Secrets and lies


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  • The black cab immediately shows the audience this scene is based in London, Throughout the first scene it establishes location with background noise of moving cars. We are given the view of the camera that’s taking a photo of a family with a medium close up shot type. They are a working class family, The son is not very interested in their family shoot and is also shown by the way he is dressed compared to everybody else in the family (Not Smart). The father in the scene becomes aggravated when the photographer straightens his tie and this is shown by his facial expressions. The lighting is focused on the family, and this representation of British is shown by accent of the characters. The characters are wearing different colours which also highlight's the personality of each character.
  • The lighting is focusing on the boxer to show his the main highlight of the shot. A medium shot has been used throughout the clip to his expression. His really enthusiastic towards boxing this is shown by his actions he practices punching the air as if he is fighting. The background noise is of him ‘grrrr’. His outfit is his boxing clothes therefore the audience immediately recognizes he is a boxer. The colour of his gloves could signify blood, passion and heat as his body language comes across very passionate towards boxing.
  • The nurse is standing right of the scene leaning against a chair. The lighting is more focused in the centre to maybe portray she's not an important character in the scene . The expression on her face is moody and unhappy she doesn’t seem impressed or entertained this could maybe show she isn’t happy at her job. The nurse only smiles when the photographer takes a photo and it flashes a bright light to maybe show she is bright and happy reflects her mood. Once the photographer has taken a photo she goes back to her moody self.
  • The women and the baby are positioned in the centre of the shot as they are the main focused. The colour of the shot is white and the women is dressed in white to symbolize purity and innocence. This could maybe symbolize religion and Christianity. It is a medium shot to show a clear view of the mothers expression towards her baby throughout the film she continually looks down at her baby to show her protection and love. The lighting is quite bright as the background is white it could symbolize a heavenly scene which reflects on the use of white throughout.
  • The dog is in the centre of the scene as it’s the main focus as the photographer wants to take a shot of him. The lighting is also focused in the centre. The owner is on the right side and is interfering with the dogs fur the owner is always wearing a jumper with a dog on it to shows her love towards. The table is in red and her jumper is red this could reflect they are british and shows love and passion. She is a stereotypical dog owner as she keeps pampering her dog.
  • . Setting- women in centre with a cat on the car a photo shoot for the cat
    . Costume- the women is wearing plain black shows depressions
    . High key lighting
    . Medium shot
    . The women seems affectionate towards the cat
  • .conversation happening over the shoulder about marriage.
    . Man seems smart and well dressed in a suit wearing dull colours could maybe reflect his personality as he doesn’t smile when photos taken
    . Medium shot the man is sitting in centre of the scene with lighting focused on him
  • . A short scene with a man centered in the middle with lighting focused on him
    . Doesn’t look like he wants to be there not very professional this is shown by his attitude to the photographer.
    . Medium shot
    .smartly dressed looks like tommy copper
  • . Three women who look like their there for fun not acting professional- shown by facial expression ( tongue out)
    . Their positions are layered one women laying down
    . Lighting focused on them
    . Medium shot
    . They are dressed quite revealing short skirt, cropped top and can see the women’s bra
  • . Young boy is not interested in his photo shoot this is shown by him picking his nose- women tries to stop him but he just carries on
    . The setting is on a smart red chaise longe a typical British chair
    . He is also dressed smartly seem rich
    . Medium long shot
  • . Women laying down wearing lingerie and stockings trying to act sexy when she pouts for the camera
    . She laughs to show she doesn’t take it too seriously
    . Shes laying on a white bed and she is wearing black to show the contrast in colours
    . The lighting quite bright
  • . Three little girls dressed in ballet uniforms
    . The lighting is in strokes from the side light stage lighting to reflect them being dancers
    . Two women are on the side sorting out their skirts
    . The girls look quite nervous as they hold on to each other for comfort
  • Secrets and lies

    1. 1. Secret And Lies By Alice Piner & Vidur Pabari