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The 2019 Guide to Conversational Sales


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An overview of Conversational Sales for the modern consumer; how Conversational Sales works, how it benefits brands and how to implement it as a strategy.

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The 2019 Guide to Conversational Sales

  1. 1. The 2019 Guide to Conversational Sales
  2. 2. Traditional Online Sales are failing your best leads
  3. 3. Traditional Online Sales 87% of organisations agree traditional experiences no longer satisfy customer 95% of marketing leaders agree their entire company is aligned around shared customer experiences Source: Forrester
  4. 4. Millennials avoid hotlines at all costs 34% of millennials would rather get their teeth cleaned than calling a hotline 32% rather go shopping on Christmas Eve Source: PR Newswire
  5. 5. Speed is everything 25% of Millennials expect to get a response within 10 minutes of reaching out to sales or customer service Source: PR Newswire
  6. 6. Basic chatbots are limited for online sales ● Complex questions are problematic for standard automated chatbots ● responses are too generic ● redirected to a form or generic FAQ page ● chatbots are only capable of providing simple answers to simple questions
  7. 7. Contact forms are bad for online sales ● friction points ● consumers expect to seamlessly have their need met ● without having to switch communicational channel ● Even short online forms will only convert about 10-13% ● today’s customer expect contact within ten minutes of submitting requests
  8. 8. Forms are dead HTML Form UX has remained unchanged since the 90’s WWW, making them obsolete in the era of conversational interfaces and AI. X Low conversion rate X Bad UX X Static & Rusty X Slow to iterate X Bad mobile UX
  9. 9. What customers really want ● 67% of participants stated they would consider avoiding a brand if they felt the buying process was too tedious ● 81% of respondents confirmed that convenience is a major factor when they are selecting a brand Source: The financial brand
  10. 10. Enter the digital era with success All in one platform
  11. 11. What is Conversational Sales? ● dialogue-driven approach to online sales ● engaging with the customer via online tools ● avoiding friction points such as request forms Results increase online conversion rates improve customer experience shorten the sales cycle
  12. 12. Traditional Sales • Call centers are not the best place to attract talent. • High attrition and low salaries. • Expensive infrastructure • Low Scalability & fixed costs • Low conversion rate and bad customer experience. Conversational Sales ✔ HOME BASED or RETAIL BASED AGENTS ✔ Best talented sales reps. ✔ 100% cloud based + AI powered tools ✔ High Scalability, flexibility & performance based salaries ✔ High conversion rates and great customer experience! BEFORE AFTER
  13. 13. What tools are used for Conversational Sales? Chatbot Live Chat Click-to-call Live broadcasting
  14. 14. Live broadcasting Live video Live chat Effective Lead Capture ✓ ✓ ✓
  15. 15. Assisted + Unassisted Sales = Hybrid Conversational Sales Assisted sales - one-to-one, dialogue-driven approach to online sales, where your sales agents help you online customers through their buying journey and provide them with in-depth product information at the point of decision. Unassisted sales - real time conversational lead classification & qualification that handles intent in the funnel starting from web visits, in order to minimise the number of non-sales calls arriving to sales agents. This delivers better leads at a lower cost.
  16. 16. Hybrid Sales System Unassisted online sales reduce costs. Chatbots provide real time conversational qualification that deliver better leads to agents.
  17. 17. Hybrid Conversational Sales Hybrid chatbots can be part conversational and part a guided conversation made up of menus and buttons. Classify Distribute Qualify
  18. 18. What are the benefits of conversational selling for my industry? Telecommunication Automotive Banking & Insurance Travel & Hospitality
  19. 19. Conversational Sales in the Telecommunication industry ● Differentiate from the competition with Conversational Sales ● Deliver a “wow” moment for your customers by interacting with them in real-time ● Vodafone has implemented conversational sales to their site and increased online sales conversions by 25%
  20. 20. Conversational Marketing in Automotive industry The industry that’s still behind.. ● 60% of car buyers have left a car configurator because it was too complicated ● 67% of car buyers want real-time assistance when using online car configurators ● 55% of respondents want to be able to arrange test drives without having to call or visit a dealership ● 33% agree an automated chatbot is great if it can answers simple requests such as booking a test drive Want more facts about the buying behaviour of car buyer? Download the research!
  21. 21. Conversational Marketing in Automotive industry ● walk the customer through their buying options in real- time without having to go to the dealership with live chat or live broadcasting ● Use web sharing to explain car configurators in real-time ● Broadcast live from the showroom to show new car models to unlimited viewers online ● Customers can book test drives with the closest dealership online through unassisted, assisted or hybrid sales solution
  22. 22. Benefits of Conversational Banking
  23. 23. Benefits of Conversational Banking ● walk the customer through their buying options in real- time without having to go to the dealership with live Reducing friction points ● Detailed explanation of complex products ● 90% of bank-related interactions will be automated by 2022 ● Gain customer trust by giving your brand a face to the service ● Show calculations and demos via screen sharing Check out how digital assistance is in banking is changing customer experience!
  24. 24. Conversational Sales in the Travel industry ● Planning vacations or trips takes a lot of research and comparing to get the best deal ● The first 5 minutes of each interaction are crucial, especially in the competitive world of online travel ● Bahia Principe, a luxury hotel chain, was able to connect every online visitor with one of their agents in less than 6 seconds ● This tactic increased their online sales conversion rate by 35%, by simply bringing the expertise and knowledge of an agency online.
  25. 25. How to implement a conversational sales strategy ● Outreach and engage: Integrate a webinar, chat, or live video tool to grab customers attention. ● Harness staff knowledge: Staff either in-store, in call centers or home-based agents already have the customer-facing experience required. ● Filter leads: Implement a chat system and a chatbot that is able to recognize purchase intent and direct them to a sales representative appropriate to their needs, maintaining a natural conversation flow.
  26. 26. Conclusion: Why conversational sales is a must but mobile is the key ● Conversational Sales tools will only be effective if they are optimized for mobile devices. By 2021, it is projected that 51% of all online purchases will be done through a mobile device. ● Implementing a conversational sales strategy places brands in the best possible position to be aligned with both the technical and service level expectations of customers. Find more info about Conversational Sales here!
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