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Health, Hygiene and Personal Care Products | Seeking Global Distributors


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Wet and Dry Personal Care Private Limited (W&D) is a leading health, hygiene and personal care products company based in India. This presentation takes you through a catalog of our best-selling products in India and globally.

Our top brands include:
■ everteen®: A pioneer in feminine intimate hygiene category in India offering the country's largest range of quality sanitary products
■ NEUD™: A natural hair inhibitor that permanently retards growth of unwanted body hair in men and women
■ Nature Sure™: Range of 100% natural products for health, well-being and personal care
■ ManSure™: 100% Ayurvedic formulation for enhancing male reproductive health

Founded in 2013, we have served customers in more than 150 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, US, UK, Vietnam, and African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda. Our brands are listed on all major ecommerce portals including Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Nykaa, Purplle, 1mg, etc.

Our products are manufactured at USFDA, CE or government-approved facilities and meet stringent safety and quality standards.

W&D is looking to appoint local wholesale distributors in different regions to make our products readily available to our customers in these countries and to serve them better.

If you have experience in reselling health, hygiene and personal care products and would like to join hands with us, please email us on

We also welcome opportunities to discuss investments and bulk order inquiries.

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Health, Hygiene and Personal Care Products | Seeking Global Distributors

  2. 2. Wet & Dry Personal Care  One of India’s leading health, hygiene and personal care products companies since 2013  Professional leadership with experience in healthcare, beauty, wellness, online and offline retail, marketing and communications  Customers in more than 150 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, US, UK, Vietnam, and African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda  Available in India on >50 major online retailers including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Purplle, Big Basket, HealthKart, Paytm, HomeShop18, Shopclues and eBay  Products manufactured at USFDA, CE or government-approved facilities to meet stringent safety and quality standards
  3. 3. Our Top Brands  A pioneer in the feminine intimate hygiene category in India everteen offers India’s largest range of quality sanitary products  NEUD™ is a natural hair inhibitor that permanently retards growth of unwanted body hair in men and women  Nature Sure™ offers a range of 100% natural products for health, well-being and personal care  ManSure™ is a 100% Ayurvedic formulation for boosting male reproductive health
  4. 4. FEMININE INTIMATE HYGIENE EXPERT w w w . e v e r t e e n . c o . i n
  5. 5. everteen® Natural Intimate Wash Scientifically designed to promote body’s natural pH balance and maintain complete feminine intimate hygiene. 100% natural active ingredients provide effective antimicrobial protection and freedom from day-to-day infections, unpleasant odor, itching or burning sensation. Protects sensitive areas from rashes, pigmentation, darkening, sagging and dryness. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ Maintains intimate area’s natural pH balance ♀ Effective anti-fungal & anti-bacterial protection ♀ Prevents bad odour, itching, darkening, burning ♀ Retains skin moisture to keep intimate area fresh Size: 105ml bottle
  6. 6. everteen® Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes Clinically & dermatologically tested, everteen® Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes are ideal for feminine hygiene, and provide you relief from intimate discomfort. Each wipe is ultra-soft and made of 100% natural & biodegradable cloth to keep you fresh & clean. Its mild cleansing formula is entirely free from alcohol, SLS & parabens. These intimate wipes are wrapped individually to give you convenience on the move. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ Protection against vaginal infection ♀ Prevents vaginal infection caused in common toilets ♀ Perfect for women on the move Size: 15 wipes
  7. 7. everteen® Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line Specifically designed for sensitive skin, everteen® Bikini Line Hair Remover Crème is ideal for removing unwanted hair from sensitive areas such as bikini line, underarms/ armpits, face and chin. Packed with 100% natural ingredients, this crème is enriched with pure extracts of soothing chamomile. While other hair removers are strong and pungent and can damage or darken your sensitive areas, everteen® Bikini Line Hair Remover Crème gives you smooth and silky skin in just 5 minutes while protecting and nourishing your intimate areas. everteen® crème also gives you freedom from irritation, itchiness or burning sensation while removing hair. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ No cuts, nicks & burns ♀ No skin darkening or harsh smell ♀ No razor bumps or ingrown hair Pack: 50g tube
  8. 8. everteen® Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel everteen® Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel is extracted from pure and natural ingredients to help moisturize, tighten and revitalize the vagina. It brings back that tight sensation of an unblossomed flower by increasing blood circulation in your vaginal muscles and restore its elasticity. This gel has been scientifically- designed and formulated under expert guidance of reputed gynecologists and is micro-biologically, dermatologically and clinically-tested. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ Tightens and revitalizes vagina ♀ Rejuvenates vaginal muscles, tone and vigor in vagina ♀ Improves lubrication and reduces dryness ♀ Removes harmful bacteria from the vaginal intimate area ♀ Restores post-delivery vaginal elasticity Size: 50g and 30g pump bottle
  9. 9. everteen® Daily Panty Liners everteen® Panty Liners with 100% natural cotton surface provide instant dry and soft feel without irritation. Thin & comfortable, these liners eliminate odour and keep moisture away. They are ideal as a backup for tampons & menstrual cup; for urinary incontinence, light discharge and maintaining daily hygiene; using in-between periods; and to feel fresh and clean entire day, every day. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ 100% natural cotton surface gives instant dry and soft feel ♀ Antibacterial negative-ion strip eliminates bad odour ♀ Ultrathin, extra absorbent and breathable layers keep moisture away and give everyday freshness ♀ Ideal as a backup for tampons and menstrual cup ♀ Protection against urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge and unexpected periods ♀ Keeps innerwear/ panty stain-free from unwarranted leakage Sizes: 30pcs and 36pcs
  10. 10. everteen® Menstrual Cups Made of medical-grade silicone, everteen® Menstrual Cups are soft, 100% safe and easy to use and do not cause skin irritation. These cups are highly comfortable to wear and give you freedom to perform outdoor activities like yoga, dancing, swimming and more. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ Protection for up to 12 hours ♀ Reusable for as long as 10 years ♀ No period odour, dryness, discomfort, itching or rashes ♀ Reduced cramps due to the Cup’s seal suction ♀ No risk of flooding or period disasters due to sneezing Size: Small (23ml) and Large (30ml)
  11. 11. everteen® Applicator Tampons everteen® Applicator Tampons comply with rigorous international guidelines for safety and efficacy. Made of 100% viscose fibre, everteen® Applicator Tampons adjust perfectly to your shape, giving you superior leak protection. Now you can wear clothes and innerwear of your choice even during periods without embarrassment of pad lines. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ Experience the joy of invisible leak-proof protection ♀ Get never-before freedom to swim, dance and gym ♀ No more wet sensation ♀ Individually wrapped to carry discreetly in handbag ♀ Totally chlorine free ♀ Say goodbye to period-agony Sizes: Lite, Regular, Super and SuperPlus
  12. 12. everteen® Premium Sanitary Napkins everteen® 100% cotton-top sanitary napkins provide instant dry and soft feel and best care during your menstruation days. The 8-layers extra absorbent protection manages heavy flow effectively. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ 100% natural cotton surface for instant dry and soft feel ♀ 8 layer protection & extra absorbent ♀ With wings for a secure fit and super soft sides for comfort ♀ Unscented ultra-thin sanitary pads for medium to heavy flow (free of artificial scents and fragrances) ♀ Antibacterial negative ion strip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates odour ♀ Ultrathin and extra absorbent Size: 8pcs (240/ 280/ 320mm); 10pcs (290mm)
  13. 13. everteen® Essential Sanitary Napkins Ultra slim, breathable and embedded with anion-strip for odour-control, everteen® essentials Sanitary Napkins give you complete protection for 8 hours and prevent side leakages. Manufactured at USFDA-approved unit, they are certified to meet international standards of safety and efficacy. You can carry these individually-wrapped napkins in your handbag. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ♀ 8-hours protection with six layers and exclusive padding to prevent side leakage ♀ Large surface for an instant dry and soft feel ♀ Sterilized air laid paper guides menstrual fluid to super- absorbent biodegradable polymer centre ♀ Negative-ion strip fights bacteria effectively Size: 8pcs (240/ 280/ 320mm)
  14. 14. everteen® Period Box everteen® Period Box is a monthly doorstep delivery of quality sanitary products before your due date to offer a complete feminine intimate hygiene. Say goodbye to the monthly stress of provisioning of sanitary essentials and get complete peace of mind. everteen® Period Box also gives you the broadest choice of your favorite products including menstrual cups, tampons, sanitary pads, daily cotton pantyliners, feminine hygiene wash, intimate wipes and bikini line hair removal crème. Now, you can customize your very own everteen® Period Box easily with just a few clicks! The innovatively-designed everteen® Period Box prevents you from the monthly hassle of maintaining calendar reminders, risk of going out-of-stock, shop-hopping to look for your preferred sanitary products/ size, embarrassment of asking for intimate items in front of complete strangers or begging friends or colleagues to give you a spare one in urgent distress. Only available in India (as of August 2018) as quarterly, half-yearly and annual subscriptions.
  15. 15. NATURAL HAIR INHIBITOR w w w . n e u d . c o . i n
  16. 16. NEUD™ Natural Hair Inhibitor With its unique and advanced PDR technology, NEUD™ Natural Hair Inhibitor permanently reduces unwanted body hair, by targeting the hair root and hair shafts and deactivating the hair bulb activities responsible for hair growth. It is a painless, cost-effective and sure-shot alternate to laser treatment for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts, NEUD™ Natural Hair Inhibitor does not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates or mineral oil, and is safe for all skin types. KEY HIGHLIGHTS ✓ Permanent hair growth reduction ✓ Suitable for men and women and for all skin types ✓ Ideal for unwanted hair on face, chin, upper and lower lips, nose bridge, forehead, underarms, armpits, arms, legs, chest, back etc. ✓ Freedom from frequent hair removals Size: 80g pump bottle
  17. 17. 100% NATURAL HEALTH & WELLNESS PRODUCTS w w w . n a t u r e s s u r e . c o m
  18. 18. Nature Sure™ Jonk Tail (Leech Oil) Nature Sure™ Jonk Tail (Leech Oil) is a natural and effective therapy for hair loss, hair fall and other hair related problems. Benefits of jonk (leech) therapy in managing persistent hair problems have been well- documented in Ayurveda, one of the oldest traditional systems that originated in the Indian sub-continent over 5000 years ago. Jonk Tel nourishes scalp and hair shafts, and keeps your hair stronger and younger. It removes dandruff and fungus to address hair problems at source. KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Promotes faster healing of hair-related issues at source  Prevents hair loss  Nourishes hair and scalp  Stops hair fall  Removes dandruff and fungus Size: 110ml bottle
  19. 19. Nature Sure™ Kalonji Tel (Blackseed Oil) Nature Sure™ Kalonji Tel (Blackseed Oil) is 100% pure, cold- pressed oil made from Kalonji seeds (Nigella sativa). This elixir of good health is made from high grade, finest quality natural ingredients under stringent quality control, and is totally undiluted. KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Relief from joint pains, period pains, strengthens bones  Intestinal deworming, digestion, breathing-related issues  Treats acne and pimples  Enhances metabolism and immunity, protects vital organs, eye sight, hepatic function  Aids breastmilk secretion in lactating mothers Size: 110ml bottle
  20. 20. Nature Sure™ Castor Oil (Arandi Tel) Nature Sure™ Castor Oil (Arandi Tel) is your panacea that acts as a skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, laxative, anti- infective, and immunity booster – all at once. Manufactured with 100% pure ingredients and enriched with Vitamin E, Omega 6 and proteins, it is the elixir for beautiful hair and glowing skin. KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Soothing relaxant for dry skin, sunburn, dermatitis, cures acne, white patches and other skin related problems  Acts as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner  Natural laxative, anti-infective, immunity booster  Helps restore the body’s natural capacity for breastmilk secretion  Prevents wrinkles and ageing Size: 110ml bottle
  21. 21. Nature Sure™ Rogan Jaitun (Olive Oil) Nature Sure™ Rogan Jaitun Tel is an essential cosmetic care for skin, hair and nails. Naturally loaded with anti-oxidants, polyphenols and Vitamins A, D, E and K, Nature Sure™ Rogan Jaitun Tel prevents skin dehydration and promotes moisturization to keep skin supple, firm and youthful. It kills acne-causing bacteria, regenerates collagen, fights wrinkles and under-eye dark circles, protects against free radicals and keeps you younger. A moisturizer and natural antioxidant, it exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells. KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Natural beauty booster  Moisturizes skin, regenerates collagen  Prevents wrinkles, dark circles, aging  Nourishes hair, lips, heels, nails  Hair tonic & makeup remover Size: 110ml bottle
  22. 22. Nature Sure™ Hair Growth Oil Nature Sure™ Hair Growth Oil is a unique and effective formulation for protection against hair loss and promoting hair rejuvenation. Made with the choicest of herbs such as Bhringraj (Keshraj), Sesame (Til), Mahamohi (Datura), Neelbhringadi and Triphala, Nature Sure™ Hair Growth Oil offers an antibacterial and antifungal shield and nourishes hair follicles to restore health of hair shafts, scalp and roots. It increases blood flow to the head region to inhibit hair fall, making your voluminous crown attractive and luscious. KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Stops hair loss and fall, prevents split ends  Treats dandruff, lice, scalp flakiness  Accelerates rejuvenation, keeps hair younger  Protects hair against harmful UV rays & pollutants  Powerhouse of Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin E, Calcium, Proteins, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus Size: 110ml bottle
  23. 23. Nature Sure™ Mosquito Repellent Roll-On Nature Sure™ Mosquito Repellent Roll-On is a scientific combination of 100% pure ayurvedic herbs that thwart the attack of mosquitoes effectively. Apply 4 drops on your body to keep the mosquitoes away naturally. Its powerful ingredients are clinically proven to be safe and effective. It provides day & night protection against mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. Its pleasant aroma makes it a favorite of kids too. KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Protects from malaria, dengue, chikungunya  Just four dots are enough  Soothing, pleasant aroma  100% natural with no side-effects  Safe for use in adults & children Size: 7ml roll-on
  24. 24. Nature Sure™ Anti- Acne Cream Nature Sure™ Anti-Acne Cream is an ayurvedic beauty product that helps remove acne, pimples and acne scars. Its 100% pure & natural herbs protect skin against wrinkles and dark spots and helps you stay younger. Nature Sure™ Anti- Acne Cream promotes blood circulation and supplies oxygen & nutrients to the skin, keeping it radiant & glowing. It is an excellent exfoliant that eliminates dead skin cells, pollutants and toxins from skin. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are a powerful antidote against acne and pimples. It improves complexion and prevents blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and skin-sagging. KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Treats pimples, acne & blemishes  Removes wrinkles & dark spots  Stops skin ageing & pigmentation  Natural antibiotic & antioxidant  Suitable for oily, normal & dry skin Size: 50g jar
  25. 25. AYURVEDIC MALE FERTILITY BOOSTER w w w . m a n s u r e . m e n
  26. 26. ManSure™ Ayurvedic Capsules 100% ayurvedic formulation packed with rare and potent herbs that boost male reproductive health: ♂ Konch Beej (Mucuna pruriens) ameliorates seminal plasma lipid peroxide level; restores SOD, catalase, GSH & ascorbic acid level in semen; reactivates anti-oxidant defense system ♂ Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) is an aphrodisiac; strengthens immunity; induces vigor & vitality ♂ Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) increases Serum T & LH; reduces FSH & PRL levels ♂ Salab Mishri (Orchis latifolia) is a powerful antioxidant; enhances cellular oxygen absorption for peak performance ♂ Gokharu (Tribulus terrestris) increases Lutropin/ Luteinizing (LH) production in the pituitary gland naturally. ♂ Shatawar (A. racemosus) prevents oxidative damage; increases sperm quality, volume & motility Size: 1 box contains 100 capsules (10 strips of 10 capsules each)
  27. 27. For becoming a distributor, placing bulk orders and other inquiries, please contact: c o n t a c t @ w - d . c o . i n