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20171027 japan vr_fest開発者会_発表資料_発表用(English)


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Published in: Technology
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20171027 japan vr_fest開発者会_発表資料_発表用(English)

  1. 1. Meta2のアプリを作ろうとして 考えたこと 2017/10/27 Limes(@WheetTweet)
  2. 2. Self Introduction Mixed Reality Developer (Especially spatial UI contents) Limes(@WheetTweet) My Work My Certification
  3. 3. My Awareness of XR Cutting Edge Technology Community(Japan & Oversea) Industrial domains in Japan Manufacturing Maintenance Reta il Logistics Construction Entertainment Medical Gap e.g. Connect
  4. 4. What is Meta2? - 2nd version of Meta - Main features are similar to HoloLens
  5. 5. Got Meta2!
  6. 6. In detail about Meta2 Check my blog
  7. 7. Got Meta2! But.. Why not VR app? What should I develop Meta2 app?
  8. 8. What is the difference between XR?
  9. 9. Current XR? XR Smartphone/Tablet Head mount display Immersive See through (Just personal opinion) Definitions of AR/VR/MR are not clear. We can classify it by type of devices? (We can see both real and digital)
  10. 10. Meta2 is XR/HMD/See through type Immersive See through
  11. 11. Advantage of see through (1) We can use general input devices
  12. 12. Advantage of see through (2) We can walk around (It depends on devices)
  13. 13. Ref: Any other see through devices oversea DAQRI ODG ATHEER Aryzon + ARKit ? Avegant Lightfield Magic Leap ?
  14. 14. Conclusion I considered about XR I defined Meta2 as see through type The advantages of see through are : (1) Use general input devices (2) Person can walk around Iʼll develop Meta2 app based on this consideration.
  15. 15. Ref : Difference between Meta2 and HoloLens Item Meta2 HoloLens FOV 90 30-40°? Tracking Inside-Out Inside-Out Tracking accuracy Not bad Excellent Tether Mandatory (PC is required) None Input (Gesture) One hand : tap, drag, grab Two hands: pinch in/out Airtap, Bloom (Basically one hand only) Input (Other) Mouse and keyboard Motion Controller Price $1500 $3,300-5,000