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Cavan Monaghan LEADER policy and funding presented by Mr John Toland

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Cavan monaghan-leader-festival-conference-2012

  1. 1. Festivals FundingRDP 2007-2013
  2. 2.  €12,035,018 allocated to the Cavan- Monaghan region. Eligible areas are all of Counties Cavan and Monaghan with the exception of the areas inside the town council boundaries of Monaghan Town and Cavan Town. Funding is available under 7 measures.
  3. 3. 1. Diversification into non- agricultural activities.2. Support for business creation and development.3. Encouragement of tourism activities.4. Basic services for the economy and rural population.5. Village renewal and development.6. Conservation and upgrading of rural heritage.7. Training and Information.
  4. 4.  Castleblayney Community Enterprise Established Castleblayney Festivals Group Prepared business / marketing plan for 6 festivals Joint marketing & promotion Purchase of infrastructure
  5. 5.  Don’t fund groups to repeat same event each year DO fund New and Innovative NEW festivals which are offering something different DO fund marketing / advertising locally, nationally & internationally
  6. 6.  Don’t fund hire costs DO fund training for creative arts production, where volunteers would be taught how to make items for inclusion in parades etc Don’t fund performance / acts / stage names
  7. 7.  Eachapplication for funding is assessed on a case by case basis. Themaximum rates that can be given under the RDP are: In case of community & private applications -75% of cost to a maximum of €150,000 for capital
  8. 8.  Complete an Expression of Interest Form Expression of Interest is received in LEADER office it will be reviewed to ensure it is not ineligible Application Form will be sent out Festival committees can arrange an appointment to meet with Development Staff as required On receipt of completed application form and all required paperwork, evaluation of project is completed by Development Officer
  9. 9.  Development Officer presents project to evaluation committee Evaluation Committee evaluate and score project and make a recommendation to Cavan-Monaghan LEADER committee. Projects presented at Cavan-Monaghan LEADER committee and decision is made Cavan-Monaghan LEADER write to project promoter advising them of outcome
  10. 10.  Innovation Displacement Deadweight Sustainability & Financial Viability ‘De Minimis’ Rule
  11. 11.  General Finance ◦ Banks ◦ Credit Unions Social Finance ◦ UCIT ◦ Clann Credo
  12. 12.  Identify your festival needs? Is there a logical group for you to work with in respect of preparing an application? Identify lead partner... COMPLETE expression of interest form Draw up agreement between group members Justify the equipment you are looking for by explaining who, where & how it will be used Continued support will be provided by Cavan-Monaghan LEADER
  13. 13.  Training to guide Gathering committees in coordinating their proposed Gathering to; Access further supports through CML & other agencies Marketing & promotion training Develop social media / website for festival & events website Mentoring programme that offers range of supports Commencing January 2013 subject to funding approval
  14. 14. Cavan-Monaghan LEADER Agricultural College Ballyhaise Co Cavan 049 4338477Email: