Secrets and lies jade and chloe.


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  • Dressed for the occasion, smart posh clothes, for family photo, hair has been done for the photo
    Mother in the middle has brighter clothing happier facial expressions and seems to generally want to be there, she is in the centre of the shot so viewers eyes are attracted to her
    Two males in the family seem less interested, son and father want to look away from the camera
    Medium shot all in centre of the shot, been positioned specifically for a photo
    Body language Dad, seems quite awkward
    The photographer has a strong cockney accent which shows us he is from London and the people in the photo also sound like they are from London. The family is very stereotypical of an English family as the mother is very dominant and is taking control whereas the men of the family are stepping back and letting the woman do what she wants. They seem like they cant be bothered and aren’t very interested in what is happening. The stereotypes are negative towards the men more so than the women.
    The only sound we hear in the scene, apart from the music at the beginning, is the voices of the people, this is used to show us where the scene is set and who the people are.
    The lighting is quite bright and this brings the general effect that the scene is quite mellow and laid back and not stressed.
    The facial expressions of the people show how they feel about the situation very well. The mother is obviously quite happy along with the grandmother, but both men in the family clearly don’t want to be there.
  • Dressed in boxing uniform, obviously his occupation or hobby
    Body language shows us he is happy where he is and enjoys showing his ability
    Medium shot
    Belt shows he has obviously won previous matches
    The lighting in the shot is generally focused on the man’s body, so we can see that he is very muscular and also his gloves are quite well lit up which attracts our attention to them.
    The sound in the scene is the voice of the boxer talking at the same time as the photographer which creates more tension and gives the scene even more excitement and makes the viewer feel how the boxer feels about his hobby.
    The boxers gloves are red and the colour normally has connotations to death, anger, blood and revenge. On the other hand it also can have connotations of love, despite boxing being a dangerous sport to contend in the red could also show how much the man loves his occupation.
    He is stereotyped to be an aggressive man as he is a boxer, but this isn’t a generally correct stereotype as he might only be aggressive when boxing.
  • Uniform for occupation, nurse
    Neat and tidy presentation shows us how she is as a person
    Facial expression is very serious and seems like she doesn’t want to be where she is
    Monotone voice shows she’s quite shy
    Nurses are generally stereotyped as quiet people and this is shown to the viewers for humor as it is funny when the photographer makes the nurse laugh.
  • Fresh, clean and new to represent the new baby
    Light colours, white walls and clothing to show purity and how the baby is almost angelic.
    Mother is very protective of the baby, and her eye contact doesn’t leave the baby.
    The facial expressions and overall feel of the scene are that the woman is so happy to be where she is, and is so pleased and proud of her new baby.
  • - The lighting is basically focused on the dog as he is obviously the nain part of the shot. He is placed on the centre of the table which has a red cloth over it which holds a lot of colour connotations. It would show how the woman loves her dog which we can see from her fussy body language and also she clearly wants the photos shoot to be perfect as she is constantly combs the dogs fur and asks if the collar will be seen. The scene seems to be very hectic and there is always something to look at it gives the viewer a sense of unease as its very busy and not relaxed. Stereotypes single people to be obsessed with their pet, this is a bad sterotype and could be very offensive.
  • The lighting in the shot is very bright and focused mainly on the cat and the woman. Our attention is mainly placed on the cat on the chair as it is all white and contrasts with the background. The lady is dressed in black so she blends into the back ground more. The connotations of both colours are; white is fresh and pure could show that the lady thinks of her pet as angelic or heavenly similar to how the woman felt about her baby in the fourth video. The lady is dressed in black which gives the impression maybe she is mourning the loss of a partner and her attention is now solely on the cat. It negatively stereotypes old women as cat lovers. Everything is in the centre of the shot so our attention is drawn there.
    The woman’s body is turned into her pet and her body language shows us she feels best when she is around her pet.
  • The man’s facial expressions and body language show us he feels very uncomfortable with the whole situation and tries to make awkward conversation with the photographer. He is dressed in clothes a very similar colour to the background so he blends in which corresponds to how he probably feels.
  • In this extract we can see that the man is quite confident and confrontational as he .
    His costume is very similar to that of Tommy Cooper’s and this reflects British culture as comedy plays a large part in British culture
    The photographer also shows a very British attitude towards the situation as he ignores the instructions of the man
    Colour of hat could represent passion towards his acknowledgements.
    His attitude is so serious but he’s dressed in a funny costume, this might be why the photographer cannot take the man seriously when he says no flash.
  • The woman look of low class could maybe even be escorts of some sort.
    The lady in blue stands out the most as her outfit contrasts with the background and the other women.
    She seems the most confident and we can tell this through her body language and facial expressions.. She is leaning over the other women and is highest up.
    Blue has connotations of males and she looks quite masculine.
  • The three girls are our main focus, as they are placed in the centre and are framed by the other ladies and the lights
    The girls are unusually dressed in blue which is surprising as you would think little girls would be dressed in pink ballet dresses as blue has connotations of boys.
    The all seem like puppets and their mother controls them as they are all in the same position, up straight in a well brought up manner
    The mother is also dressed in blue to show some sort of connection between her and the children and the other woman is dressed in a colour similar to the background as our attention doesn’t necessarily need to be on her,
  • The young boy is sitting on a red sofa which could show how his mum loves him as the colour holds these connotations.
    The mother wants her child to look well presented and smart so she removes his hand sharply from his nose, after this we see his facial expression drop and he looks upset
    Typically the boy rebels and carries on doing it anyway and his facial expression lights up so he is obviously happiest with his finger up his nose.
  • The ladies body language seems open but also uncomfortable and shy with the situation
    She is dressed in sexy lingerie and is posing on a table for the picture.. The table cloth is white along with the ornament which have connotations of purity which is then vastly contrasted to the woman lying in a black revealing outfit which goes against these connotations.
    After posing she giggles uncomfortably as if she would rather be doing something else rather than this.
    The photographer is egging her on to pose more and she laughs and replies by saying ‘this is silly’.
  • Secrets and lies jade and chloe.

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