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  1. 1. Skateboarding:<br />1950’s - Present<br />By: Riley Sorley<br />
  2. 2. The Beginning: 1950-59<br /><ul><li>Surfers started a new craze first called “LandSurfing”, it was basically just surfing on land.
  3. 3. The very first wave of skateboards were small surf boards on wheels.
  4. 4. Surfers started to modify and personalize their boards in 1959.</li></li></ul><li>First Skateboarding<br /> Boom: 1960-65<br /><ul><li>1960 to 1965 was when skateboards first became mass produced.
  5. 5. During this period over 50 million skateboards were sold.
  6. 6. In 1965 a team of so-called experts deemed that skateboards were unsafe and urged parents not to buy them and stores not to sell them, the skateboard fad died almost as fast as it started.
  7. 7. Skateboards were not popular again until 1973.</li></li></ul><li>Innovations:<br /> 1973-1980<br /><ul><li>After the 8 year slump, skateboard company’s came out with the “Kicktail”, allowing skateboarders more control and freedom.
  8. 8. 3 years after the “Kicktail” came out, new urethane wheels were introduced, allowing skaters to have more control and speed when skating.
  9. 9. With these new innovations skateboarding became more popular. Movies were coming out, shops were opening up and even the first SkateParks were being made.
  10. 10. Some of the first big names came out during this time, including Tony Alva, Jay Adams and of course Stacy Peralta.</li></li></ul><li>Ramps, Bowls and Street:<br />1980’s<br /><ul><li>During the 1980’s Skateboarding really started to gain it’s style. The big skateboard companies were coming out with new baggy clothes modeled after Snowboarding and skiing clothes.
  11. 11. People started to build their own wooden ramps in there backyard, also this is when “PoolSkating” started. People would skate empty swimming pools.
  12. 12. Lots of people were filming themselves and their friends and sending it into the big skateboarding companies. Lots of famous skaters started during this time, including Tony Hawk and Steve Cabalerro.</li></li></ul><li>Golden Age: 1995<br /><ul><li>After another 5 year slump, ESPN aired its first “Extreme Sports” competition and Skateboarding was the main event.
  13. 13. With all exposure skateboarding was getting people were finally accepting it as a sport and not a past time practiced by “rebels”.
  14. 14. The Skateboarding trend was eventually “official”, with over %25 of the money spent on skateboarding was spent on skater apparel.</li></li></ul><li>Present Day<br /><ul><li>Skateboarding has evolved so much from when it all started. In the 1980’s Parks built just for skating were unheard of, now you can find a Skate Park in almost every city. It has also turned from a past time practiced by kids and teenagers into an official sport watched by millions of people every year.
  15. 15. Professionals can now earn about $5000 - $25000 a month just doing competitions. Most of the skaters will have sponsors who will match the money they make in competitions. This is a lot different than 10 years ago when skaters had to have a real job on top of skating to make a living.</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />In conclusion I would just like to say that this was an awesome project to research and write about, there is a lot of history in Skateboarding and lots of things to learn.<br />Danny way Jumping the Great Wall of China<br />