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Introduction to Which Way Tourism Route Systems


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Herewith an introduction to our Route Development Systems company and Case Studies.

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Introduction to Which Way Tourism Route Systems

  1. 1. »Tourism is bigger than the car industry« -  Fritz Joussen, -  CEO TUI Group at -  #WTMLDN
  2. 2. deliver an effective way to encourage visitors to hereby Take the road less travelled putting tourism within your reach
  3. 3. Create a NETWORK of attractions & activities that are tourism-ready
  4. 4. Create a NETWORK OF UNIQUE ROUTES CONNECTING different regions across South Africa future
  5. 5. OUR WAY OF THINKING: Which Way •  A collection of themed Routes unique to a region = a Way •  However we believe that tourism has no boundaries •  Manage a Way as a sustainable business with a long life •  Social Media is key •  Supported by an Integrated Marketing Plan •  Slow release of Routes & bring in refinements of Routes – over years •  Include or showcase existing and other new Routes •  Never forget that the consumer and what they want is what we need to deliver on to be successful •  Transformation Tourism can be effectively hosted by the route Way •  Grow a culture of Green Sustainability and Awareness •  Identify key nodes and ensure that the route/s are include •  Focus on self-drive experiences, but offer support to tour operators •  Local Tourism Offices are an important partner in the Way growth •  Identify and promote the Tourism Destination Success factors:
  6. 6. WE ANWER THE HOW-TO? QUESTION to achieve Tourism Destination Success 11 TOP Which Way TOURISM BRAND VALUES TO ASPIRE TO: • Community Partner • Frequent • Safe • Reliable • Informative • Fun • Affordable • Quality • Easy To Use • Accessible • Environmentally Friendly
  7. 7. We help Regions & Attractions harness their future TOURISM MARKET POTENTIAL - by helping them live the Which Way Brand values identified for success. Destinations around the world welcomed 956 million international tourists between January and September 2016, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. This is 34 million more than in the same period of 2015, a 4% increase. “By 2020 global 4.5% multi-factorial yearly tourism growth” UNWTO
  8. 8. WHY ARE ROUTES IMPORTANT? 1.  Navigation system – easy to follow, accessible, 2.  Reduces distances between high frequented areas and small and remote towns and attractions 3.  Builds a culture of tourism 4.  Bring economic opportunities – entrepreneurial opportunities 5.  More employment opportunities 6.  Give tourist confidence to go and explore 7.  Is a marketing platform accessible to municipalities, regional and local tourism organizations – easy to leverage from 8.  Enhance destination branding of region/town/attraction 9.  Builds destinations 10. Spread investment money: from visitors and attractions/ accommodation and activities inside destination
  9. 9. 1)  STAKEHOLDERS IDENTIFIED Identify needs, goals and opportunities. Sign memorandum of agreement. Decide who is responsible for which aspects. 2) RESEARCH Qualitative research - interviews via Consumer Psychologist Who is currently visiting the region, why, what do they do and what are their impressions? 3) PLOT ROUTE Road trip experiences are identified showcasing a selection of tourism ready attractions, activities and accommodation places 4) ROLL OUT INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN 101+ things to do and see, interactive map, smartphone app 5) MEASURE, REFINE AND LAUNCH - REPEAT Standards measure and needs assessment and adapting process and project management on a continual basis
  10. 10. COMMUNICATION & MARKETING PROCESS STARTS WITH PEOPLE, INFO, PASSION PEOPLE: BUILD CONFIDENCE THROUGH AN AGILE APPROACH Often the local areas within a region lack confidence to become tourism leaders. The Which Way process allows them to do this by following an Agile Project Management style INFO: DETERMINE VOLUME AND ACCURACY OF CURRENT ONLINE PRESENCE AND INFORMATION AVAILABLE What are people currently able to find – how can this be enhanced PASSION: IDENTIFY THE BRAND AMBASSADORS The brand ambassadors are people, organizations and businesses inside and outside the region who are passionate about tourism, people development and conservation. Often business owners or people who would like to own their own business. Which Way is a thin golden line – entwined with the already present and unique local structure.
  11. 11. WHY WAS WEST COAST WAY ESTABLISHED? On 29th August 2013, the The West Coast (Biodiversity) Corridor WCBCI was established: “a vibrant corridor where appreciation of its rich biodiversity, cultural heritage and partnerships deliver sustainable jobs, skills and opportunities” The West Coast Biodiversity Corridor Initiative aims to demonstrate how sustainable development can protect the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the region and contribute competitively to the improved social and economic performance of the region.  WCBCI is led by SANParks in partnership with the City of Cape Town, Saldanha & Swartland Local Municipalities, Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve, Cape Nature, landowners, communities & tourism product owners WCBCI decided that a privately owned TOURISM MARKETING ROUTE had to be established. At a formal event in November 2014 in the Cape West Coast at !Khwa ttu Culture & Education Center the Western Cape Economic Opportunities Minister Alan Winde, formally opened West Coast Way with the first route that was established within the Way, namely: Culture Route. During 2015 and 2016 more routes were launched and officiated by Shadow Minister of Tourism and Member of Parliament, James Vos. West Coast Way has 5 Routes stimulating tourism activity and confidence in the Cape West Coast. West Coast Way encourage tourists to ‘Take the road less travelled’ to the Cape West Coast. 2013 challenge identified 2014 solution delivered
  12. 12. OUR PURPOSE Putting tourism within your reach for the Cape West Coast of South Africa Impacting on: •  Accommodation, attraction, activity •  Cape West Coast Biosphere •  The traveller •  Community projects •  Towns •  Tourism Organizations
  13. 13. CREATED THROUGH NEEDS, CIRCUMSTANCE The CWCBI wanted a Tourism Marketing Route entity developed that must become sustainable as a privately owned solution selling marketing solutions in the region The CWCBI did not want to take the risk upon themselves and therefore it was decided to look at a privately owned solution. Start up capital was obtained via the Green Fund and the agreement was to have the first route a CULTURE THEMED route - completed within 2 months to proof to the Green Fund that their investment was well used and accountable. West Coast Way is the link between the City of Cape Town’s marketing and the West Coast Tourism’s combined marketing. Connecting visitors to the Cape to the West Coast – starting a mere 25 min from the Cape Town CBD. On the Routes, Mamre was identified as an attraction, with a special focus on Mamre Werf. And in Saldanha the Cultural Village with Museum was identified as tourism development hot spots. These are places that is very close to being tourism ready – in other words ready to be visited by tourists, and from where more projects can be started launched such as self- guided or guided walking tours in Mamre Werf and an Culture & Oyster Walking Tour in Saldanha.
  14. 14. MILESTONES 2014  OPENING of 1st Route: Culture Route 2015  Opening of 2nd Route: Foodie Route – launched 2016 WTM Africa stand 2016  Opening of 3rd & 4th Route: Berg Route and Scenic Route WTM Africa stand Opening of 5th Route: Wild Route – with Sustainable Seafood Track and People Rocking Nature Route PERA award finalist as Emerging Tourism brand 2017 April: WTM Africa stand
  15. 15. ROUTE STRUCTURE West Coast Way offer loads of Routes to explore the Cape West Coast’s rich and vibrant heritage and and biodiversity through self-drive trips. Tour operators can use these Routes to develop tour plans for their guests.
  17. 17. INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN – 90% digital
  19. 19. BUSINESS MODEL WITH AN EXECUTABLE PLAN •  Income Streams: Marketing Package Sales - 44k/year, 19k/year, R7k/year Advertising & Marketing Services Sales Training Sales Tour & Events & Transport E-commerce Bookings •  Top! Premium Package 40k for year •  Destination Marketing & Enterprise Development balance •  Great Potential: New Tourism Experiences Development •  Scalability through technology and freelancers
  20. 20. 082 825 5715 0861 321 777 EMERGING TOURISM BRAND Founded by Carmen Lerm Est 1999 Est 2014 Est 2015