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  1. 1. Openlngsequence . lillakes up on the floor {POV} gradually Eets up and mlks to the bathroom door, opens the door and wallc into the bathroom (still at POYI r Pump cut) To a low anglq titted shot of the door opening and her walHng to the sink r $ump cut or dhsohel To ctose up sf person washing her facg staying on the same side of her face, cirmera moy€s to an oyer the shoulder shot {,keepirg face, sink and hands in frarne) . (tump cutl To mid shot of towel rack. She takes the towel off the rack, dries her face and puts the towel back on the rack. {camera stays focused sn the towel rack while this is happening) . Uump cut) To midflong shot of percon walking out, 6mera then follows her to the door, door pushes shut and you hear music, music gets louder.Party sequence . She sees the mess on the floor (POVI . {closes her eyes {screen goes black} spens her eyes} To a dose up of trcr face, camera starts to circle her head as she puts up her hair. . Phone starts to ring (camera whips to the phonel then back to persons expression, then to phone again. . Mysterious hand cuts the phone cord {Silence} r (Jump cut) To mid shot of person, she shrugged her shoulders and carries on into the kitchen. r (Camera pointed towards the kitchen door) Person walks in through the door, into the kitchen. . {Shot of the back of her facing the kitchen} she goes to the cupboard and gets a cup, tea bag to the fridge to get milk, then oyer to the kefile. o {Camera zooms into a close up of the kettle} hear the person stiring the tea (spoon hiEar€ the side of the cup) r [ump cut] Mysterious feet walking] Hear quiet foot steps, camera looks up toward the door handle, mysterious hand reaches for the door handle (camera jumps back to the kettle before hand reaches the handle) o Close up of kettlg {iump cut} close up of persons face, (Jump cut} over the shoulder shot, of the mysterious percon walking towards her, mysterious person reaches his arm up (as if to tap the girl on the shoulder) r pump cut) to girls face, mysterious hand covers her mouth (camera zooms in to the hand)Screen goes blank - mobile starts to ring - zoom in on the phone screen (1411 - zoom out -ctedits.
  2. 2. STORYBOARD SHEETShot Typc of Dialogue - Sound - Camers Movemcnt Timiug 4No. Shot 3rtqft,s emullUna blOf --ihpn uu€#as up +c rN€SSEdil - Qcr sncfo Camera Movcmcnt TimingShotNo. tBi ,+, Typcsf Shot Dietogue- Sound -r,* CIFS - tfvh ---1: l&-" {",t _t l-.. t f fi 1.-._.# il VEdit , anq,e 8hct of kte/ - to^J QOryLl.Io4 ttrOuqShot Type of Dialoguc - Sound - Camera Movcmcnt Timing Shot 3No. - etde vtenr oF ner fnnc - r^rn^mn., t^VefEdir UP shct-Shot Typc of Dirtogue - Sound - Camera Movcnent Tining - e,tt) nn8hNo Shot _ctuer Jrt€. gtcutd€{" grEditSbot Typc of Dhlogue - Sound * Camcra MwGqyq TimiryNo. Shot rack :Edir C.lo& LP,
  3. 3. EI Type of Dialogue - Sound * Camera Movement TimingShotNo, Shot Cam,em fe: the,Edit lonqShot Type of Dialoguc * Sound - Camera Movemcnt Timing Shot .. reerfq {hNo trre, dmr a. ;:{, ;r- -r ,"jq.r J 1. -clc)ae uP -Edir I Type of - Cemere Movcment TimingShot Dialoguc - SoundNo. Shot turt{ tonqEdit Typcof Dhlognc Sornd - Camere Movcmcnt TimingShot -No. fgs$?se 1 Shot caflaero. 6Ptrs -;sF$s$ ?css**6 / $ ft fiuO Edir Aref Typeof Sound - Camere Movcmcnt Timing Shot Dialoguc - No. Shot Edit
  4. 4. STORYBOARI} SHEETShot Type of Dialogue - Sound - Camera Movement TimingNo. Shot fu-bb LJ(slor) ..df,}{lletr13 gtepgEdir cicae LpShot Type of Dialogue - Sound - Camera Movement Timing - Ccl.ri(le uisian oF rn€No. ShotEdit _Mrd snoL - POVShot Typcof Dielogue - Sound - Camera Movement TimingNo. Shot She, P.ts rler t-gtr uP -srd€ ShoL- . co,rner€, 3p613 Ong.nd fE,r h€cd ur[.rl€ f0tr q@a uPFdil -c.ioae (Jp - Hcnc rEkJShot Typeof Dlaloguc - Sound - Cemcre Moverncnt TimingNo. Shot -Ptule nnq =tortstc:Edit - coq^n€,/fi3. eOC)fi1S t() PhoneShot Type of Iliel,ogue - Souad - Camera Movemcn! TimingNo. Shot - a.@e. r.rP (frr h,e(- J bctal exP ion f"". , i EEdit -NiFB bcrc,E -tc: Perccn
  5. 5. Shot Type of Dialogue - Sound - Camera Movemenl TimingNo. Shot - ei=rtt runoiftor llf,dir - _i-rrP FncL{:f,rtln€Shot Type of Dialogue - Sound * Cemera Movcment TimingNo. Shot .. - wre/ncxJ3 no,nd eLre! Lh,e, cgd sEdir Ltose UPShot Typcof Dirlogue - Sound - Cemera Movement TimingNo. Shot rb.} iB - s rLraFles .Sh0uCtefs mesnt ORqll q j *. I i l.: cF rt -=*-*- :*Edir {* trrrd shoLShot Typeof Dhlogue - Sound - Camere Movcment TimingNo. Shot - Nolhs n+O +he Kr l-cfr,efEdit {ffie bN londShot Typcof Dirlogue - Sound - Camcra Movement TimingNo. ShotEdir
  6. 6. STORYBOARI} SHE,ET Typc of * Camera Movement TimingShot Dialogue - Sound No. Shot - l-lecrr the spmn hd+tir scte cf ci-iP asaf€ St"irs Yrer +€crEdit -c,lctsg LPOn F-€t*eShot Type of Dielogue - Sound - Camera Movcment TimirgNo. Shot - -_ a_* Muat€ rnOn } ..^xiri.e rntO in€. Y-rt$aft ) -H€or (biauep8Edit etc$€-.P + F€e,tShot Type of Dialogue - Sourd - Cemcre MoYement TimingNa Shot - Mrlst€ncn-:s i^nnd €0che ftr+reclaDr hondl€ -bepre. re@{her,Edit aernerc, Jtrnp:tc.o,Shot Type of Dialogue - Sound - Cemera Movcrnent TimingNo. Shot oEo ccDe. L,(} € Edt{,e - -Jus{- crbo,jl *C hrlEdfrS&ot Type of Dialogue - Sound - Cemera Movemcnt TimingNa B( Shot -c6e L-p4q,r1 JEdit
  7. 7. Shot i Type of Diatogue - Souad - Camera Movement TimingNo. Shot ilit: !r1: ;i ffi#:; it * j ricdhnq LP I fl"g i i nerEdir -Oer +h,e =mjdtr Type of Dialogue - Sound - Camera Movcment TimingShotNo. Shot .- - ntqetenours ngnd ft oJd;S +he qiris rrrulh c;1Edit -Ctc8g t-P on cttnS h^OeShotNo. oo Typc Shot of Dialoguc - f^r48iernou5 Sound - Cemere Movcmcnt Timing frrSEdit - zoorns nho kund cjg nrffi )H "; Typeof Dietogue - Sound - C.amere Movemcnt TimingSLotNo. Shot 6fon"K 8Edir Type of - Cemere Movcmcnt Timing Shot Dialogue - Sound No. Shot credibs " * o Edit