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PR Basics 2018 for Events, Products or Services


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This slide deck is mainly for people who are just getting started or who have been in the business less than a year. Am covering the main points in order to come up with a basic PR Plan for your event, product or service.

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PR Basics 2018 for Events, Products or Services

  1. 1. Basic PR Public Relations for your Event, Product or Service
  2. 2. PR Goals Here are some goals you might have: •  Introducing your event, product or service •  Selling (more) tickets •  Going viral •  Launching a campaign •  Strengthening brand
  3. 3. Target market Who are you trying to reach? •  Where do they live? •  What do they do for a living? •  How much money do they have? •  What are their hobbies? •  Where do they spend their time online? •  How old are they?
  4. 4. Key Message •  People can only absorb so much information, so what is the key message you would like them to understand? •  Let people know how to find you and make it as easy on them as possible to buy a ticket, find reviews on your product or service, see the videos describing how- to’s, order your product, contact you directly or have access to FAQ’s •  The way to transmit your key message depends on your target audience – formal, fun, basic, high tech, with large print or lots of colour
  5. 5. Tactics •  Be precise as possible and make sure your logo, colour themes, photos, key messages and visuals match and are used to share your message both off and online •  You might need to research things like who your competition is or what your target audience cares about (Seniors, working moms, students etc.) •  Create a series of action items that you will use to meet your goals, along with the name of the person who will be implementing them (unless you are working alone)
  6. 6. Visuals & Media Absolutely Important!
  7. 7. Logo •  A logo can replace a 1,000 words – LOL •  You need one, and most likely more than one version: tiny logo, square logo, black & white logo and a high resolution logo, at the very least •  You also need some kind of “banner” you can use as an ad or a Header for your website •  Ensure you have a favicon Obviously, I am speaking to newbies & beginners here
  8. 8. Media •  This is referring to photos – both formal & fun •  Can also mean YouTube or Vimeo videos that you can use to build credibility, inform or entertain people •  Can also mean having a page on your website to share when you are in the media or to be “media-friendly” •  Can be podcasts, webinars, vlogs or slideshows •  Can be live social media, memes or mini-courses
  9. 9. budget •  When it comes to PR, you can be clever on a shoe- string budget, which can help you “win friends & influence people” – but you will have to realize that PR is only one tool in your arsenal. Someone will still have to take care of– advertising, marketing, sales, event management, graphic design & research •  You can allocate a medium amount of money and do a lot of the work yourself and outsource some parts •  You can hire the best PR Agency in town and pay them to do everything
  10. 10. Audit •  The nice thing about a shoe-string budget is that you can “turn on a dime” and allocate your limited time & money to another area you feel is more effective as you go along •  You will have to make a checklist and see how well things have turned out based on your personal PR checklist: are you getting noticed, selling tickets, gaining more members, meeting your goals? •  After the event or campaign is over, make a short list or what went well and what needs to change
  11. 11. Learn from Others •  Find people with similar events, products or services and see what they do •  Watch a series of courses on YouTube about how to gain success in your business or store •  Attend webinars or networking sessions with people who are also looking to gain public relations and get new ideas •  Read books or magazines
  12. 12. Who is Elke? v  Publishes the “Westcoast German News” Blog v  Publishes “Das Schwarze Brett” magazine v  Publishes “German News in Canada” v  Helps market events, products & services using PR v  Helps people build basic websites in WordPress