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Marketing Automation: Localize. Humanize. Strategize.


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There is a sweet spot between using automated tools and developing strong personalized relationships with consumers, and that spot rests within localization. At BIA/ Kelsey "Local Interactive media," Where2GetIt CEO Manish Patel discussed hybrid automation and how enterprise brands can effectively use it to market and monetize at scale.

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Marketing Automation: Localize. Humanize. Strategize.

  1. 1. A Multi-Location Local Strategy Marketing Automation: Localize. Humanize. Strategize.
  2. 2. Agenda ► About W2GI ► Automation, Redefined ► Brand Challenges ► How to Win Locally: A Hybrid Strategy ► Pillars of Multi-Location Optimization ► Beyond Automation: Know your Brand Score
  3. 3. About Us ►17 Years in Business ►Serving more than 500 Brands ►4.5 million managed locations ►20 million analytics rows inserted daily Our Clients
  4. 4. The Power Behind W2GI’s Infrastructure
  5. 5. Where2GetIt Mantra
  6. 6. Automation: Redefined A Hybrid Solution
  7. 7. Myths of Automation ► “A One Size Fits All” • An outdated methodology that does not fit the local consumer • Generic customer Intel ► Local Marketing on Autopilot • Digital marketing should not be run by robots • Loss of authentic conversations ► Personalization • Chances are, with an completely ‘automated’ strategy your data has not been vetted for spam or checked for relevancy • Don’t be a victim of ‘automation’ Autopilot … NOOOO
  8. 8. Key Challenges ► Dynamic Location Data ► SEO • Link building • Content • Citations ► Unified Content Management • Scheduling • Events/Offers ► Reputation Management • Response – Personal vs Canned ► Competitive Benchmarking • Know local competition ► Analytics/ Engagement • Knowing consumers locally • Response time, rate and velocity • Lack of actionable analytics
  9. 9. A Hybrid Solution: A Holistic Approach to Automation ►Strategy(Local)+Humanize x Scalable Technology(Automation) = Local Brand Love Local Strategy Automation Local Brand Love
  10. 10. Redefining Automation ►Monetize • A proper automated local marketing strategy can impact your bottom line ►Localize • Do not get trapped into a program that does not first assess your local strategy and goals. • Can your brand message scale at the local level? • Do you know the performance of your local automation efforts? ► Humanize • Deriving brand ambassadors is about engagement through genuine conversations • Deliver a hyper-local experience
  11. 11. Why It Works ►There is a sweet spot between using automated tools and developing strong personalized relationships with consumers, and that spot rests within localization.
  12. 12. How to win Locally A Hybrid Automated Strategy
  13. 13. The 6 Pillars of Multi-Location Optimization
  14. 14. Data Quality: Multi-Channel Database Unification ► How is your data quality? • Take control of your location data ► Maintain complete, current & consistent data quality • Automate data cleansing • Automate listings updates • Automate reporting ► Manage Local Content • CMS-One dashboard, all locations • From locator to social messages ► Customize Digital Assets • UI, especially on mobile, has never been so important-deliver a local experience
  15. 15. Local SEO: Adding value to consumers ► Value add: You are what they want. Be findable. ► A holistic local approach • Links in all the right places - Landing Pages, Locators, Listings, Social, Reviews, Website, & Ads • Integrate digital assets ►Automated localized content updates across brand properties ► Deliver a geo-centric experience ►Impact: Location ranking and discovery
  16. 16. Proactive Engagement: Local-Social Listening ►Psychographic Data • Hyper-local consumer intel • Beyond who, but why they buy • Understanding the why, drives KPIs ►Listen and Take Action • Real-time response • Create genuine conversations with consumers with your direct response service team ►Drive Local Engagement  drive sales
  17. 17. Reviews: The Holy Grail ► The brand challenge • Review and Reputation management = challenge for brands • Brands typically want corporate control, a unified dashboard or at scale - This doesn’t exist on Google, Yahoo, Bing • To manage reviews, you have to click into each profile manually • Engines also don’t offer any aggregation or bulk review analytics ►Benefits include: • Understand your reputation • Improve your reputation • Competitive Benchmarking • Drive local sales
  18. 18. …. Automate This
  19. 19. Local vs. National Advertising ► Customers are increasingly looking online for local businesses. ► Local advertising is a great vehicle to generate brand awareness and drive local consumers into store locations. Targeted SearchLocalize Lower CPC Improve ROI
  20. 20. Competitive Benchmarking: Staying One Step Ahead ► Lead the Pack: • Monitor conversations and ratings • Actionable insights to jump ahead of top competitors • Monitor effectiveness with a competitive Brand Score benchmark ► Understand your competitive brand score at the Local level, across: • Data Quality • Search • Social • Engagement • Advertising
  21. 21. Beyond Automation Know your Brand Score
  22. 22. Brandify Platform
  23. 23. Discover and Analyze: A Signal or Noise? ► Understanding the difference between a social-local signal and noise • Gather relevant data - Your brand/consumers - Competitors - Industry Influencers
  24. 24. Strategize ►Benchmark your digital footprint • Including competitors ►Create Strategic Plan delivered by insights ► Local execution plan • Budget allocation • How and what to automate • When and where to humanize ►Monitor, Listen & Engage ►Rinse & repeat
  25. 25. Execute Locally, at Scale
  26. 26. Thank you 888.377.2767 5101 E. La Palma Ave, Suite 107 Anaheim, CA 92807 @where2getitFollow us on