Strategy, Government Property Unit
  14. 14. GSL - BIM Level 2 A minimum standard:  By 2016 all Government Departments will be BIM/GSL Level 2 enabled  Government as a client can derive significant improvements in cost, value and carbon performance through the use of open sharable asset information.
  15. 15. GSL - Policy 1. Assets = reduce cost & improve performance 2. GSL Lead & Golden Thread 3. Manage Aftercare 4. Post Operational Evaluation 5. BIM= Data Management Tool
  16. 16. GSL - Objective BIM + GSL = Better Outcomes To champion better outcomes for our built assets during the design & construction stages through Government Soft Landings (GSL) powered by a Building Information Model (BIM) to ensure value is achieved in the operational lifecycle of an asset.
  17. 17. Golden Thread GSL will be mandated in 2016 for all central government projects (new build and large refurbishments)
  18. 18. BIM&FM - Five Benefits? 1. Early engagement & collaboration 2. Visualisation in pre-construction & lifecycle testing 3. Ability to challenge & change 4. Asset Database – management & tender accuracy 5. Assist in assessing impact of planning modifications