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Development of Magazine Advert


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Development of Magazine Advert

  1. 1. Development of myMagazine Advert<br />This PowerPoint will show the stages of development of my Magazine Advert which I created using the program Adobe Photoshop.<br />
  2. 2. Stage 1<br />The first stage was to find a background that would appeal to my target audience (creative/experimental) as well as fit the name of my album ‘Quantum Physics’ so I decided on a Sci-Fi theme and found that ‘Space’ was the most appropriate solution. I had to add extract part of the background to duplicate as different layers in order to fill the whole of the A4 size Magazine Advert.<br />
  3. 3. Stage 2<br />The next step was to decide what font to use for my magazine advert, for this I used a website where I have subscribed to use their fonts. I wanted a Sci-Fi style of font so I decided on ‘Quantum’. I used Photoshop to edit out the background and add an ‘outer glow’ effect for the Band and Album name to distinguish itself from the actual album background as it is the most important on the poster. I decided to then incorporate two disco balls as the planets in the ‘Space’ themed background. This represents that this music genre is global and also represents the genre of music (Electro/House) as it combines with the Sci-Fi theme to give this representation. I feel that the Disco Balls and the Sci-Fi theme complement each other in terms of representation. The disco balls are also important in terms of the audience identifying the genre of music.<br />
  4. 4. Stage 3<br />I decided to then incorporate three figures in morph suits as we have used them in our music video. This links in with our image as a band as they are mysterious hidden in these suits relating to the name of the band being ‘No Name’ this keeps the audience curious as to who they are. I then added an outer glow to all 3 figures to code for importance as they are band themselves. <br />
  5. 5. Stage 4<br />To add finishing touches to the band figures (No Name) I thought I would emphasize their importance as their music is universal through them travelling through space. This journey through space is shown through 3 triangles that have been manipulated to show off their speed which is emphasized through the use of an outer and inner glow effect<br />
  6. 6. Stage 5<br />In my next step I incorporated a space man which in a way is used to represent the band themselves, that they are confident in themselves and going global/universal with their music. I then decided to add a twist by giving the spaceman a pair of butterfly wings which codes for a natural feel for the music that the music is original, giving an overall representation of the genre of music.<br />
  7. 7. Stage 6<br />I then added to the Sci-Fi theme and add something related to the name of the album ‘Quantum Physics’ so I used physics signs as the finishing touches to my album art design. I manipulated the physics symbols as well as the text ‘Debut Album Out Now!’ with a lighter and more neutral color because they are less important whereas with images and text in gold codes for higher importance on the magazine advert.<br />