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Audience feedback


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Audience feedback

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. THE IMPORTANCE OF FEEDBACK Although a music video is created and put together through one person’screative influence it has to reach out to a wide audience and is created for theaudience to watch, enjoy and judge. For this reason audience feedback is essentialand for it to succeed it must appeal to a wide audience
  3. 3. THE IMPORTANCE OF AUDIENCE FEEDBACK - 2 So bearing this in mind I asked friends, family and class members about givingme some feedback as soon as the first draft of my music video was finished, Iknew that without this feedback I could not improve my video so I had to get thefeedback in right from the start. I continued to do this throughout the entireproduction of my music video whenever a new idea was put in
  4. 4. POSITIVE FEEDBACK Positive feedback was incredibly important to me but no morethan negative feedback, positive feedback gave me the confidence Ineeded in the ideas I already and to create more ideas like them andalso gave me an outside perspective on what other people deemed tobe a good thing in a music video
  5. 5. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK Whilst negative feedback was not always easy to hear it gave me anidea of the ideas that were too ambitious or just plain bad. It allowedme to improve my video as without it I wouldn’t be able to recognisemy own mistakes and in this way it’s equally as important as negativefeedback
  6. 6. WHAT IT TAUGHT ME Audience feedback taught me not to rush into any of my ideas andalso to not be stubborn about any of the ideas I thought were goodbut others thought were bad, as my video progressed I graduallystarted to ask feedback on ideas before I had even filmed them so inthis way I could gain a perspective on my ideas before it was too lateto change them
  7. 7. THE BENEFITS OF FACEBOOK There were many benefits to using Facebook as a centre for myaudience feedback, I could post any of my ideas very easily for a massaudience to reach and get the feedback almost instantly. ThisFeedback could also be viewed from any computer or even mysmartphone and the feedback from ordinary people gave me a niceperspective on my work
  8. 8.  The feedback I received here was incredibly useful, giving me constructive feedback that wasalso positive as it was from other media students and not just people telling me it was “good”
  9. 9.  As can be seen above, most of the audience feedback I received here was uselessconstructively although it was positive
  10. 10. PRODUCTION During the production of my music video I received somefeedback from my actors and from friends who were around at thetime. This feedback was very useful as it came from the people whocould see whether a shot was too ambitious or if from they’reprospective the shot just seemed like it wasn’t working
  11. 11. IN CONCLUSION Firstly I think I’ve learnt that the audience feedback I gatheredwhilst still in the production stages of my music video was invaluableand I really took on board how to use that feedback so it affected myfinal product in a positive way.
  12. 12. IN CONCLUSION - 2 The feedback also showed me what different people of differentbackgrounds thought of my video, as the video has to appeal to awide audience to succeed it must be able to convey it’s message topeople of all races and classes. I feel I got a wide range of this sort offeedback as I know lots of people from different ways of life whosefeedback all mixed into one.
  13. 13. IN CONCLUSION - 3 All in all the feedback also taught me how to improve upon thenext media product I decide to make, the feedback showed me theflaws in my video and where my lack of digital technology skillsaffected my video or where my creative ideas were too ambitious for avideo of this type. It’s frustrating to know that I could have still mademy video better if I had time but the feedback will be incrediblyrelevant even when I’m making my next video