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Case Study- Global Financial Leader


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Where2GetIt helps a global financial leader optimize its local search efforts.

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Case Study- Global Financial Leader

  1. 1. 1714.660.4870 | | MoneyTransfer Service CASE STUDY By Brandify Data Cleansing Local Listings Management Local Pages / Follow us on   
  2. 2. 1714.660.4870 | | A global financial leader specializing in payment services for both businesses and consumers. Maintain consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information across all worldwide locations. Data cleansing Broadcast cleansed data to online channels, e.g. company websites, Local Pages, social media properties 69% increase in monthly location searches Local Pages - 214% growth; 561% growth on mobile devices WHAT YOU’LL FIND CLIENT BACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS
  3. 3. 1714.660.4870 | | CLIENT BACKGROUND A global financial leader specializing in payment services for both businesses and consumers, with over 300,000 locations in 198 countries worldwide.
  4. 4. 2714.660.4870 | | 1) Maintain consistent, accurate, and up-to-date location information to enable its customers and business partners to readily retrieve information for locations nearest them. CHALLENGE
  5. 5. 3714.660.4870 | | 2) Display specific services offered by each location, and enable location managers to instantly update information for their respective locations. CHALLENGE
  6. 6. 4714.660.4870 | | 3) Support international locations with the ability to display the countries’ national language. CHALLENGE
  7. 7. 5714.660.4870 | | SOLUTION #1 Data Cleansing An effective local marketing strategy begins with data cleansing. After all, the output is only as good as the input. We cleanse and normalize our clients location data - this removed duplicate locations and identified location information that was inaccurate and in need of manual verification. Coco Transfer Cocoa’s Tranfer
  8. 8. 6714.660.4870 | | Cleansed locations were assigned latitude and longitude coordinates for proper display in the firms Business Locator powered by Brandify. Geocoding data is limited in many of the 198 countries our client operates in. This issue was resolved by giving individual location managers access to our Local Marketing Platform to assign map coordinates precisely based on their local knowledge. Lat 33.859942 Long -117.806107 SOLUTION #2 Geocoding
  9. 9. 7714.660.4870 | | The next step was to surface this information on the firms online channels, e.g. corporate websites, Local Pages, and social media properties. Our team created Local Pages for each location to ensure consumers receive a consistent branding experience. Local PagesSOLUTION #3
  10. 10. 8714.660.4870 | | Local Pages supply an accurate representation of the location and the services provided, in the appropriate language. Following industry best practices in the creation of Local Pages, we ensure proper indexing and ranking by search engines. Local Pages are also device agnostic - supported on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet devices from a single URL. Local Pages (continued’)SOLUTION #3
  11. 11. 9714.660.4870 | | Continued collaboration with regional and local representatives will enable us to achieve 100% validation within the next Quarter. RESULTS
  12. 12. 10714.660.4870 | | RESULTS
  13. 13. 11714.660.4870 | | RESULTS With a crawl rate of nearly 30,000 pages per day, we anticipate reaching 100% indexation in the near future.
  14. 14. 12714.660.4870 | | After the initial launch phase, organic traffic to Local Pages saw 214% growth over the next 6 months. RESULTS
  15. 15. 13714.660.4870 | | of location views on the store locator resulted in visits to a physical location.60% RESULTS
  16. 16. 14714.660.4870 | | For more tips on Local Marketing, please visit our Knowledge Center. / Follow us on   