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German Media on the West Coast in 2018


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Newspapers, magazines, radio & TV - lately they have been shutting down at a fast rate - but digital & social media has been growing. What are some left in 2018? What is new in 2018?

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German Media on the West Coast in 2018

  1. 1. German Media for the West Coast in 2018 Canada and the US
  2. 2. German Media in BC today
  3. 3. Other Media (social media)
  4. 4. German Media Links 2018 ¡ Westcoast German News: ¡ Das Schwarze Brett: schwarze_brett/ ¡ German News in Canada: ¡ So German:
  5. 5. On Social Media 2018 ¡  Die Kleine Zeitung mit Herz: mit-Herz-132693490224792/ ¡  Official German House: ¡  Prost Amerika: ¡  European Business Hub: europeanbusinesshub/
  6. 6. “Old” Media – now gone… Also: Deutsche Presse (Kanada) European Weekly (Seattle) DKK Nachrichten (Für Mitglieder und Freunde Des DKK) German Today (TV)
  7. 7. Westcoast German News ¡  This is a blog and a website, which offers services, such as marketing, how to get noticed (PR) and the opportunity to advertise. ¡  Latest blog posts are: ¡  Join Seniors in watching die “Feuerzangenbowle” ¡  Alpine Final World Cup Race ¡  How to order the latest Schwarze Brett ¡  Mahler-Symphony No. 8 on February 17, 2018 ¡
  8. 8. Das Schwarze Brett Magazine
  9. 9. German News in Canada
  10. 10. Contact Me