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Corporate Presentation June 2013


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Corporate Presentation June 2013

  1. 1. “Think Nickel, think Western Areas”Western Areas LtdCorporate Presentation June 2013
  2. 2. This presentationis being furnished to you solely for your information and for your use and may not be copied, reproduced or redistributedto any other person in any manner.You agree to keep the contents of this presentationand these materials confidential. The information contained in this presentationdoes not constituteor form any part of anyoffer or invitation to purchase any securities and neither the issue of the information nor anything contained herein shall form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with,any contract or commitment on the part of any person to proceed with any transaction.You must not take or transmit this presentationor a copy of this presentationinto the United States or Japan or distribute it, directly or indirectly, in the United States or Japan orto any US persons. By your acceptanceof this document, you acknowledge that you are a not a “U.S. person” for the purposes of the US Securities Act. Neither this document, inwhole or in part, nor any copy thereof may be taken or transmittedto any other person. The distributionof this document to other persons or in other jurisdictions may berestrictedby law, and persons into whose possession this document comes should inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions. Any failure to comply with theserestrictionsmay constitutea violation of the federal securities laws of the United States and the laws of other jurisdictions. The distribution of this presentationin otherjurisdictionsmay be restrictedby law, and persons into whose possessionthis presentationcomes should inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions.The information contained in this presentationhas been prepared by Western Areas Ltd. No representationor warranty, express or implied, is or will be made in or in relation to,and no responsibilityor liability is or will be accepted by Western Areas Ltd, employees or representativesas to the accuracy or completenessof this information or any otherwrittenor oral information made available to any interested party or its advisers and any liability therefore is hereby expressly disclaimed. No party has any obligation to notifyopinion changes or if it becomes aware of any inaccuracy in or omission from this presentation.All opinions and projections expressed in this presentationare given as of this dateand are subject to change without notice.This document contains forward-lookingstatements. These statementsare subject to certain risks and uncertaintiesthat could cause the performance or achievements ofWesternAreas Ltd to differ materially from the information set forth herein, although such information reflects forecasts and projections prepared in good faith based uponmethods and data that are believed to be reasonable and accurate as at the dates thereof and although all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the facts stated hereinare accurate and that the forward-lookingstatements,opinions and expectationscontained herein are based on fair and reasonable assumptions. WesternAreas Ltd undertakesno obligation to revise these forward-lookingstatementsto reflect subsequentevents or circumstances. Individualsshould not place undue reliance on forward-lookingstatementsand are advised to make their own independent analysis and determination with respect to the forecastedperiods, which reflect Western Areas Ltd’sview only as ofthe date hereof.The information within this PowerPointpresentationwas compiled by Mr. David Southam, but the information as it relates to mineral resources and reserves was prepared by Mr.Dan Lougher and Mr. Andre Wulfse. Mr. Southam, Mr. Lougher and Mr. Wulfse are full time employees of Western Areas Ltd. Mr. Lougher and Mr. Wulfse are members ofAusIMM and have sufficientexperience which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under considerationand to the activity which they are undertaking toqualify as Competent Persons as defined in the 2004 Edition of the ‘Australasian Code for Reportingof Exploration Results,Mineral Resourcesand Ore Reserves’. Mr. Southam,Mr. Lougher and Mr. Wulfse consent to the inclusion in this presentation of the matters based on the information in the form and context in which it appears.For Purposes of Clause 3.4 (e) in Canadian instrument 43-101, the Company warrants that Mineral Resources which are not Mineral Reserves do not have demonstratedeconomicviability.THIS PRESENTATION IS NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO U.S. NEWSWIRE SERVICES OR FOR DISSEMINATION IN THE U.S.2Disclaimer and Forward Looking Statements
  3. 3. 3 Introduction Operations Financials Exploration & Growth Outlook Nickel Industry“Western Areas has an enviable track record ofexploring, finding, developing and producingprofitable mines.”Explore DevelopProduceSalesAgenda
  4. 4. 4%1 T Streeter 13.182 JCP Partners 6.073 Colonial Group 5.954 M & A Greenwell 5.155 Celeste Funds Management 3.726 Concise Asset Management 3.277 Tribeca 3.168 BT Investments 3.109 Giovanni Santalucia 2.6010 Antares 2.5511 UBS Asset Management 2.1112 Solaris 1.9013 Macquarie 1.7414 Mount Kellet 1.5615 Kinetic Investment Partners 1.55TOTAL 57.61Top 15 ShareholdersListing: Member of S&P ASX 200Shares on Issue: 196.8MShare Price: ~ A$2.40 (June 2013)Market Cap:(undiluted)~ A$450 millionCash: A$58M at 31 March 2013Introduction – Corporate Summary$0.00$1.00$2.00$3.00$4.00$5.00$6.00Jul-12Jul-12Aug-12Sep-12Sep-12Oct-12Nov-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13Jan-13Feb-13Mar-13Apr-13Apr-13May-13Jun-13WSA FY2103Closing Share…
  5. 5. Western Areas is: Australia’s lowest cash cost nickel producer A proven explorer, developer and operator led by an experienced management team An S&P ASX 200 index member Market cap ~ $450 million at current prices Profitable, even at the current low A$ nickel price A proven dividend payer, with a strong balance sheet Australia’s third largest producer of nickel at 31,000 tonnes of nickel mined and 25,000 tonnes ofnickel in concentrate produced No 1 = BHP-B Nickel West and No 2 = Glencore Employer of approx 500 staff, either directly or through contractors Into its seventh consecutive year of production, tenth consecutive quarter with no downsidesurprises First production 26 October 2006 Committed to stable growth from the current solid platform5Ready For The Cycle
  6. 6. 6Strong Asset BaseProductionAssetsFlying Fox• 1st nickel mine• 15kt to 20kt nickelper annumSpotted Quoll• 2nd nickel mine• 10kt to 15kt nickelper annumCosmic Boy• Nickel concentrator– treats ore fromboth minesExploration& GrowthForrestania &WA Regional- NickelCanadian Assets- Nickel / Copper- Platinum groupFinland- VMS- Outokumpu CuDisciplinedAcquisitionPotential(Nickel &Base Metals)
  7. 7. WSA operationsWSAconcentrateexportsWSA concentrate toBHP BillitonLocation7
  8. 8. 8Western Areas are Safe AreasContinuous Safety Improvement Zero LTIFR - is the lowest result since 2009 Flying Fox > 800 days LTI free Spotted Quoll > 500 days LTI free Exploration >1,500 days LTI free MTIFR trending down to 5.9 Contractors and Employees fully integrated into asite wide commitmentEnvironment & Social No environmental breaches Strong local commitments from the HydenRespite Centre, Perth Zoo (Northern Quoll) andStarlight Childrens’ Foundation WA0. Aug-12 Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13 Mar-13 Apr-13 May-13Jun-13LTIFR LTIFR
  9. 9. 9Operations
  10. 10. Summary Continuous high grade Nickel to 1300m. Open atdepth Resource ore grades increase at depth from 3.9% to5.8% Nickel Announced intersection T5: 34.7m @ 8.9% NickelProduction FY2012 – 373,726t @ 5.0% nickel for 18.5kt nickel FY2013 guidance – 16kt nickel in ore Low cash cost operation <US$3/lb Ore Reserve now 72,200t of high grade nickel Total High Grade Resource now stands at around100,286t of Nickel Major drilling program ongoing at Lounge Lizard T5 & T7 down dip extensions cross into LoungeLizard and remain openFlying Fox Mine10
  11. 11. Summary Ore reserve was upgraded in June 2012 by 94%with an exceptional 88% conversion ratio Ore reserve now 3.0mt @ 4.20% containing126,135t nickel Remains open at depth Surface drilling program complete to improveconversion of inferred resource to indicatedresource Already >10 year mine life on reserve New Spotted Quoll North Resource of 50kt@11.3% for 5,730 nickel tonnesProduction Successfully ramped up nickel production to a10ktpa rate for the six months to Dec 2012 Mine optimisation study complete and declinebeing accelerated to reach 15ktpa nickel in FY2015Spotted Quoll Mine11
  12. 12. 12Concentrator Summary Current nameplate capacity of 550,000tpa of ore (but being exceeded) Nickel concentrate output >25,000tpa Ni Concentrate grades of around 14.0% Ni Premium blending product (Fe/Mg ratio >15) Desirable to smelters as it enables lower quality concentrates to beeconomically utilised after blending 14,000t of concentrate storage capacityExport Infrastructure and Logistics Access to >1400 sealed shipping containers No Environmental issues Using 25 trucks for concentrate transportation Shipping contract in place, FOB Esperance PortConcentrator Expansion Preliminary high grade expansion study (750ktpa) completed Expansion configured for upgrade to 1mtpa of ore Some items of infrastructure (crusher) already capable of 1mtpaForrestania Nickel Concentrator
  13. 13. 13Full Year 2013 GuidanceReleased FY2013 Guidance on 31 May 2013:GuidanceOriginalGuidanceUpgradedGuidanceFinalGuidanceNickel in Ore (000t) 26,000 27,000 27,000Nickel in Concentrate (000t) 25,000 25,500 26,500Nickel Sales (000t)* 26,000 26,000 27,000Unit Cash Costs <A$3.00/lb <A$3.00/lb <$2.90/lbCapital Expenditure <A$70m <A$70m <A$65mExploration A$20m A$20m <A$19m*Assumes shipment planned for June is not delayed until July• Delivered 11 consecutive Quarterly Reports without missing one operational target• Costs remain well under control• Capex heavy lifting completed in 1HFY2013• Strong free cashflow generation in Q4 expected
  14. 14. Concentrate Supply Tightness in smelter supply to be experienced from 2014 Global nickel sulphide grades in decline Reliable nickel sulphide concentrate supply dwindling Laterites and Nickel Pig Iron do not fill the voidOfftake Contracts Long term offtake to BHP – 12ktpa nickel in concentrate Tender process complete – 26,000t of nickel inconcentrate awarded to Jinchuan Improved payability achieved Bids from end users, investors and traders WSA in a unique position being an independent producer Ability to complete spot/opportunistic sales14NOTE: The graph FORRESTANIA – OFFTAKE CONTRACTS is based on Western Areas’ 10 YearProduction Targets. These Targets include estimates and assumptions on production rates ofexisting ore reserves, conversion of existing mineral resources to ore resources and assumptionson potential extensions to existing mineral resources, based on current information. TheseProduction Targets may vary due to future drilling results, nickel prices, costs and marketconditions. Refer to Disclaimer and Forward Looking Statement in Presentation50055060065070075080085090095010002009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020NickelinConc/KtGlobal Smelter Demand vs Global Concentrate SupplyNickel in Concentrate Supply Smelter DemandConcentrate Supply and Offtake Contracts
  15. 15. 15FinancialsLounge Lizard 10m wide face of 7% Massive Nickel SulphideSpotted Quoll face at average 10.6% Nickel Sulphide
  16. 16. Delivering on Objectives16Report Card 1st Half 2012/13Objectives Whats Been DeliveredPay Dividend  2c interim dividendCashflow from Operations  A$48.1m cashflow, debt reduction and dividendsProfitable through the cycle  <nickel price, EBITDA A$61.6m, Underlying NPAT $6.5mCash costs below A$3.00/lb  A$2.69/lbIncrease reserves at Flying Fox  72kt nickel reserveNew discovery at Forrestania  New Morning and SunriseLTIFR < 1.0  ZEROSpotted Quoll production to 10kt nickel pa  Achieving production target - delivered on budget
  17. 17. 17Financial SnapshotUnderlying NPAT 1H 2013: A$6.5m (pre Sandstone impairment)Shipment timingimpacted 2H 2012Guidance maintained afterfull transition to SpottedQuoll UndergroundNickel Price is primarydriver of EBITDAchangesImpacted by $4.4m write-down (post tax)Includes A$105.5mConvertible BondRepayment. ANZ debt ofA$45m retired in Jan 2013Half Yearly Snapshot 1H 2012 2H 2012 1H 2013Mine Production (tonnes Ni) 16,230 14,872 14,461Mill Production (tonnes Ni) 13,045 12,596 13,673Recovery 93% 91% 91%Sales Volume (tonnes Ni) 11,595 15,042 13,752Cash Costs (US$/lb) 2.23 2.77 2.79Cash Costs (A$/lb) 2.17 2.69 2.69Exchange Rate USD/ AUD 1.03 1.03 1.04Nickel Price (US$/tn) 18,761 18,276 16,664EBITDA (000) 96,633 89,950 61,619EBIT (000) 52,814 42,088 17,433NPAT (000) 24,102 16,079 2,117Cashflow from Operations (000) 64,412 94,841 48,076Net Debt (000) (179,844) (220,198) (194,354)Cash at Bank 160,856 165,502 85,846Dividend (cents) 5.0 6.0 2.0
  18. 18. 18Balance SheetCommentary (1H FY 2012) Strong balance sheet with reduced gearing - $45mANZ Facility repaid in January 2013. Repaid A$105.5m bond on 2 July 2012 – wellflagged to market and strong positioning Capital Management has plenty of headroom: ANZ Facility of A$125m – currently undrawnproviding repayment certainty of 2014 CB Convertible bond July 2014 – A$110.2m Convertible bond July 2015 – A$125.0m FY13 capex/mine development likely to be <A$70m FY13 exploration may be more than A$20mdependent on results from New Morning andSunrise – success will be reinforcedBalance Sheet 1H FY 2012 2H FY 2012 1H FY 2013Cash at Bank 160,856 165,502 85,846Receivables 28,971 25,360 26,276Stockpiles & Inventory 50,841 42,121 41,699PP&E 106,932 107,111 114,413Exploration & Evaluation 106,660 133,282 140,051Mine Development 247,401 295,634 272,104Other 10,465 5,958 4,525TOTAL ASSETS 712,126 774,968 684,914Trade & Other Payables 70,328 66,444 45,216Short Term Borrowings 103,449 162,656 45,073Long Term Borrowings 250,268 256,003 265,296TOTAL LIABILITES 424,045 485,103 355,585SHAREHOLDERS EQUITY 288,081 289,865 329,329
  19. 19. 19ANZ Facility A$125m facility, expiring in 2015 Fully covers the July 2014 convertible bond of A$110.2m Margin is less than the coupon for the 2014 and 2015 convertible bondsJuly 2014 Convertible Bond Will be repaid via all cash or a mixture of cash & the ANZ Facility Convertible bonds have been a very successful funding tool for both WSA and investors WSA is not currently planning for any CB restructure/ new issueWSA gearing levels have been reduced over the last 12 months:• Repaid $105.5m convertible bond from free cashflow generation• Repaid A$45m to ANZ which was used to facilitate the acquisition of Kagara Ltd’s nickel assets• Remain cashflow positive despite a challenging nickel price impacted by a strong AUD• Sustaining capex profile likely to reduce over the coming yearsCapital Management
  20. 20. 20Exploration and Growth Outlook
  21. 21.  Exploration Budget of A$20M for FY13, majority to be spent on drilling at Forrestania 120km strike length (900 sq km) of prospective Forrestania Nickel Project, within 500km longnickel province Drilling Priority within 8km long zone (below). New discovery would access existing mineinfrastructure. Systematic approach Recent New Morning massive sulphide & Sunrise discoveries (see next slide)Short Term – Near Mine Exploration21Drilling in Progress
  22. 22. High Grade Discovery at New Morning WSA’s latest new high grade discovery, 2.5km fromFlying Fox and 2.8km from Spotted Quoll Massive sulphide discovered below New Morning3.0m @ 6.3% nickel including 2.4m @ 7.6% nickel DHEM geophysics confirms plate approximately250m x 150m Major drilling program underway22Drilling in Progress
  23. 23.  WSA owns 19.5% of Mustang Minerals - a Canadian listed nickel and PGM company WSA has two of 5 board seats, plus provides technical assistance Makwa Nickel/PGE mine in Manitoba – feasibility in progress targeting 5ktpa Ni in concentrate Mayville Copper/Nickel deposit in Manitoba – drilling in progress – new resource expected Q1, FY2013 Potentially significant Palladium & Platinum discovery adjacent to MayvilleMayville drill core: 74.7m @ 0.75% Cu & 0.24% NiCanada – Mustang MineralsMayville outcropping23
  24. 24.  83% WSA, planning to list on AIM - dependent onmarket conditions 300km long base metal province in Finland Numerous nickel/copper/zinc mines & occurrences Focus on two key projects:1. Outokumpu Copper Project2. Hammaslahti VMS Project Drill priority targets for potential extensions andrepetitions to known copper deposits Geophysics proving very effective in defining targets -ZTEM survey completedFinland – FinnAust Mining PLC Projects24
  25. 25. Growth Outlook25Short Term < 12 Months• Flying Fox > 10 years –drilling in progress• Forrestania drilling• Mill expansion decision• Cash costs <US$3.00/lb• Strong cashflow• Dividends• Further enhancedofftake contract• Advance FinnAustMining explorationMedium Term 2-5 years• Spotted Quoll & FlyingFox – 30ktpa• New Morning/ Sunrisereserve & production –5-10ktpa• 4th mine fromForrestania• Mill expanded 750ktpa• First quartile cash costs• FinnAust in feasibility• Dividends• Mustang prod – 5ktpaLong Term >5 years• Base Case production40-50ktpa , plus newmines• Large disseminatedresource potential• FinnAust producing• Base Metals exposure• Dividends• Continuedexploration upside• IndependentproducerDisciplined Acquisition Potential (Nickel & Base Metals)
  26. 26. JkjjljljlkjKawana JV80%BullfinchNorth JV70%Lake King JV70%East BullLake JV 65%Cosmic BoyResourceMtAlexanderJV 25%NewMorningMt Jewel25%Mt Gibb JV70%Hatters HillMakwa &MayvilleCanadaDiggersSouthSpottedQuollUnderground UpgradeCosmic BoyMillExpansionSpottedQuollFlying FoxCosmic BoyMill= International = WA Regional = ForrestaniaKoolya -nobbingFinland –NickelBioheapSouthernCrossGoldfields -OtherFinland –CopperThe Portfolio26Sunrise
  27. 27. 27The Investor Equation+ Industry Leading Safety (Safety)+ Highest Grade Mining Operation in the World (Grade)+ A Profitable and Cashflow Positive Company in a Low Price Environment (Defensive)+ A Company which Continuously Meets and Betters Guidance (Management)+ A Company whose Commodity Price is at Marginal Cost, therefore only Upside (Leverage)+ A Company is one of the Remaining Few Pure Play Stocks (Appeal)+ A Company which has a History of Discovery and Development (Delivery)+ A Company with Numerous Organic Growth Opportunities (Growth)+ A Company with a Strong Balance Sheet (Flexibility)+ A Company that pay Dividends (Returns)Investor Equation= Western Areas Ltd (ASX: WSA)
  28. 28. Nickel Industry28
  29. 29.  Current LME spot price up ~ 10% on average price for priorperiod Demand increase linked to: Chinese steel production – construction and consumergood uses, linked to Chinese economic growth North American economy – linked to consumer goods European economy – linked to consumer goods Two from three showing good signs Supply side still suggests positive pricing dynamic: Indonesian laterite export ban to hit new age nickel pigiron producers Looming quality sulphide gap with major minesreaching end 2013-2014 Consolidation in the nickel industry a potential driver over2013Nickel OutlookWe believe prices have bottomedand will gradually trend higherover our forecast period toencourage the rise in capacityutilization rates required to meetour forecast demand growth. Weexpect marginal costs to be a keydeterminant of prices.Based on the historicalinventory/price relationship andour cost work, we seefundamental price support in the$8.50/lb to $9.50/lb range.-RBC Capital Markets,21 January 2013“Nickel Market Outlook”29
  30. 30. © Heinz H. Pariser, Alloy Metals & Steel Market Research0. 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50StainlessperCapitaUse,inkgGDP (PPP adjusted)per Capita,in Mill US$NAFTAEU 27JapanSouth KoreaChina1970IndiaChina’s future?30
  31. 31. 31Appendices
  32. 32. Left to right: David Southam (Executive Director),Dan Lougher (Managing Director),Rick Yeates (Non-Exec Director), Terry Streeter (Non-Exec Chairman), Ian Macliver (Non-Exec Director) JulianHanna(Non-ExecDirector),Robin Dunbar (Non-ExecDirector) & Joseph Belladonna(Company Secretary) Proven Depth & Experience Terry Streeter and Julian Hannafounders of Western Areas Extensive experience in nickelexploration, mining andprocessing Global expertise in projectsourcing, exploration and minedevelopment Strong banking, financial, M&Aand corporate governancebackgrounds Involvement with othersuccessful nickel companies(Jubilee Mines) Solid understanding of Chinesemarkets, project financing andofftakes32Board of Directors
  33. 33. 1972 1976 1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008ChinaShareofGlobalDemand,in%GlobalStainlessSteelConsumption,inMilltStainlessSteel ConsumptionG.R.: + 6.1% p.a.Post-WarReconstructionCrisis YearsStainlessSteel-Boom:Asia - Europe - USAStainlessSteel-Boom:China2008 - 2010World-FinancialCrises© Heinz H. Pariser Alloy Metals & Steel Market ResearchGlobal Stainless Consumption & Usage33
  34. 34. 2. Low Grade disseminated sulphideMature nickel camps contribute ~45%global productionNO MAJOR NEW DISCOVERIES1. Conventional Nickel Sulphide4. Chinese Nickel Pig IronChinese nickel pig iron, 15% globalproduction. Announced cut backsENERGY INTENSIVE, HIGH COST3. Nickel LateriteLaterite & Ferro Nickel contribute >40%global productionHIGH CAPEX, HIGH ENERGY COSTIncreasing reliance on low grade andlow quality nickel sulphide production.HIGH CAPEX, MODERATE ENERGYIncreasing energy intensityand production costIncreasing energy intensityand production costEnergy Intensity34
  35. 35. 35Income StatementCommentary (1H FY 2012) Nickel price down A$0.95/lb and A$0.73/lbversus 1H 2012 and 2H 2012 respectively. Prior two halves have the impact of thesuper low cost Spotted Quoll Open Pit – 1H2013 is purely two underground mines. Sales volume high in 2H 2012 due to timingof shipments Unit cash costs kept below guidance atA$2.69/lb and consistent with 2H 2012. Sandstone post tax impairment charge ofA$4.4M. Interest expense reduction reflectsretirement of A$105.5m bond in July 2012 Final dividend declaration of 2c fully frankedrepresents return of 62% of underlying NPAT.Underlying* NPAT 1H 2013: A$6.5m *Underlying NPAT reconciliation $mUnderlying NPAT $6.5Less Sandstone impairment (post tax) ($4.4)Reported NPAT $2.1Earnings Data ($000) 1H FY 2012 2H FY 2012 1H FY 2013Exchange Rate USD/ AUD 1.03 1.03 1.04Nickel Price (U$/tn avg) 18,761 18,276 16,664Revenue 149,106 181,592 158,963EBITDA 96,633 89,950 61,619Depreciation & Amortisation 43,819 47,862 44,186EBIT 52,814 42,088 17,433Interest Expense 18,086 19,355 13,671Tax 10,626 6,654 1,645NPAT 24,102 16,079 2,117Dividend (cents) 5.0 6.0 2.0Earnings per share (cents) 13.4 9.0 1.1
  36. 36. 36Cashflow StatementCommentary (1H FY 2013) Cashflow from Operations of A$48.1m,significantly impacted by a lower nickel priceand first income tax payment. Exploration and capex broadly in line withguidance. 2nd half exploration may be higher based onNew Morning success. Final US$15m paid for Outokumpu Royaltyretirement. Convertible bond retired for A$105.5m in July2012. A$50m received from equity placement inDecember (before costs). Final dividend of 6c per share from FY2012paid in October.Cashflow Statement ($000) 1H FY 2012 2H FY 2012 1H FY 2013Operating Cashflow 64,412 94,841 48,076Less:Exploration (17,860) (15,940) (12,795)FinnAust Investment (4,058) (3,307) (2,297)Acquisition of Mining Interests (1,512) - -Mine Development (38,506) (28,911) (15,475)Capital Expenditure (8,087) (5,625) (14,333)Investment activities (274) (811) -Outokumpu Royalty Payout (14,926) - (14,317)Payment for subsidiary - (71,100) -Proceeds from Share Issues - - 50,000Proceeds/(Costs) from Financing (319) 44,486 (2,231)Dividends Paid (26,962) (8,987) (10,784)Repayment of convertible bond - - (105,500)Net Cashflow (48,092) 4,646 (79,656)Cash at Bank 160,856 165,502 85,846
  37. 37. December QuarterUnit Cash Costs < guidance ofA$3.00/lbConcentrator operating >capacity, on target to exceedguidanceSpotted Quoll ramped up to10ktpa nickelOn target to exceedguidance for nickel in oreproductionFYTonnes Mined Mar Qtr Jun Qtr Sep Qtr Dec Qtr TotalFlying FoxOre Tonnes Mined Tns 81,143 96,289 102,218 89,846 192,064Grade Ni % 5.3% 5.3% 5.0% 4.9% 5.0%Ni Tonnes Mined Tns 4,278 5,097 5,129 4,380 9,509Spotted Quoll - Tim King PitOre Tonnes Mined Tns 57,204 - - - -Grade Ni % 4.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%Ni Tonnes Mined Tns 2,280 - - - -Spotted Quoll - UndergroundOre Tonnes Mined Tns 23,261 42,574 43,581 50,907 94,488Grade Ni % 4.5% 5.1% 5.4% 5.1% 5.2%Ni Tonnes Mined Tns 1,044 2,173 2,375 2,577 4,952Total - Ore Tonnes Mined Tns 161,608 138,863 145,799 140,753 286,552Grade Ni % 4.7% 5.2% 5.1% 4.9% 5.0%Total Ni Tonnes Mined Tns 7,603 7,270 7,504 6,957 14,461Tonnes Milled and Sold Mar Qtr Jun Qtr Sep Qtr Dec Qtr TotalOre Processed Tns 131,748 143,148 142,795 151,855 294,650Grade % 5.1% 4.9% 5.3% 4.9% 5.1%Ave. Recovery % 93% 90% 92% 90% 91%Ni Tonnes in Concentrate Tns 6,276 6,320 6,951 6,722 13,673Ni Tonnes in Concentrate Sold Tns 8,154 6,888 6,923 6,829 13,752- -Total Nickel Sold Tns 8,154 6,888 6,923 6,829 13,752Financial Statistics Mar Qtr Jun Qtr Sep Qtr Dec Qtr TotalCash Cost Ni in Con (***) A$/lb 2.48 2.90 2.49 2.89 2.692012/20132011/201237
  38. 38. Total Period to Date Ni TnProduction38Ore Tn Ni Tn Grade %20,088 450 2.24%124,303 4,214 3.39%252,152 10,338 4.10%325,198 14,022 4.31%642,902 33,984 5.29%665,421 32,279 4.85%428,555 21,607 5.04%2,458,619 116,894 4.75%Total Combined MineProduction