Hellenica - marketing


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Hellenica - marketing

  1. 1.  Folk metal band  Hellenica’s main selling point is their talent for lyric writing. They’re lyrics are very relevant and poignant, falling under the melodic metal genre.  Alternative instruments e.g. electric violin  Lyrics will relate to their first hand experiences with the ongoing Catholic and protestant feud and war/society’s problems.  They would appeal mainly to a teenage demographic, but perhaps students too. These demographics may enjoy heavy metal or like new and original music. Also, due to their lyrics they could also appeal to an older generation who appreciate and agree with what the band is about and their ideologies. Perhaps more so to Irish teens or teens in general.
  2. 2.  We will create a brand identity through the means of a logo  We will also use certain colours to make Hellenica immediately recognisable. (khaki)  The bands vocals and unique instruments will also make them identifiable.  Dressed in British military type uniform as a ironic protest. How Brand identity will be created
  3. 3. Web space:  Website –bio, gallery, videos, merchandise, discography, archive, forum etc.  Social Networking (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)  Live Performances on websites  Last fm  Spotify  iTunes – free music sometimes  Blogs  Youtube
  4. 4.  Stage set-up should include references to Irish history, including Bloody Sunday, IRA attacks and similar. The metal fanbase would appreciate this originality, and confidence in the face of a controversial subject. Backdrops are often quite rare in the metal world, and would get them known for having stage presence with it. For example, extremely well- known bands such as Iron Maiden & AC/DC use unique backdrops linked to the theme of their music.  Their “Fuck Terrorism” charity would gather PR recognition.
  5. 5.  Legion Promotions are looking for new bands to set up gigs for, without charge by Bradley Davis, event manager. Hellenica would be able to break into London via this company, working the underground London fanbase for the genre.  Venues in metal-related areas such as Camden Underworld would be a great place to start. Free venues such as the Lock Tavern in Camden and Rough Trade East in Brick Lane mean the music will get to a wide audience, seeing as anyone can walk in and see what they are like.  Metal festivals that have recently been founded, such as Sonisphere, would be a good aim for this band. Their originality would allow them a place without much competition for a similar section. The multiple stages would mean that they would be able to fit in a particular area.
  6. 6.  The band have connections with Primordial having toured and Finntroll  However they have been given the options to tour with Primordial as a support band.  They have their own charity called “fuck terrorism” which aids families that have been affected by terrorism in all it’s aspects. The band receive large amounts of publicity through the extreme charity events they hold to gain awareness for them and the charity.
  7. 7.  We feel that the front cover should incorporate:  Shades of green with blood reds to juxtapose each other in reference to war.  The actual band wearing British army gear