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Das Schwarze Brett Magazine


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German Media in Vancouver - Das Schwarze Brett (loosely translated as the "Black Board") is a magazine for Austrians, German & Swiss in western Canada. Welcomes subscribers, contributors, advertisers and sponsors.

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Das Schwarze Brett Magazine

  1. 1. Das Schwarze Brett. Magazine for Austrian, Germans & Swiss in western Canada. READ. LEARN. CONTRIBUTE. SHARE. ADVERTISE. GET NOTICED. SPONSOR.
  2. 2. How can I Read It? Where can I find it?
  3. 3. Available Here: 1 2 3 4 (coming soon) arze_brett/
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  5. 5. “Did you know that Stefan Marinovic was a goalkeeper in Unterhaching, the 2nd largest municipality in the district of Munich in Bavaria Germany?”
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  7. 7. “Did you know that the Alpenplattler have performed at the European Festival in Burnaby for the last two years?”
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  9. 9. “Did you know that the Coastal Ballet had a German choreographer Irene who interpreted Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake in 2016?”
  10. 10. Any content that comes in past my publication deadline of the 1st of the month every second month, gets posted on my blog: Westcoast German News. Westcoast German News is a blog that shares what Austrians, German and Swiss in western Canada and the US are up to. Has their been a new restaurant opening or closure? What are the business associations offering? Are there any new German or Swiss products now available? How about famous people? Westcoast German News
  11. 11. “Did you know that Germany was the Featured Nation at the 2014 European Festival?”
  12. 12. • Germans, Austrians or Swiss Ex-pats. • Someone interested in German business. • Someone interested in the World Cup. • Someone interested in German products. • Someone trying to reach a German audience • Someone who just moved to Vancouver, BC • Germans interested in other German networking Who is our typical reader?
  13. 13. “Did you know that there is a German Canadian Business Association in Vancouver, BC that you can join??
  14. 14. THE EDITOR. @elkeporter
  15. 15. Tip: If you want to get a print copy that will be delivered directly to your door, you can only do this on /