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  1. 1. Secrets and Lies 1 • Family – lower/middle class • Nervous • Typical London- accents, black taxis and father carrying newspaper in pocket. • Family are trying to come across as wealthier than they actually are – they’ve made an effort with clothing, son gives it away that they’re not as wealthy as they are trying to portray (tracksuit and tshirt)
  2. 2. Secrets and Lies 2 • English boxer • Confident, cocky, proud, arrogant • Gold belt represents wealth and achievement • Happy with himself, possibly • Photographer is getting him to play up to the camera by saying words such as “come on” and “yeah, that’s it”
  3. 3. Secrets and Lies 3 • Posture – effortless – she doesn’t care • No emotion • She thinks that she is more important and better than the photographer • Character feels as though the photographer is making fun of her • “it took you 15 years” – her reply is said as though it was worthless and a pointless waste of time • Her laugh is sarcastic and sympathetic towards the photographer who is trying to make her smile • She was unimpressed by the photographers attempts to make her smile for the camera
  4. 4. Secrets and Lies 4 • Mother is surrounded by a bright light, giving the idea of a miracle in the idea of baby jesus) • Proud mother • Baby fiddling with mothers hair and face • The way she talks to the baby is in a very babyish manner, for example the way she says ‘baby’
  5. 5. Secrets and Lies 5 • Typical dog owner – tracksuit with dogs on it, messy hair, old fashioned • The way the dog is on a red, velvet cloth, it shows that she thinks highly of her dog, as though it were royalty • The fact that she is wearing red as well shows that she also thinks highly of herself • The constant grooming of the dog shows her pride for her dog, and how obsessed she is with her dogs appearance.
  6. 6. Secrets and Lies 6 • Typical cat owner – old lady • The chair with the bow on it symbolises importance and that the cat is highly thought of. • She is constantly touching the cat and reassuring that her cat looks good, she is also fishing for compliments from Morris, the photographer. • The background is a similar colour to the cat, and the bow and table cloth is also similar to the colours of the cat. • When the photographer compliments her, she agrees with him as if she already knows it. • Cat is well trained – it stays on top of the chair. This shows that the owner has taken time to teach the cat (aka she has no life).
  7. 7. Secrets and Lies 7 • Witty character • Nervous, uncomfortable with idea of having another man groom him. • Foreign accent, but London slang such as ‘init’ • Nervous about getting married… this is shown in his facial expression to Morris when asked about his marriage. • Also sounds as though he is unbothered by the marriage- the decision is not his, the decision was made by his family and he doesn’t have a choice over who he weds. • He jumps at the chance to mention his marriage as he desperately needs advise on his situation.
  8. 8. Secrets and Lies 8 • Mime artist • Morris mocks the man as at the same time he says “I told you I don’t want flash”, the photographer takes his picture using flash. • Morris takes his picture without warning and without the man being ready. (even though the mime is holding up his hand as if to say “not yet”) • The mime sounds annoyed and agitated as if he has been over this many times. • After he tells Morris not to use flash he cuts his last word short as Morris takes the picture, almost as if he gives up with telling Morris. • Since Morris has been so kind to his other customers we are given the impression that possibly the mime has been rude to Morris and so he is being rude back.
  9. 9. Secrets and Lies 9 • Three women posing together in a seductive manor, having fun and laughing with each other. • They are wearing clothes of a younger generation which might