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  • From Michaels acct review Feb2012
  • Local SEO at Scale

    2. 2. Agenda Introduction Challenges Path to Purchase The Branded Local Long-Tail Landing Pages/Microsites Brand Signals Facebook Integration Local Ecosystem Claiming Syndication Analytics
    3. 3. Broadcast Platform
    4. 4. Cross-Channel Convergence Location Specific FacebookCrawlable Local Content Search Pages Local Page Print Social Local Mobile # % Mobile Friendly Local Search All 586,448 100% Visits Mobile 173,702 29.62% Traffic
    5. 5. Local Pages and Mobile User Growth Local Pages and Mobile are experiencing growth that is bringing them close to Business Locator traffic levels.
    6. 6. Challenges of Local SEO at Scale Local and Mobile Search Lack of awareness Website dose not support local content Slow to move on mobile Optimization for a vast range of potential queries Automated solution to build a web presence Mobile optimization without hurting SEO Local and Social Lots of “fans”, limited ability to drive in-store traffic Social isolated from other departments No local-social content or infrastructure Brand-social to local-social Leveraging social to benefit search and integrating social within other local properties Claiming and Syndication Limited sources, maximize data syndication efforts Format location files to each search engine needs Manual work still required Find missing data Monthly updates maintenance Analytics Information overload Human limit to absorb data Format and aggregate data from numerous sources
    7. 7. Consumer Path to Purchase SALE FIND ACTIONS SEARCH Address Buy Online Search Engines Phone Number Buy Offline Social Sites Hours Appointments Local Directories Menu Social Actions Corporate Website Products (“like”, tweet, reviews) Company InformationMore than 1,000,000 local visits in 1 year!
    8. 8. The Branded Local Long Tail All organic traffic Non-Brand All traffic 4> keywords Dont let this happen to your brand! Without branded local long tail optimization, aggregators and AdSense scrapers steal traffic.
    9. 9. Keywords • Total search visits: 1,548,752 • Total keywords causing these visits: 315,495 • Number of keywords causing only 1 single visit: About 250,000 “Not Provided” Keywords - Jan 2012 • Not Provided is always our top keyword • Jan 2012 search visits – 231,324 • Jan 2012 N.P. visits – 30,531 = 13%“Not Provided” Keywords from Sep. 2011 to Jan 2012 – Client B
    10. 10. Local Microsites - 1 Per LocationBuild a static page for every physical location • Local on-page optimization at scale • A 1-to-1 relationship between local profiles and web pages“SEO Advice: Make a web page for each storelocation.” - Matt Cutts“Make a web page for each store that lists the store’saddress, phone number, business hours, etc....and makean HTML sitemap to point to those pages with regularHTML links, not a search form or POST requests.”
    11. 11. The Mechanics of Local Pages Optimized URL Dynamically optimized page elements Leads system Keyword-rich Social Network navigation integration Keyword-rich contents Store-specific Information Optimized Keywords
    12. 12. Local Pages User Growth Local Page Users Hosted Locator Users All Locator Users
    13. 13. Brand Signals - Avoid Panda & Thin Content Problems Sub Domains, Hosted Domains Brand Logo, Styling, Menus Brand Sub Domains (local.yourbrand.com) Hosted Domains (local.where2getit.com) Local Search For National Brands Integrate With Social Networks Back-and-Forth Linking Local Local Corporate Pages Pages Pages
    14. 14. Local Facebook Integration Facebook Corporate Local Page Location Specific Website PageFacebook referrals account for more than 15% of traffic
    15. 15. The Rise of MobileQ4 2011 - Restaurant Industry - Mobile is 27.47% of TrafficQ4 2011 - Retail Industry - Mobile is 26.41% of Traffic
    16. 16. Search Visits by Mobile DeviceMore Mobile Stats • Restaurant client grew mobile from 23% in Jan 2011, to 30% in Jan 2012 • Mobile spikes on holidays - Retail client saw 41% mobile on Xmas 2011 • Massive iPad Growth - the definite 3rd platform, after iPhone/Android
    17. 17. Claiming Google Analytics Campaign tracking parameters Shopping Center Link Menu Link (c:Menu:URL) 1. Manual - Drag a pin (location’s name cell) Split Hours 2. Bulk Upload – lat and (Bulk Upload) long columns
    18. 18. Local Search Market ShareClient A & B – 2011
    19. 19. Syndication CDP Local Directories CDP Location Data CDP CDP *CDO = Core Data Provider
    20. 20. Local Conversions and Analytics Reduce Friction Points Events & Conversions – Client A & B Search Visits – 1,548,752 Map Search Events – 248 572 Directions Search Engagement Rate – 16% Business Hours Phone Numbers Referral Visits – 291,848 Referral Events – 33,144 As Much local Information As Possible! Referral Engagement Rate – 11% Measure Engagement Interaction With Map Print Out “Like” a coupon Your Business “Check-in” Send Local Info to Email/SMS
    21. 21. Thematic ReportingGeospatial data tools W2GI hasdeveloped to enable analysis andoptimization across various productsand services • Local Page traffic • Call Tracking data • AdWords CTR • Mobile traffic concentration
    22. 22. Analytics Data By State By City Lead Value by Channel Lead Activity Lead Value by Channel
    23. 23. Thank You!http://www.where2getit.com5101 E. La Palma Ave. #107, Anaheim, CA 92807 1 888.377.2767