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Brand Battle: Costco vs Sam's Club


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In this head-to-head battle for digital domination, Costco duels with Sams Club.

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Brand Battle: Costco vs Sam's Club

  1. 1. OVERALL SCORE CARD COMPETITORSCOMPETITORS LOCALSEOLOCALSEO LOCALADVERTISING ENGAGEMENTENGAGEMENT REVIEWS LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETINGLOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN k.o. brand score DATAQUALITY REVIEWS 79 79% 72 k.o. Brand BattleBattle Brand A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN in Costco VS Sam’s Club SATISFACTION RATING 4-STAR AND ABOVE RATING ADDRESS PRECISION PHONE# PRECISION FOUND LOCATIONS DATAQUALITY brand score NAP ANALYSIS & LISTING PRESENCE ACROSS THE “BIG 6” ENGINES AND LOCAL DIRECTORIES KO 3 wrong number, bro bring it on % % OVERALL SCORE CARD LOCALSEO 131 121 REVIEWS 112 94 ENGAGEMENT 96 104 DATAQUALITY 123 144 FIGHT FOR THE TOP USING KEYWORDS “Discount Store, Grocery Store, Supermarket” 10% of Sam's Club locations showed up at position 1. NON-RANKING LOCATIONSSEARCH RANK Supermarket 1. 2. 3. 4. Discount Store 1. 2. 3. 4. While both brands could improve their search rankings on Google and Bing, Sam's Clubs locations managed to surface in postion 1 10x more than Costco's. LOCALADVERTISING GENERATING BRAND AWARENESS AND DRIVING LOCAL CONVERSIONS BUNK BEDS ELLIPTICAL BARSTOOLS APPLE TV TREADMILL PPC KEYWORDS 44,000 TOTAL 2. 1. 3. 4. 4. 33% of KW rank IN POSITION 1-3 90% BUSINESS LOCATOR LOCAL PAGES STORE HOURS ADDRESS PHONE FLAVORS IN STORE Due to more claimed locations and the increase in local phone number accuracy across multiple platforms, Sam's Club managed to have a 15% stronger listings presence. 20% 97% 89% 89% 5% 4% UNCLAIMED LOCATIONS LISTING STRENGTH COMPETITORS 93 94 LOCALADVERTISING 85 88 LOCAL AMPLIFICATION FANS 1,294,500 2,530,686 HIGHER ENGAGEMENT Likes, Shares, Comments, & Consumer Brand Hashtags TOTAL CHECK-INS 1,683,300 1,332,556 SENTIMENT ANALYSIS KEYWORD ANALYSIS In an analysis of 6 different experiences customers could potentially have. Costco customers were most likely to experience: Content & Design, SEO Factors KEY LOCATOR FACTORS KEY LOCAL PAGE FACTORS DOMINATEDDOMINATED SEO Factors & Usability TOP LOCAL COMPETITORS ARE... Walmart Supercenter, Kroger, Dollar General HAS HIGHER LOCAL OCCURANCES 59 36.6%% Great Quality! Friendly Staff! Clean and organized stores! Deals AN ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER ACTIONS AND INTERACTIONS %72 MISSING LOCATIONS Where2GetIt 95% 90% 92% Costco and Sam's Club both have branded local pages with location specific intel. Service KO KO KO 640640 winner Costco's business locator and website are optimized for consumers to use across devices and built with SEO best practices. 11% What is your Brand Score? Brandify's real-time algorithms continuously evaluates the online footprint of multi-location brands across the six pillars: Data Quality, Local SEO, Reviews, Engagement, Local Advertising, and Competitors. Improve organic search, business listings, competitiveness and social media engagement with Brandify. We evaluate over 250+ variables representing the following categories: Local SEO Competitors 1 2 3 Local Advertising Reviews Measuring your Brand’s Digital Footprint. En gagement Data Quality Brand Score 714.660.4870 | | DATA COLLECTED: APRIL 2015 - JUNE 2015 Quality FOR THE KEYWORDS: Discount Store, Grocery Store, Supermarket TOP LOCAL COMPETITORS ARE... Walmart Supercenter, Family Dollar Tree, Safeway 645645 HP LAPTOPS PROJECTOR ASUS LAPTOP SAMSUNG TV BARSTOOL LAMINATE FLOORING