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Comics analysis nick fiorentino

comic analysis for class.

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Comics analysis nick fiorentino

  1. 1. Comic Analysis Nick Fiorentino
  2. 2. I really enjoyed this story line. It had great content that was easily communicated and it still has some build up that made you flip page after page. This was my first Manhunter comic so I didn’t know the characters well but after reading the first couple pages it was obvious on what was going on. The artwork in this issue compared to some other comics we have looked at in class was below average. The expressions and anatomy was on point but they were really no explosion of characters and lack of excitement through vision. All in all I would absolutely recommend this comic and the series. It has a great story line and very clear in communicating their points.
  3. 3. Focus • Clarity • Simple artwork • Lack of artwork explosion • Beginners concepts • Creative panel flow
  4. 4. In the above section, the principle being identified here is Moment to Moment, it is a great way to clearing communicate a scene going step by step. In the comic picture to the left, the Manhunter is returning to Mars and it is depicted through a couple frames. This is relative to the theme because it it clearly communicated and has the simple artwork.
  5. 5. J’onn is talking to his brother about his illness. They are talking to each other it is clearly shown the artwork is also pretty plain. The principle displayed to the left is subject to subject. It shows two characters clearly talking to each other.
  6. 6. Plot-Driven • Pg 18 • Picture demonstrating action-subject-action In the above scene they are fighting each other demonstrating action- subject-action-subject. Again simple art with beginners concepts. In the picture above is the concept of plot driving, this is having more than one communication principles being demonstrated at the same time. In this picture there is both action and subject.
  7. 7. On the right side is a representation of a worms eye view in comics. It can show who has power and give a good perspective On the left side is a example of the worms eye view in my comic showing J’onn having the power over his brother. The picture clearly shows this principle and hits the beginners concept and clear communication
  8. 8. On the right side is the concept of different frames for different scenes and panels. Good skills to have when you need different perspectives. On the left side our two panels shown and the background is actually another panel leaking up from the the bottom. Both panels give you a perspective and a clear understanding of what is going on in this scene.
  9. 9. Below is a scene that would be unclear if there were no words displayed. The words clarify the emotions and feeling of the scene. On the right side the concept is choice of word, basically using words in the comics clarifies what is going on in the picture.
  10. 10. On the left side is a page out of my comic, it shows a scene that you follow pretty clearly. This is a beginner flow compared to some complex ones in other comics. On the right side is the concept of frame clarity, it shows how different sizes and different frames still flow uniformly.
  11. 11. Drama Building On the left side is the climax of the first half of the comic, J’onn mother was murdered and it represent drama building because it was after ads and after plot building. Above is the concept of drama building, you lay the scene in a specific order not giving out too much information and drop the bomb at the right time on the right page.
  12. 12. On the right our two characters from the comic, the one on the left is J’onn the right is his brother. They both have very specific designs and it makes it clear to distinguish who is who. Especially since all Martians look the same. On the left is the concept character design, without a specific character design it would be hard to identify your super hero especially when his race looks exactly the same.
  13. 13. On the left is a facial expression, facial expression are important because they can give you a read on something without having to read or ask question. Below is the concept of facial expression, in the picture is describes that it clear portrays emotions with power and precision.
  14. 14. Below is a Martian with their arms crossed, this is the universal sign for toughness or that you disagree. Body language is huge way to communicate. Above is the concept of body language, this concept is really important and communicates a lot of information. It is extremely easy to read and is clearly helpful.
  15. 15. Below in the concept of words clarifying emotions, without sound facial expression and body language can be misleading. Words help clarify what is going on. On the right is J’onn mother, she has a dead soul, without having those words there we wouldn’t know what is going on in this scene, she could just be teleporting.
  16. 16. Body langangue regional differences • Pg 113 • Bodies wrapped picture Above is the concept of different body signals from around the world these are important to know incase you see one of these going on. On the right side are J’onn and his wife tethering their minds to one another to help cure her infected mind. It is body language only known to Martians
  17. 17. Below is the concept of word specific, which means you only need words to know what's going on. On the right is a picture of J’onn flying an air craft and the words clearing describing what's going on.
  18. 18. Below is the concept of interdependence, without words and picture you wouldn’t have the right idea of what is going on, so sometimes having both can be more powerful On the right is an example of this concept, because without the words you just see death, without the picture you imagine jail. With both its clear he is not dying and his punishment is much worse.
  19. 19. Duo specific Above is the Due-Specific concept and portrays a message alone with words or picture and both with words and picture, they both serve the same purpose. The reason for this is just more clarification and usually a conclusion. On the right side is a good example of a Dou-Specific. The picture shows happiness and ending while he words depict the same thing.
  20. 20. • Pg 144 On the left is a good example of voice inflection, when you read the word “NO” you don’t read it like a whisper in your head. You read that like someone is yelling it. On the right side is the concept of vocal inflection, essentially reading the words as they would heard. So if they are bold and large they are probably yelling and you read it like that. This is important because you need to identify what id going on in the scene. You can’t assume everyone is just talking.
  21. 21. Conclusion The comic I read was extremely basic and I would consider it a beginners comic. The artwork seemed just sufficient but it was very easy to find concepts in the comic. The clarity was unmatched it was pretty clear after just one read. I would recommend this everyone.