Seo fundamentals of Keyword Research


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Seo fundamentals of Keyword Research

  1. 1. SEO Fundamentals of Keyword ResearchKeyword search is an art which we have said earlier, for this you have to choosegood keyword which are really good and match with your contents, and youmust use appropriate tool to select your keywords then you must succeed toselect suitable keywords. Search engine use the keyword to show the rankpages. If you select the right keywords then it should be good for your site.Keywords search is the building block for the search engine optimization. Searchengine use those keywords or phases to display web pages which are relevantto these terms. If you want to select your keywords then you must spend sometime on your company site and concentrate on products and quality then youset your keywords according to your products and your service.
  2. 2. Essentials Before Starting Keyword Research • Analyze the website • Identify your products and service • Identify your brand value • Identify your competition • Identify your target markets (B2C vs. B2B) • Identify you potential products (Verticals)
  3. 3. Why We do Keyword Research for a Website To Find the Best Keywords to Promote or Optimize To Plan Off page SEO and Link Building Strategy To Get an Idea about what our Competitors are doing For Writing the Content for the website For Planning and Designing the website with Keyword Stuffed Content
  4. 4. How to Identify and Make the Best Keyword Combination Pre- Words Core Words Post WordsModifier (Portable) • Major Product • Entity (Shop)Brand (Sony) (Shoe) • Geographic (Dhaka)Geographic (Dhaka) • Major Service • Demographic (Men’s)Demographic (Men’s) • B2B Keywords • Call to action (Buy)Call to action (Buy)Educational (How to)• Leather Shoes• Men Leather Shoes• Men Leather Shoe Shop• Men Leather Shoe Shop in Canada
  5. 5. Sources OF KeywordsWeb Analytics History KeywordsGoogle Webmaster Search QueriesTools: Adwords, Wordtracker, SEOBookCompetitors Organic and PPC KeywordsKeywords Combination
  6. 6. Tools Used for Keyword Research
  7. 7. Stages Of Keyword Research AnalysisCollect Search Analyze Filter
  8. 8. How to Interpret the Results
  9. 9. Things to consider for keyword Research• Popular Keywords are always highly competitive• Popular Keywords don’t sell or convert well• Popular keywords are very good for reputation and branding• Highly competitive keywords are hard to beat• Highly competitive keywords are also those keywords that sells, assuming that the industry is mature enough• Trying to beat global competition can take you years of efforts• Finding the best match for your identity is a good option, even if it is a long keyphrase or belong to long tail keyword category
  10. 10. Thank You