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Final sophie amy13t1


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Final sophie amy13t1

  1. 1. Morashele
  2. 2. How will the artists image be constructed? We want to create a boy band that has similar features of a new up to date Westlife /N sync, that has the morals and persona of the Jonas brother’s promoting a clean cut image that will attract a mass of obsessive young girls. The main target for this band would be to end up performing at Venues like the 02 arena and Wembley and then possibly breaking in to the USA to gain more profits and audience. They need to have a soft , non provocative image as the audience is likely to be young and reflects their genre. The connotations that will
  3. 3. Webspace . Youtube for viral advertising, fans will be able to easily access their music. The bands music will be uploaded to Itunes and even other free music sites like Spotify so the band is still as easily accessible as possible allowing as big as possible fan base being built creating interest in other products like merchandise and gig tickets. Myspace will be used, current and up and coming bands use this site to advertise themselves and it allows fans to share their music and interact with each other creating a more loyal fanbase. Other social sites like Twitter and Facebook that target the younger demographic are also clever for creating a loyal fanbase because they are able to personally interact with the band members
  4. 4. PR Stunts Free gigs – a special performance of their first song, maybe in a place like Westfield shopping centre A t4 music special – get a little interview as well as performing their music video An MTV behind the scenes special of their first music video – this would help them to get loads of attention because it is so well known Charity work – do something which will be for charity like a special concert for a specified charity, or something special for children in need or comic relief something similar to that, which will help boost and promote the good nature of the band.
  5. 5. Getting their music heard… • Youtube – through viral advertising • Radio plays – on stations that are aimed at a younger audience like; KISS, Capital, Radio 1, Heart. • Music channels • A small gig at somewhere like HMV • Starting gigs, at somewhere like the Roundhouse in Camden
  6. 6. Featured Artists… • Morashele are already producing music with other artists like; - Pixie Lott; they are releasing a song with her as they are mainly singing things such as ballads and they think she will fit in perfectly with what they want to express. - Another way create a greater interest in the band is to team up with bands with contrasting genre’s like Tinie Tempah who have a varying demographic from out artist.
  7. 7. Getting the press involved… • Magazines – aimed at younger audiences for examples like Bliss and Top of the pops who do interviews and features with other artists like Justin Bieber and JLS • Publicity stunts like charity events to get them in the tabloids in a positive light.
  8. 8. -Our target audience is teenage girls. -We can target selling merchandise to this demographic through magazines and the magazines website, TV advertisements during the commercials on TV shows like Xfactor advetising their albums. -Mailing lists will be available so that fans are informed when there are upcoming shows, and they will also be advertised on Radio stations like Kiss and Capital and Radio 1. -They will have their own personal band websites to sell other merchandise like T-shirts and other variables which will also be available at live shows.