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  1. 1. .oo-dfuotc -dcffi: itruStr" Car.,il5 3."d:iHP:;"* dsf ",tq *r*/ e"qFh = 2enin cks o.nd 33 ftrdt ,ch, Gsu"""*) GROUP BRAINSTORM oco.Uvs,", = f66ests8 INITIAL RESPONSES TO BRIEF - e"F ta Oest St.rlk sf,ob :rrrhe6[q] lq IDEAS FOR..... - setrkn gnsK n<route . -t -€sb hc*sh h,B- h, 1^ sckrol "3h6;,-ocrtn,,,. Pot= -t:. aeEs -"n^c*sJ -^ + -etr-."# ", nE , h,,i,r,5t. c^osacLers= --r"th6- Sh"ls = !s r Pos-K stq1.66 arr fb,tt,* L ,tu orr d; {)s- - tra.cts;qshc6 . {.t b.r{E ",qs=a(B.u*) .tSE 2.f="*S- .G.dhd ("rreUre head"g s gofq to Pnr Le3r.,,s(-OUC- Ure -shoo6a Snot b<4 extneo6ra coSe_ {h,<- €tc, ws " "e
  2. 2. PLANNING YOUR (OPENING) SEQUENCE Please describe or explain the following: 1. The action: identify the event your idea is based around; whatactually happens (discovery of a body, an illicit meeting, a witness seeing a crime being committed, a criminal act taking place, a telephone call, a chase, a short journey etc)? -A cff-t sdiscnisftJ G6n gbool . Sl; - Sh beres or shaft cub Jia R.eptao Po."- - A^ h s€r3e5 soccre Sts,rlcrcre ^6. J -- fln athacc ocur:, tl+ af ^,-^^, {= e.o?"q -.Ar:nbjluo"{ should tP make the audience think about or feet, what 2. The thefrEft), WHat issueswill it raise (revenge, sexuality, voyeurism, stalking, obsession, greed etc) a Hi Drtt.n c"orr-chsr 3arrFnl o H?11 bPt l{ Ch"(tsr osses$d ntcl -fntsrrsE, ",kh, !Cr -o*.:kuossd ctLnnosphoe -*:: 3. The narrative: how is it structured - classic narrative pattern or break with convention, real time or different time zones, flashbacks/forwards, dreams etc. Will there be dialogue? What about diegetic/ non-diegetic sound? Ctqssfc cocrG5Le^ F-kLerc @}L CTFFC h*^So-." "h;;.. -Cccluq)tfcnel leofos Kffi,e:Ti shor :sHs? "f k--resce O+ .. Uoa.-- ,, 4. The character(s): who are ini:y)identify their roles, what are their f;s,x7/s characteristics, including gender, appeamnce etc? 1**^..t,1E,"gue L- 2"*,-i,-, choraders. c.. o( *ohich c,:il.l b o:f %,*.e.eeisgoing ta E< q. t ,tr U;;llq u:ha.n wtll t/ s,tluij h* co.qsicv ot J^..r,re ar,cl (oro,-o, 5L :;artir-e,l k t" vt t ;nxpfh9;ffi,"hnGnfs, r,;[ i,$!;"su3;H;.d;t r5rb=1( ?Le s ffi b<-rnn P.*1eclh4 HararLrnot.)lcrocferf- ;;ffi jmmf"m,tub, i,i%tr "**h#;)b biffi"ffitH#*t"bi 5. The sefirnq ano cnotce or locatton: wneFe tS tt Set: le setting an lft-.-.:i t rcog$l be- SeL ier .. r Ei 9o C."aL€nurccfiryert,Tr,,6, Y"fT*15 s-:94se ..ond h-*. €-reryo.,t, L-f,e e)? I) look Gr - do.rK4eenc , Shada4;t/ k-+{:6^g sc}6tst esb.qt [ours LT-E ffi ffi iktq, e h.-rmfffi. o<.r ri
  3. 3. 7. The camera work: the style you are aiming for deose c;{rcn5 U" ooftso=hcrrot- khmuq aor cs-ffila qrrK qs ut as kl.< Stanjine .- 6sd h€a - s5nga-H-se €*^hq1t- "rrl,&?l.J ^:Pf} U"errf - Csea,fs =Oe*r*? ;..d ioksdtre d}skdrer+<"" . -6U< heo.dB. The editing: edited as a continuous sequence, use of cross cutting, use of montage, or combination? C.*= C{ftq=q - q S h:ctiens d C ql. I VS StsrtEv Crc,b,co-ti d -2 si hl<utros " "aJ. c-k,oo< totn=nb9. Has your idea been testedagainst the key criteria (the B questions)? y.., & o,r €xc(t 6 qs uie- & fft- ^a-ue qduoc6d ii+f="g €Aufgcc,e.k a-od qs itlsin q. Secttdci G^<St. ticere fnGt ooL b- *5 ac.nPesb10. Group responses? r ife U"e ddt Sure uX doo Lt "Ga i hord c0 St tr ho.rrer3er scf OtloCdcofiiCe-.]Ee i*jont kp TfqK€ rt QS the qrldtrc .t t t 6ttor., Lt e erbrqct. rr11. Teacher responses?
  4. 4. DETAILED TREATMENT FORM PROJECT: Name , R.: t- k ho.n, Pase No:Group: N Working Title: Sub genret !{o."ar C,* Camera work Action lconography Titles graphics VisualstyleSoundtrack breakdown (Lighting, colours, framing, angle, (who/ whaU how) (Location, backdrops,V/O, dialogue, perspective, key signifiers etc) sfx, transitions)instruments(line by Iine) movement)Schcot bctts c8! BIqnL JCTGS6 GO e"crs ^<r SroSSrrcor. anu*s.6srt -"+ tone o-sd &-te B-$btg irt lo cs<1..e Sqgl+e. or,g u F €quiPevrecq st €rxJrrEncfFt a*- ogesis5 classr@cnFc^<t1o5o€ €-16rP- I | {{6 o hcnaheryo a reor8 sdnot e..h*€ ,6 s6,r6(rc"u, 5 lJ q:iUnind,tr (Elk_., rb J+ Qrr[ {O CiesS . ggotFS U r.rlq hstE, q-EcrtrEehtG( atr.^e onddate QfrisG^ ilt te.!-e- Qrcrsts". aC k-acrin ShEt c ^ CcrSin *e ta,ccar6,d. c"u. GreSUfir&€ tioe-erdio1. .-a ds tpc$toqFrst Lrqt(r.t $.t wafr.^,ro 6t st" Gor*oot -. *L efS.*-oci U Gtss &.+ c{s.-Uiq o*Snprk- GJC 6-coe5h G,.st. 6otS*3rg7 iodsUnct . til.s ond6txh6 ioscl* cata-s/ t iabUoq) bqcr hccn€, {D 5 .,-- to".= .-F 5dU" {* Sb"*"rLdtog ,.r:cc1or aftd ac€t,.s (gt s pcss b crsrecrks 5, C*rc Shob oe S,bq.rEg: iS Seeo Gor! be:6q$ eks€e. droretic sand a€ a," u:o.tin{ ksqK- , icr q. dar,-to eefl)l s..; iedei*43 han€, ordree,cc a n tjn€ Ct+tdro Platog in Gese, * c-rl,st t-r-:qtth13 : b Gnt rd,.intss She O* h5k5 * s fs h.rt CoqeueoCSE. a* ,.|..;+.srch;d(6r -SC:ne ? crOn-di€opsc i61^,rrC 4re, *Eofr* se6 Res.o6 eFacs€ NoArsql setUn5 b gur5tso(, t o.JCq _f tncudeS CLA .fo€ ra.r"l"ojJ C crv.,,gt O & tc.".e CiogeP 6ft ,t ,rdierrd clh<r d.attcs- sh+.x. cf r-PeePcrr L { ",*,}".- "ig .b,rerrer; ns< CbBb a S.A drekict h.o..ra c sosco€ aoa. Shots .d+ 41. e-..""* CtiiiAen eicr15r5 i &r€o 9or1rn5 !.Vrr<6 q.nxo6 U b srDcti seres s(eE 3on af {c"lJpr €xhf€+,cre Cl4Sc.€ ,rri Un rSCo5rn j }egeAi6. ot 3)T.:t6+ b Csrnentl SCrac-ser9 S arrd . b rq*,E Scr€gr be- hcosd" z atar <- -kcPcr*o a-id-
  5. 5. DETAILED STORYBOARD PRoJEcr: Operi.,5 6S Ftfitrr Gh".Pug" ruo,Shot No/ Visuals Camera Sound Titles Visual Notesduration style/transition P*o* -Tf"..< oeG( .o) i&"tiercr ScreeoappeNo: Bcrg r"oith aaui- Hcllrd he6 DtQSSe ol : pc<r€rt <rr tS€ Qob Q ro toJ=icn Scncoi bett &13 onbo{. 3,- Si ts up 2 Pactsioq ceaC15 rnis.rd d *!< ha< ! o€ 80" (ei3nAes e"d oF tOr-, rtc$rt ti u. dis- tp o€ fjne tj-€ 61666)evric hG"d sToe q,rso dete Facrcs L,p ba o..srd l6qug r6Ofy . t^c>crt , $icl €No: fpod {-$i-th t)tqpue S*r.d CaS.rq11o Larqshoe A€ t-t e. c.ntslC tlrr udq.lgr d.:{ k-rcadPha=gs . e"-- G.cYaS %tc-lont)Sts,]c5 bo s NONC -@r- agn€r pc,rpr + th< rocd iecd. Fer io S[<rL-No: p;q.uc Sarrd Shce errfr.) S.r"ei bag Cra-ne sho& oC&otstsF a.bouC - Fc{ 66 B i.,Js Rse AiclSc5a:q1 fuoru€ 1 Vi€!.) d)K Orrt-ffid an Cn-nCh13 ko*-s o.S S Le ."rqt a-CrcEs, Shot No: Kt< hoUi"g C oSe ,rp aud tl,n*di€aGtic rn rrsi e of tornr k;ll<r fidue cl d€furrcLrlg &yrn iotg inGr,t af €,(be$ce (tog &.-rre bo cresle N)cq< <(iJTtgtq - 27 Ll-KG€a €.g Koi(& .-rg oF trfog.o an oj*-rosph,et ,, erngh<3)S A Lerroc, =/q a4 oF Scccr: h41tr e)emei