BIFM "Sustainability in FM" Event slides


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Slides from the Sustainability in FM event on 18th July 2013 at The Co-operative Group HQ in Manchester

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BIFM "Sustainability in FM" Event slides

  1. 1. Sustainability in the Workplace Event 2013
  2. 2. 2 | Sustainability in the Workplace Introduction to today’s joint event &
  3. 3. 3 | Sustainability in the Workplace Why sustainability? “The social customer is looking for businesses & leaders to be much more socially responsible.” “Social responsibility and sustainability are both inherently a mid- to long – term proposition, with impacts sometimes taking years to be seen.
  4. 4. 4 | Sustainability in the Workplace Why sustainability? > In 60% of client organisations, the premises or facilities manager is responsible for environmental management in their organisation. > 32% of clients have an environmental remit; this has grown from 22% who had an environmental remit five years ago. > For any environmental or sustainable issue to be fully taken on board by an organisation, management buy-in and strong leadership are vital.
  5. 5. 5 | Sustainability in the Workplace Introduction to today’s speakers
  6. 6. 6 | Sustainability in the Workplace Today’s Agenda 1. The Co-op Journey 2. The Angel Square Development 3. Building Tour 4. Sustainability in FM Survey Results 5. Group Discussion 6. Panel Debate
  7. 7. 7 | Sustainability in the Workplace Dates for your diaries > 12th September – BBC Media City, Workplace Event > 28 September – BIM Event at Manchester Town Hall > 5th December – University of Liverpool Energy Centre
  8. 8. The Co-operative Journey From inception to migration & the importance of the ‘green agenda’ to the Co-operative Kate Morris-Bates
  9. 9. Welcome TO 1 Angel Square
  10. 10. Dantzic Building Inefficient working environment Difficult facility management Where We Began…. Old Bank Building Fixed Technology Cost inefficient
  11. 11. Modern & Efficient building Reduction in energy costs Flexible working environment Document Lifecycle FM collaboration with service partners in the management of the building . BREEAM Award winning What We Have Achieved….
  12. 12. Is It Future Proof? “Even under near extreme projections for 2050s, the indoor temperature does not exceed recommended adaptive comfort levels”
  13. 13. 1 | Sustainability in the Workplace Lucy Black – Chair Sunil Shah Simon Grinter Francesca Jordan Here today from the committee
  14. 14. 2 | Sustainability in the Workplace What are we interested in?
  15. 15. 3 | Sustainability in the Workplace What we do > Consultations > Good Practice Guides > Annual Survey > Articles > Events > Sustainability in FM website > Collaboration with others  Regions  Sustainability Exchange with HE  WRAP Strategy Group
  16. 16. 4 | Sustainability in the Workplace Keeping in touch > Launching twitter @BIFM_Sust > Regular news update emailed to members
  17. 17. 5 | Sustainability in the Workplace Sustainability in FM Survey > Launching the report from the 7th annual survey > Sponsored by Open Energi > Supported by Acclaro Advisory
  18. 18. BIFM 7th Annual Sustainability Survey Sunil Shah, Acclaro Advisory Managing Director
  19. 19. BIFM Sustainability Survey • 7th Annual Survey • Provides a Barometer on FM engagement • Enables trends and unique insight over a longer term timeframe • Targeted towards BIFM members. Answered by those with an involvement in sustainability 2
  20. 20. • Positive Ratings improved from 26% to 43% in the implementation of Policies • Financial payback and short term thinking affects the delivery and can compromise the Policy intent • Better communication – FMs become an educator and implementer. Delivering the Aspiration 3
  21. 21. • Compliance seen as critical – competency and certification to provide trust. Energy and Waste regulatory system complex and poorly understood compared with Health & Safety • Cost savings targeted – driven by taxation eg landfill tax and CRC • To move further – look towards champions, and simplifying the ability to achieve the end goals Is FM Going Beyond Compliance? 5
  22. 22. Consider Social Proof 26% more people recycled their towels if the message in a hotel bathroom informed them of the behaviour of others =6431? 78$36<19:$/866;$ SVc$$ 2 687$/76/:7$$ 87<G<:7? $0D718$06E 7:3$$ 1;$0D7$2 733957$14$$ 9$D607:$F90D8662 $ 14;682 7? $0D72 $6;$$ 0D7$F7D9H16@8$$ 6;$60D783$
  23. 23. • Corporate Image is high; Stakeholders are low – so who is the Image for? • Ability to demonstrate improvements and comparison is best against own portfolio • Accuracy and consistency of data limits ability to compare Demonstrating Performance 7
  24. 24. Display Energy & Energy Performance Certificates 8 , 13/:9G$#4785G$94? $#4785G$U78;682 94<7$=7801;1<9073$
  25. 25. Barriers to Managing Sustainability 9 • Lack of tools, knowledge and training reflects need for trusted resources to enable improved sustainability performance. • Senior Commitment and Organisational Engagement increases support the continuing challenges of making improvements in sustainability performance in the current economic climate
  26. 26. Where Are We Now? 10
  27. 27. Where Are We Now? 11
  28. 28. Where Are We Now? 12
  29. 29. Recommendations Focus on skills, knowledge and tools enabling a better 2-way dialogue with senior management on financial and non-financial improvements that can add real value to the business. 1. Skills routemap and support for FMs to develop their role as an educator and implementer; 2. Tools to enable FMs to better communicate the subject and explain performance improvements. This can include the ability to benchmark performance; 3. Awareness and supporting evidence where sustainability improvements can be delivered at no cost or through alternative commercial structures; and 4. Case studies and previous evidence demonstrating improvements in performance and efficiency, promoted by FMs directly. 13
  30. 30. Sustainable development is like teenage sex - everybody claims they are doing it but most people aren't, and those that are, are doing it very badly Quote Unknown
  31. 31. BIFM 7th Annual Sustainability Survey Table Discussions Sunil Shah, Acclaro Advisory Managing Director
  32. 32. Approach • There are a total of 3 questions across the 9 tables • Each table has a facilitator and a single question to discuss • You have a total of 15 minutes • Please write your responses on a post-it note – one comment per note please • As a group, prioritise the comments • Provide feedback on the top 3 priorities • Responses will be written up and a report provided 16