BIFM Key Learning Event 1: Insight into the future of Facilities Management


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Presentation slides from the BIFM North West Branch Key Learning Event in January 2014. We looked at future trends & technology in the facilities management market space with expert opinion from Mark Catchlove, Kath Fontana & Martin Ward

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BIFM Key Learning Event 1: Insight into the future of Facilities Management

  1. 1. “An Insight into the Future of FM” Mark Whittaker BIFM North
  2. 2. Welcome “An Insight into the Future of FM” 2 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  3. 3. 2014 Key Learning Events 3 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  4. 4. Twitter Today’s event: #BIFMKLE1 @BIFM_NorthWest @kathf48 @markcatchlove @martin_iSite @Whitbags 4 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  5. 5. BIFM – Getting the most from your membership
  6. 6. BIFM Groups & Regions Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) – – – – – – – – – – – – – Catering & Hospitality Charities Education Health & Safety International People Management Procurement Retail Rising FMs Security & Business Continuity Sustainability Women in FM Workplace 6 | An Insight into the Future of FM Regions > Events > Networking
  7. 7. Why does BIFM exist? To advance the Facilities Management profession > By promoting and advocating the FM profession > By providing world-class training, qualifications and professional development > By providing a centralised knowledge hub on FM practice > By bringing together the dispersed FM community and access to shared resources and knowledge > By setting and maintaining the professional standards for FM professionals > By providing the framework and career pathway for FM professionals to develop within & progress 7 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  8. 8. How do we support our members? Professional Development •Providing members with learning, support and advice services to improve, extend and maximise their career opportunities within the FM industry. Networking •Members can share best practice and gain experience from different disciplines across the facilities management profession. Information and Knowledge •We keep members up-to-date with the latest thinking in facilities management. This enables members to achieve their full potential and deliver the best of their ability. Recognition and Industry Awareness •Our clear membership grading structure provides pathways for anyone involved in FM at any stage of their career, which are recognised throughout the industry. 8 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  9. 9. BIFM in the North NW Groups: •Merseyside •Lancashire & Manchester 9 | An Insight into the Future of FM NE Groups: •Tyne-Wear-Tees •West & North Yorkshire •South Yorkshire •Hull
  10. 10. BIFM & Social Media @BIFM_UK @BIFM_North 10 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  11. 11. Upcoming events in the region > 13 March – Career Development – The Centre Birchwood > 15 May – Sustainability – Angel Square, Manchester > 11 September – Social Media Strategies – BBC Media City, Salford > 13 November – Collaborative Partnerships – BAE Systems, Salmesbury 11 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  12. 12. Today’s Event
  13. 13. Introduction to today’s speakers 13 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  14. 14. Contact Details – BIFM North West Mark Whittaker E: M: 07764840694 T: @Whitbags Justin Lawson E: M: 07976 882 008 T: @Justinsview 14 | An Insight into the Future of FM
  15. 15. People Place Potential Creating places for people to reach their potential Mark Catchlove Herman Miller @hminsightgroup People Place Potential
  16. 16. Trends People Place Potential
  17. 17. Trends Exponential growth of technology—and the resulting prevalence of working digitally—are forming new expectations of physical workplaces. People Place Potential
  18. 18. Trends Exponential Growth in Technology The cloud services market will increase to $180 billion in 2015 from $70 billion in 2010. People Place Potential
  19. 19. Trends Demographic changes and a multigenerational workforce are changing ergonomic and functional requirements for workplaces. People Place Potential
  20. 20. Trends Demographic Changes, a Multigenerational Workforce By 2025, we can expect 5 different generational cohorts to be competing and interacting at work. People Place Potential
  21. 21. Trends Demographic Changes, a Multigenerational Workforce People Place Potential
  22. 22. Trends A mobile and collaborative workforce works digitally anywhere; workplaces are therefore being reinvented People Place Potential
  23. 23. Trends Global real estate reduction is pressuring organisations to use what real estate they have in the best way possible, bringing people together and capitalising on their collective intelligence. People Place Potential
  24. 24. Trends The need to capitalise on collective intelligence is causing organisations to consider where and how people gather to cocreate new knowledge. People Place Potential
  25. 25. Engage Work Together Real Estate People Place Potential Anywhere Environment Technology People Place Potential
  26. 26. Help people engage People Place Potential
  27. 27. Help People Engage Why It Matters Engagement, the alignment of purpose and commitment to action, enables both the individual and the organisation to reach their full potential. People Place Potential
  28. 28. Help People Engage Community Connection Welcome Familiar People Place Potential
  29. 29. Help People Engage Alignment Leadership Brand Work People Place Potential
  30. 30. Help People Engage Support Function Enrichment Health-Positive People Place Potential
  31. 31. Help People Engage Expression Personal Dynamic People Place Potential
  32. 32. Help people work together People Place Potential
  33. 33. Help People Work Together Why It Matters Co-creating knowledge is the best way for people to learn and organisations to solve complex problems and innovate for the future. People Place Potential
  34. 34. Help People Work Together: Research Behaviour People seek the simplest ways to collaborate, and 70% of the time it’s at the workstation. People Place Potential
  35. 35. Help People Work Together: Research Approach Culture, privacy levels, and use of vertical space influence how and how much spaces are used. People Place Potential
  36. 36. Help People Work Together: Research Tools Technology enables collaboration in new ways, but paper is still present in 65% of meetings. People Place Potential
  37. 37. Help People Work Together: Research Design Variety, choice, and proximity considered holistically are key to successful collaborative spaces. People Place Potential
  38. 38. Help People Work Together: Research How do you work together? What are the ways you 29 work together%and what are the positives and negatives? 30% 26% 24% 21% 20% 14% 15% 10% 11% People Place Potential
  39. 39. Let work happen anywhere People Place Potential
  40. 40. Let Work Happen Anywhere Why It Matters Embracing the level of choice people seek makes them more effective and expands their networks, which helps organisations. People Place Potential
  41. 41. Let Work Happen Anywhere Home, Office or Third Place 82 of 100 “Best Companies to Work For” allow employees to work outside the office 20 percent of the time. People Place Potential
  42. 42. Let Work Happen Anywhere Corporate Campus A facility with a variety of work settings so people can choose the one most conducive to the work at hand. People Place Potential
  43. 43. Let Work Happen Anywhere Coworking A work style that emphasises a community (or network) of users. People join and work in a real (as opposed to virtual) community of like-minded individuals. People Place Potential
  44. 44. Let Work Happen Anywhere Social Media Mindset 87% of coworkers have started new projects with others they met in their coworking space. People Place Potential
  45. 45. Let Work Happen Anywhere New Tools of Mobility Wi-Fi, the cloud, and smart phones all make working from anywhere seamless. People Place Potential
  46. 46. Let Work Happen Anywhere Corporate Application Savvy organisations are trying to recreate coworking environments in-house, anticipating an increase in learning, satisfaction, productivity, and connectivity. Community Enclosed External Partner Home Base People Place Potential
  47. 47. Make technology work for people People Place Potential
  48. 48. Make Technology Work for People Why It Matters Rapidly changing technologies are creating new, unprecedented demands for the physical workplace. People Place Potential
  49. 49. Make Technology Work for People Context People Place Potential
  50. 50. Make Technology Work for People Today’s Opportunities People Place Potential
  51. 51. Make Technology Work for People Workplace Technology Experience The workplace should anticipate and enable the use of emerging technologies. People Place Potential
  52. 52. Make Technology Work for People Hyper-Mobility Mobile devices and the cloud have enabled work to happen anywhere. People Place Potential
  53. 53. Make Technology Work for People Convergent Communications Technology companies are unifying the many ways that we can communicate digitally. People Place Potential
  54. 54. Make Technology Work for People Human/Technology Interaction The ways that people interact with their technologies are changing, creating new and unfamiliar behaviors. People Place Potential
  55. 55. Make Technology Work for People Workplace Implications An individual workstation can anticipate and enable the use of a tablet and video chatting. People Place Potential
  56. 56. Strengthen environmental advocacy People Place Potential
  57. 57. Strengthen Environmental Advocacy Why It Matters A company that cares for the earth benefits from the employees and customers it attracts and the financial performance that accompanies sustainable practices. People Place Potential
  58. 58. Strengthen Environmental Advocacy Best Practices Business Strategies Closed-Loop Materials Employee Involvement Building Approaches Employee Involvement Business Strategies Building Approaches Closed-Loop Materials People Place Potential
  59. 59. Strengthen Environmental Advocacy Google: Materials Employee Involvement Business Strategies Building Approaches Closed-Loop Materials Google opens 40,000 square feet of offices a week; none use any "red list" materials. People Place Potential
  60. 60. Strengthen Environmental Advocacy Closed-Loop Materials "Imagine a world in which growth is good and human activity generates a delightful, restorative, ecological footprint.” —William McDonough and Michael Braungart in "The Cradle-to-Cradle Alternative" Employee Involvement Business Strategies Building Approaches Closed-Loop Materials People Place Potential
  61. 61. Make real estate work harder People Place Potential
  62. 62. Make Real Estate Work Harder Why It Matters Reducing costs without seizing new value from the portfolio misses the chance for real estate to contribute more to achieving business goals. People Place Potential
  63. 63. Make Real Estate Work Harder Our Customers' Business Drivers What are emerging strategies for creating Growth Efficiency Shareholder Return great places that optimise real estate? Sustainability Innovation Corporate Image How do we respond to data ubiquity and Cost Effectiveness Alignment Stability transparency with networked problem-solving? Integration Attraction & Retention Financial What new insights can be gained from facilities Performance Market leadership Continuous and real estate situations? Improvement Customer Focus Safety People Place Potential
  64. 64. Make Real Estate Work Harder What Our Customers Are Facing People 85% Companies want to maximise opportunities for real estate to serve employees. Rent, Utilities, & Furniture 15% People Place Potential
  65. 65. Make Real Estate Work Harder Thinking Process Envisioning the Ideal Measuring Current Space Assessing and Making Decisions Managing Change Reconciling Assets and Equipment Measuring the Impact, Continuously Improving People Place Potential
  66. 66. People Place Potential Creating places for people to reach their potential Mark Catchlove Herman Miller @hminsightgroup People Place Potential
  67. 67. Creating places for people to reach their potential
  68. 68. BIM, Soft Landings, Outcomes
  69. 69. So, what’s BIM? Building Information Modelling Output The Building Information Model A collaborative process, which produces sharable information A set of digital information, which you can use to collaborate Input
  70. 70. Intelligent data • More than just geometry • More than the shape of the building components • Provides a living schedule of components • These components are intelligent elements of the physical building
  71. 71. What is driving BIM? • • • • • Political Environmental Social Technical Economic
  72. 72. What’s in it for us? ’for facility managers BIM software can be a powerful new tool to ‘ enhance a building’s performance and manage operations more efficiently throughout a building’s life’ (FacilitiesNet, 2008)
  73. 73. Level of control TIME Operate Handover Construct Preferred Bidder Tender Feasibility Client Contractor FM Provider
  74. 74. Not more – just better  Involvement in D & B  Scenario planning  Commissioning  Handover  Asset registers  CAFM set up  Mobilisation  Operations  Building records  Re tendering
  75. 75. Putting it into practice
  76. 76. Technician visits room to perform checks. User has the ability to view services within room Technician has the ability to view plant and interrogate operating manuals including elements of commissioning data
  77. 77. Technician has the ability to interrogate O&M ‘s including elements of commissioning information, fault codes and supplier maintenance manuals QR codes have been implemented to provide those without access to BIM 360 Field / FSI GO with access similar information.
  78. 78. Team feedback ‘The Introduction of the iPads has brought about real efficiencies from our traditional way of working’ ‘BIM 360 enables us to scale back walls to reveal pipework, assisting with investigation of faults’ ‘Ability to organise our workload, dealing with tasks in similar areas of the building’
  79. 79. Team feedback ‘The ability to interrogate issues whilst off site has been useful’ ‘The ability to view issues, visualise the asset and retrieve information such as Model / Serial Number whilst being off site will enable engineers to come to site with the knowledge of what is required to rectify the job’ ‘The inclusion of part numbers is particularly useful’
  80. 80. Benefits realisation An average of 25mins per job saved Able to address an additional issue whilst attending 16% of all jobs The visualisation of assets useful on15% of jobs completed via the device
  81. 81. A bit more about GSL • All about performance • Post Occupancy Evaluation • 6 areas measured • BIM will be used as a data management tool
  82. 82. Contracting for outcomes A change of focus • On time, on budget – not good enough! • Construction and maintenance as service • Why is the customer better off? • What is the impact of the service? • Focus on the ultimate why of providing the building or service Producing better buildings
  83. 83. What do we need to do then? • People change – we must develop a different culture in the built environment, and the talent to implement it • Process change – Best practice and contractual frameworks need to get joined up • Technology change – development of real end to end solutions and the know how to deliver it
  84. 84. Lets not miss the boat!
  85. 85. Want to know more? • • • RICS BIM conference London, 12 Feb 2014 – • BIM Show Live 23/24 April – Manchester –
  86. 86. Insight into the future of FM Building intelligence
  87. 87. Living the Dream :)
  88. 88. Fire Shutters are important
  89. 89. Diverse Property Landscape
  90. 90. A Complex Picture Is Technology Working? Title Title Our Title Aims This is your Hub slide template
  93. 93. ?
  94. 94. My Best BIM Example My Kitchen
  95. 95. My Best BIM Example
  96. 96. Surely its a Design & Construct no brainer! BIM needs client engagement COBIE could be the key Not the CRE&FM Holy-grail
  97. 97. Zurich Report “Corporate Real Estate at the Crossroads” Procurement Driven cost reduction Year after year of iterative improvement FM has become Commoditised CRF&FM Function not valued by Client Service Providers – same but different Total Failure to Innovate
  98. 98. Zurich Report “Corporate Real Estate at the Crossroads” The Dividing Line Real Estate is and will be key Fed by business drivers Best Environment at right price Demand driven Existing business models will change Leverage of Technology Less fixed – more third space Agile business
  99. 99. Zurich Report “Corporate Real Estate at the Crossroads” Modern Challenges for the CRE&FM Client Energy Reduction Workspace Flexibility Reduced Space Carbon Reduction Mobile Workforce Business Agility
  100. 100. Zurich Report “Corporate Real Estate at the Crossroads” INNOVATE or DIE
  101. 101. Dawn of the integration and Imaginative intelligent Cooperative collaborative innovation
  102. 102. The Intelligent Client The Intelligent Cooperative CLIENT Service Provider Service Provider Service Provider
  103. 103. The Intelligent Cooperative Forward Looking Building Intelligence
  104. 104. Understand your Property DNA Renewal Dates Leases Rental Income Rents Location Utility Costs Space Utilisation Risk Planned Maintenance Conditions Management Dilapidations Compliance Disputes & Incidents Investment History Forecast Projects In Flight Projects Reactive Maintenance Lifecycle Investment Asset Management Energy Consumption
  105. 105. How do you enable the intelligent Co-operative? Must be client lead Suppliers must buy-into culture Systems must be capable Has to be a single source of intelligence Bound by partner agreements
  106. 106. Benefits Empower SP’s to use own systems and processes Switch off none-core operational systems Reduce and Refocus Team Use intelligence to make smarter, informed decisions Reduced revenue spend by circa 20%
  107. 107. Challenge clients Diversify Create an information strategy SERVICE PROVIDERS Open Source or go home SOFTWARE VENDORS Think Transformation not change Trust in your specialists Invest in information solution not software CRE&FM CLIENT
  108. 108. Thank You