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Austrian, German & Swiss Businesses in Vancouver


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Everything from architects to artists, to consultants, to food and drink, to retirement services to singers/musicians to travel & tourism. German, Swiss, Austrian in BC or Alberta. This list was updated on June 1, 2018

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Austrian, German & Swiss Businesses in Vancouver

  1. 1. German Businesses in Vancouver Over 150 Architecture (Passive House), Accounting, Art/Design, Building/Constructions Services, Arts/Design, Consulting, Education, Events Planning, Financial Industries, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness, Lawyer, Marketing, Media, Moving Companies, Products, Real Estate, Retirement, Services, Singers/Musicians, Technical/Computer, Travel & Tourism - Can also be Swiss, Austrian or even from Alberta… UPDATED FEBRUARY 15
  2. 2. Architecture Passive Haus, Architecture Firms, Interior Design
  3. 3. Ole Scheeren •  Ole Scheeran is a German-born architect and the principal of Büro Ole Scheeren. •
  4. 4. Henning Knoetzele •  Henning studied at Bauhaus University in Germany and has honed his professional skills in Vancouver. •
  5. 5. Berit Wooge •  German-born, Berit’s 14-year career began in architecture and interior design practices in Germany & New York. •
  6. 6. Christian Schimert •  Christian studied architecture in Kaiserslautern and Munich (Germany) and holds a Diplom Ingenieur degree in Architecture. • schimert/
  7. 7. Paul Fast •  A registered engineer in Canadian, American and German juristictions, Paul is passionate about excellent design. • staff/partners-principals/paul-fast
  8. 8. Inge Roecker •  Alongside work with living lab (Associate Professor at UBC), Inge is a registered architect in Germany and principal of ASIR architekten, a critical architectural practice •
  9. 9. Footprint Sustainable Homes •  They connect sustainable homes with eco-minded individuals and build energy efficient homes using the passivhaus building standard from Germany. •
  10. 10. Sandra Rohler •  Sandra became a certified furniture maker, then a registered Architect in Germany, then a certified passive house designer in Vancouver, BC. •
  11. 11. Marken Design & Consult •  Marken Design & Consulting is a multidisciplinary, award-winning building design and project consulting firm who had the 1st residential Passive House in Canada certified by the German Passivhaus Institute. •
  12. 12. Bernhardt Contracting Ltd. •  Bernhardt Contracting Ltd. is one of the very construction companies in Canada that have multiple staff trained in Passive House design and experience in Passive House construction & certification. •
  13. 13. Passivehouse •  BC Passive House is a full service prefabrication company specializing in the design and construction of Passive House with staff from North America & Europe who are trained in code compliance & sustainable construction techniques. •
  14. 14. Peel Passive House •  Andrew Peel worked in a variety of capacities in Europe and while writing his Master’s Thesis worked at the Passivhaus Institute in Germany. •
  15. 15. Dürfeld constructors •  Matheo Durfeld founded the company in 1975. Today they continue to produce exquisite wooden structures, as well as many of Whistler’s finest contemporary projects. They speak German. •
  16. 16. Peter Johannknecht •  Principal Architect, along with Gregory Damant, of Cascadia Architects, combining 40 years of practice with respected and award-winning firms in Victoria, Vancouver and Germany •
  17. 17. Maerkl maerkl architects •  Maerkl Maerkl Architects is a creative Vancouver- based firm providing a broad range of architectural and urban design services to public and private clients. They have also been designing environmentally responsible green buildings for three decades. •
  18. 18. Harrmann Consulting • •  Andrew Harrmann, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), MHP, CPHD, Leed AP, holds graduate degrees from German & US universities in civil engineering, building physics and heritage architecture. He provides design support and energy modelling services for Passive House projects in Canada.
  19. 19. Econ Group • •  Marcel Studer is a Principal of Econ Group Ltd. who have been building and designing to the passive house standard since 2006. He received his Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Architecture in 1993.
  20. 20. Art/design Graphic Designers, artists, art marketing & sales
  21. 21. Bel Art Gallery •  Beatrice & Stefan Schreiber welcome to the world of fine arts with an excellent collection of originals, limited prints and sculptures. •
  22. 22. Paul Buten •  Paul Buten lives and paints in Deep Cove, BC. He has a fascination with the light and clouds inegral to his daily environment and through his many forays into the coastal wilderness. •
  23. 23. Annette Arndt •  Annette offers drawing classes for kids in North Vancouver. She runs workshops, camps and classes out of her home in Lynn Valley. •
  24. 24. Creative Vision Works •  Owner Rene Boecking is originally Berlin and has been involved in the communication and design industry since 1989. They company has worked with many different sectors of the business community. You can see their gallery on their website.
  25. 25. Ecstatic •  Ecstatic Design & Communication is an independent East Van design studio with a passion for creating for community centres, events and small business. They have another office in Düsseldorf. •
  26. 26. Inges idea •  This group – Hans Hemmert, Axel Lieber, Thomas A. Schmidt & Georg Zey - believes in art in public spaces and focuses on sculptures and installations all over the world, including Vancouver, where they have the “DROP” at the VCCEP Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver -an 18-metre sculpture in the form of a giant (tear or rain) drop. •
  27. 27. Creative Shake •  Carolin comes from a background in print and website development. She continues to focus in this area delivering corporate identities and innovative websites. • MyUrl=messmeriza
  28. 28. accounting Swiss or German
  29. 29. Neweling & Co. •  Chartered Professional Accountants •  Specialize in consulting with German-speaking clients. •
  30. 30. Mertin Financial Inc. •  As of May 2017, Siegfried Merten is registered as a foreign tax consultant with the Finanzamt Neubrandenburg •
  31. 31. Alden aumann •  Alden is a former member of the German-Canadian Business Association and enjoys skiing, travelling, and experiencing foreign cultures/cuisines • aumann.html
  32. 32. Toni Lepore •  Toni has over 28 years of accounting practice, is experienced in personal, corporate, Canadian & US tax matters, and is fluent in German. •
  33. 33. Building & Construction Construction, building, gardening, cleaning etc.
  34. 34. Nolte Log Homes •  Located in White Rock, Nolte Log Homes has been creating high quality hand-crafted log homes for over 25 years. •
  35. 35. Ralf schwiede Ralf with SMC Property Services holds 4 businesses: •  Sea-Jae Builders with “concrete” solutions (footings, foundations, pedastals etc. •  Maid Brigade – trusted cleaning services •  Brisas Carpet Care – organic products only •  Decks Awash – full spectrum yacht cleaning
  36. 36. Leicht Kitchens •  Known here in Vancouver as “Germanhaus”, they offer world-class interior design, German practicality, reliability and affordability and are now located at 1564 West send Avenue. •
  37. 37. Hertco Kitchens •  Hertco Quality Frameless European Style Cabinets that are sold through a select dealership network that provides professional design and consultation services. •
  38. 38. Clearview Tree Service Ltd. •  Armin Behrendes offers Tree Services, Gardeners & Lawn Care Services on the North Shore and in Metro Vancouver • service-ltd/
  39. 39. Garavanta Lift •  Garavanta Lift focuses on mountain aerial tramways and diversified into the design and manufacture of accessbility products. They have manufacturing operations in Canada, China and Switzerland. •
  40. 40. West coast Log Homes •  West Coast Log Homes is located on the sunshine coast in BC and is the premier builder of the finest custom log homes in Canada. All their homes are built starting from scratch, using imagination, expertise and experience to build… Andy Koberwitz was originally from Koblenz. •
  41. 41. Sidler International • •  Sidler designs luxury custom bathroom cabinets with Swiss detail and design, as well as home décor and other lifestyle ideas for your kitchen, bath & home.
  42. 42. Alara Environmental Health & Safety •  ALARA Environmental health & Safety Ltd. is a Vancouver-based consulting and project management firm that provides esceptional environmental safety consulting and project management services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. •
  43. 43. Cars & Services
  44. 44. Weissach •  They are Canada’s largest independent Porsche store, providing parts, sales and service for Porsche automobiles since 1980. They are also authorized dealers for Lamborghini, Lotus Cars and Bugatti in Western Canada. •
  45. 45. Mercedes-Benz •  The Mercedes-Benz Retail Group are working hard for Mercedes-Benz fans all over Vancouver. They have four locations offering the Mercedes-Benz collection and genuine parts and accessories. •
  46. 46. Audi Downtown Vancouver, BC •  They are the premier retailer of new and used Audi vehicles serving the Vancouver area. They are managed under the Dilawri Group of Companies and they encourage their clients to join in the conversation with others who have a passion for Audi vehicles. •
  47. 47. The BMW Store •  The BMW Store offers competitive pricing and attention to detail in both sales and services. They offer sales & service in multiple languages. •
  48. 48. Consulting Entrepreneurs & Independent Business Owners
  49. 49. Hartmut Friedrichs •  Adept24 will help you launch your product in Canada, set up a business in BC and what your first steps in Canada should be. •
  50. 50. Armin Portele •  Hat über 30 Jahre Erfahrung in Unternehmensführung, Marketing, Werbung, Verkauf/ Vertrieb und der Erwachsenenbildung • 15.0.html
  51. 51. Andreas Truckenbrodt •  Dr. Truckenbrodt has been named as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the “Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), a part of the clean energy hydrogen and fuel cell sector. • consultant-members/truckenbrodt-clean-energy- consulting-inc
  52. 52. Petra kleinwächter •  Petra Kleinwächter connects Canadian companies with individual German clients who seek internships and employment opportunities. Her official title is Director of Canadian German Relations. •
  53. 53. Marc Remy halter •  He studied at McGill and offers International Consulting to clients in Vancouver, BC (Canada) as well as from Zürich, Switzerland. He works for the Triangle Consulting Group. He speaks 5 languages – English, French, Spanish, Dutch & German. • consolidated-resume-marc-r-halterppt •  See his consolidated resume on SlideShare. Reach him at or 1+ 604 780-8841 also marc-remy halter on Skype
  54. 54. Communications consultant • •  Daniel Herold is German Canadian and provides articles, press releases, magazines, annual reports, newsletters, speeches, presentations, English and German
  55. 55. VSIP Consulting • •  Co-founder Wolfgang Zilker owned a company in Germany for 15 years before moving to Canada. He now provides content management systems for Real Estate Agents, Tourism Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, small business and individuals.
  56. 56. Education Preschool, Elementary School, High School, College, University, Courses
  57. 57. Nina Schmidt •  Born in Germany and raised in a trilingual household in Canada, Nina obtained a degree in linguistics and modern languages. She has helped over 1,500 individuals achieve their language learning goals. •
  58. 58. Isolde Hey •  Runs the Vancouver German Language Centre, where they offer progressively structured German language courses from elementary to advanced levels in accordance with the Goethe-Institute. •
  59. 59. German Schools •  Vancouver Westside German School (Tuesday/ Wednesday) - •  Surrey German Language School (Saturday) – •  North Shore German School (Thursday) – •  North Star German Academy –
  60. 60. VocalChord •  Silke is a Stimmlehrerin/Logopädin who studied the Manuel Voice Treatment method and who works fulltime offering voice training services, along with German lessons on the North Shore. •
  61. 61. German Playgroup •  Wir sind eine der Sankt Markuskirche angeschlossene Spielgruppe fuer Kinder von 0-5 Jahren und treffen uns Montags um 9:30 Uhr. • home
  62. 62. Event Planning Festivals, Markets, Parties, Galas, Fundraising, Catering.
  63. 63. Wolfgang Christl •  Still known as “Mr. Oktoberfest”, Wolfgang is finally retiring and will be selling Oktoberfest posters/props. The whole warehouse can be purchased for $10,000 •  He is a member of the German Canadian Business Association and you can find him there!
  64. 64. Malte Kluetz •  Malte Kluetz came to the West Coast from Germany and got to know Vancouver in a behind-the-scenes way when he was planning the Winter Olympics and realized that it was a perfect time to recreate the nostalgia of the traditional Christmas Market. •
  65. 65. Harvest Haus •  The Harvest Haus brings folklore from the 1st Century to the Great White North. They outgrew their location at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza and now expanded to BC Place at 88 Pacific Blvd, which allows for 1500 revellers to the “most gluttonous and tratifying weekends of the year”. •
  66. 66. Finances Banking, financial consulting, financial services
  67. 67. Bill KOnnert •  Senior consultant for the Investors Group Financial Services Inc. who is also a member of the German Canadian Business Association. The company has financial experts in investment, tax and retirement planning services. •
  68. 68. Prospera Credit Union •  Starting out as “Edelweiss Credit Union”, Prospera has been around for over 70 years, looking after more than 63,000 members. •
  69. 69. UBS Bank •  UBS has been named the “World’s Best Bank for Wealth Management in 2015/2016. They have offices in Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, BC and the head office is in Toronto, ON. • your_relationship/how_to_get/ wealth_management.html
  70. 70. Manuel Ruthard • a8461720/?locale=de_DE •  Manuel started working as an Assistant Branch Administrator for Scotia Wealth Management for ScotiaMcLeod in 2016. He is a member of the German Canadian Business Association.
  71. 71. Food & Beverage Alcohol, Chocolate, Restaurants, Catering, Bakeries etc.
  72. 72. PMA CAnada •  PMA is Canada’s leading wine and spirits agency who represent Jägermeister, Underberg, Asbach Uralt, Guntrum Dry Riesling, Guntrum Riesling Royal Blue Bottle, Dujardin VSOP Brandy. •
  73. 73. Klaus Kaffeehaus •  Klaus’s Kaffeehaus brings the most authentic Austrian Cuisine accompanied by world famous Viennese Style Coffee in a contemporary setting. They are situated in Chinatown, where East meets West. •
  74. 74. Bauhaus Restaurant •  Owned by German film Director Uwe Boll, the award- winning restaurant is known for its modern take on German cuisine and exceptional service. •
  75. 75. Deutsches Haus •  Located at 33/Victoria, the Deutsches Haus is the restaurant connected to the Vancouver Alpen Club. They have been around since the 1940’s. •
  76. 76. Jägerhof Restaurant •  You can enjoy food from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol here. They offer live entertainment most Friday or Saturday nights. •
  77. 77. Andys Bakehouse •  Have offered fresh rye breads since 1957. Now also offer German-style cakes & pastries under the leadership of Sven Becker. • about/?ref=page_internal
  78. 78. German Pizza •  They make authentic German-style flatbread pizzas with organic spelt sourdough. Their menu is original pizza, vegan pizza, kids pizza and a delicious apple dessert. Their food truck currently serves the Fraser Valley. •
  79. 79. Gesundheit bakery •  Andreas and Katherine Miller offer quality baked goods without adding sugar, oil or preservatives since 2005. You can visit them Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 7 am to 4 pm. •
  80. 80. Black Forest Deli •  Black Forest European Deli features German and other European deli, cheese and specialty grocery items from across Europe. •
  81. 81. Swiss Bakery •  Swiss Bakery, owned by Michael Siu, cultives baking in a European style that accentuates original and hanc crafted goods, like their Artisan breads, pastries, and cakes. •
  82. 82. Altmaerker •  Delta’s German Deli: Altmaerker German Sausage House & Deli is owned by Stephan and Sandra Till, who immigrated from the Altmark region of Germany. •
  83. 83. Austria Club •  The Austria Club is a cultural club open to all visitors. They are open on Friday evening for casual family dining from 6 pm; dinner & drinks are available. •
  84. 84. The Blenheim Pub •  Uwe Boll was recently given the opportunity to purchase “Displace” and changed the name to The Blenheim Pub (after the street it is located on). Soon the menu will change and more Schnitzel & Beer will be available, as well as the opportunity to watch sports. •
  85. 85. GermanDeli •  The GermanDeli provides German & European Food from their Texas Warehouse to all 50 States in the US, to US Military Troops, to APO and FPO Addresses, to some US Territories and to Canada. In Canada, though, no perishables, such as meat and dairy, can be shipped. •
  86. 86. Gingerbread-World •  Gingerbread World is a little Christmas Shop based in Winnipeg, Canada. They sell Nuremberg Lebkuchen, German marzipan, wooden ornaments and accessories for the Feuerzangenbowle. •
  87. 87. Thomas Haas •  A 4th Generation patissier, Thomas Haas was first introduced to the delicate art of hand-crafting chocolates and pastires in the kitchen of Café Konditorei Haas, in the Black Forest region. He opened his own chocolatiere in Vancouver in 2005. •
  88. 88. Chez Christophe •  Christophe Bonzon is a Swiss-trained Pastry Chef & Cholatier. In March 2013, him and his wife, Jess, opened their doors to Chez Christophe in Burnaby, BC •
  89. 89. Lindt Canada •  Lindt opened up a new store & café in Vancouver in November 2017. The 1,000 square feet store is on the ground floor of the Vancouver Exchange Tower. You can get chocolate bars, truffles & indulge yourself in the chocolate drinks bar. •
  90. 90. Smoky mike’s german catering •  They offer authentic German catering and BBQ services, based on traditional recipes and with the freshest ingredients available. For business, weddings, dinners, sports tournaments. They bring their own BBQ equipment. Located in Edmonton. •
  91. 91. Continental Sausage •  Continental Sausage Factory Outlet is a food and grocery store, specializing in sausage. • continental-sausage-vancouver-factory-outlet/
  92. 92. Freybe •  Freybe strives to create deli meats of the highest quality for our customers, using only the finest ingredients and no artificial flavors. •
  93. 93. Brockmann Chocolate • •  Willibald “Willy” Brockman, was a master confectioner trained in Cologne, Germany. His son, Norbert Brockmann trained in 1967 and then eventually moved to Canada where they opened the Brockmann’s Tea Room in Vancouver, BC. Today they are in Delta.
  94. 94. Quality coffee systems •  Quality Coffee Systems supplies a wide range of commercial espresso machines, super automatic espresso machines, traditional espresso machines, self- service units, residential machines, as well as multi- fruit and citrus juicers. •
  95. 95. Sonnentor tea •  They stand for freshness, Austrian Quality and innovative products hand-crafted by certified, organic farmers. •
  96. 96. The Soupmeister • •  The Soup Meister serves Vancouver’s favourite bowl of gourmet soups, stews and chowders, freshly prepared every day by our Executive Chef, Ralf Dauns, who was born in Reil, Germany. Located on the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.
  97. 97. Gizella Pastry ULC • •  Trained in the finest hotels in Switzerland, the fourth generation pastry chef, offers food service, retail bakery, airline/catering and club store business segments – they also distribute to wholesalers and other distributors.
  98. 98. Campaign for real ale (CAMRA BC) • german-beers/? •  CAMRA BC is dedicated to supporting the brewing of traditional styles of beer in the traditional manner, using traditional ingredients. This is their German Beers page.
  99. 99. Health & Fitness Exercise, Health Food, Vitamins, Nutrition, Workshops etc.
  100. 100. AK Schreiber •  AK Schreiber has recently started a company called “Intuitive Nutrition and Beauty” for all body types. She is a holistic nutritionist, as well as a hairstylist and looks after your inner & outer beauty. •
  101. 101. Health Tea •  Indian Essence was started by Professor Dr. Roland- Romain Fischer and Dr. Martina Kässner Fischer who learned about this miracle tea from their Canadian friends. Made from a 9-Herb Formula, they actually found the family that owned the recipe after years of travel from the Coast to Coast to various First Nations Villages and learned of its healing benefits. •
  102. 102. Farabloc •  Farabloc’s effectiveness is connected to the ability of the material to shield from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in the High (HF) and Ultra High (UHF) frequency range. Such fields are for example generated by wireless devices, like cell phones or radio antennas. They are also produced naturally. •
  103. 103. Pilates •  Susanne Ziehr is on the Board of the German Canadian Business Association and owns the “Pilates for You and Your Body” company. • pilatesforyouandyourbody/
  104. 104. Sandra Rechsteiner •  Originally from Switzerland, Sandra Rechsteiner is now a Younique presenter who works from home selling cosmetics, skincare and other products to help uplift, empower and validate women around the Globe. • sandrarechsteiner/presenter/ aboutme#.WmOekyMZNBw
  105. 105. Acucomfort •  This is an acupuncture and laser clinic run by a husband/wife team where Alexandra Herold is a “Deutsche Heilpraktikerin” working in Delta. •
  106. 106. Elke Babicki •  Elke has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice for over 25 years. She helps people with guidance in direction with issues, such as emotional stress, anxiety, phobias, relationships etc. •
  107. 107. Dr. Silke Gumplinger •  Dr. Gumplinger was born and raised in Germany. She received her dental degree (GDS) from Frieder Schiller University in Jena. She moved to Vancouver and now has a private practice and her scope of practice to Oral Surgery. • gumplinger.html
  108. 108. Nicole Duelli •  Nicole is a certified classical homeopath and naturopath from Germany. She teaches homeopathy and holistic health at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. •
  109. 109. Lawyers Who speak German, along with Notaries and Solicitors
  110. 110. Reinhart Aulinger •  Reinhart completed his law degree at McGill and was called to the British Columbia Bar in 1978. •
  111. 111. Elisabeth rechsteiner •  Elisabeth offers prompt and professional notarial services since 2001. She is a sponsor of the Swiss Society, with her ad in the “Swiss Herald.” •
  112. 112. Monika REdekop •  Monika Sievers-Redekop has been admitted to the Hamburg Bar since 1989 and to the Bar in British Columbia since 2000. Her native language is German. •
  113. 113. Michael Mueller •  Rechtsanwalt in Hamburg seit 1998, Vancouver seit 2004 und Stuttgart seit 2010. •
  114. 114. Kersten Hewel •  Has law offices both in Germany and in Canada and are acutely aware of the differences between Canadian and German legal systems. •
  115. 115. Dierk Ullrich •  Speaks German and English and works to solve business issues. •
  116. 116. Hubuertus Liebrecht •  Liebrecht supports North American clients as a highly qualified adviser and confidante in German legal affairs and tax matters. •
  117. 117. Marketing & Media Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Media, Advertising, Promotions
  118. 118. Elke Porter •  Public Relations Certificate •  Took a course in copywriting •  Westcoast German News Blog •  Das Schwarze Brett Magazine •  German News in Canada Online Newsletter •  Press release & publicity writing services
  119. 119. AhornTV •  “Mein Kanada mit neuen Augen sehen” – We produce a local Canadian-German infotainment show for an international audience! AhornTV goes on-air on Omni Television in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and the host is Mass Abedi •
  120. 120. Oliver Jarzyna •  Oliver is an account executive for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, where his job is to introduce major league soccer to the business community, soccer fans and families. • jarzyna-22b124b1/
  121. 121. Moving & Logistics International and local moving, shipping and brokerage company
  122. 122. Kuehne & Nagel •  The Kuehne und Nagel Group is one of the world’s leading logistics companies that provide seafreight, airfreight, contract logistics and overland business services with a clear focus on IT-based solutions. •
  123. 123. Canadian international relocation and logistic services Ltd. •  Hans Martens is the General Manager and they help people with air, ocean, land freight, loose cargo, container, heavy equipment and other kinds of International Moving services. • international-relocation-and-logistic-services-ltd
  124. 124. Products From Switzerland, Austria and Germany!
  125. 125. momentum •  St. Moritz Watch Corp. designs assembles and services high quality sports watches under the Momentum® brand. As life becomes more active and more casual style becomes the norm, our straightforward designs, with outstanding waterproof performance etc. •
  126. 126. Ha-Ra Products • •  Ha-Ra Products Canada is the sole importer of Ha-Ra products from Germany. Ha-Ra has been in business for 37 years providing an environmental friendly solution to household and commercial cleaning.
  127. 127. The Organic Gardener’s Pantry • They provide certified organic products, such as effective microorganisms, compost tea brewers, nitrogen fixing bacteria, sea minerals fertilizer, liquid kelp etc. They are located in Victoria and ship anywhere in Canada. Owner Christina Nikolik received a degree in landscape architecture from Germany and is also a graduate of Gaia College.
  128. 128. Real EState Selling everything from homes to businesses to investments. Property Management services by German, Swiss or Austrian companies.
  129. 129. Platinum Properties •  Carlos Hanhausen is from Mexico City and is proficient in Spanish, German and English. He is currently a Senior Investment Executive. • hanhausen/
  130. 130. Hans Gust •  Hans specializes in Vancouver Real Estate and is a member of the German Canadian Business Association. He works his John Gust for Royal LePage on the Westside of Vancouver. •
  131. 131. Engel & Völkers •  E & G is a leader in the sale of residential and commercial real estate, yachts and private jets. In 2012 they opened a “Castles and Manor Houses” division and in 2015, they entered Canada with new shops in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. They were founded in 1977 in Hamburg, Germany. •
  132. 132. Lexor management •  They offer property management, real estate and hotel management services. They also offer sales & marketing, franchise selection process, financial administration and even on-site management direction & leadership. • management.htm
  133. 133. Jurock Real Estate •  Ozzie Jurock creates the tools and environment to help people succeed in Real Estate investment, in sales, in personal growth, and new media marketing. •
  134. 134. Guido Lichius •  Guide has over 12 years of experience in governance of small and medium-sized businesses. He is able to concisely analyse companies regarding their structures, strategies, and current business environment and to deliver helpful advice to advice clients regarding their business software needs. He studied at the University of Düsseldorf (GER) and UC Berkely (US) • mba.html
  135. 135. SwissReal Group • •  Frank U. Gehriger is a native of Switzerland who founded SwissReal in 1984. They provide residential property development, management and investment services to Vancouver. They are partnered with Credit Suisse and sitEX.
  136. 136. Retirement Services Both Luxury and Basic
  137. 137. Parc Retirement Living •  Their unique level of service, Independent Living+ is focused on maximizing your health and wellness through nutrition, physical and mental fitness. 1.  Westerleigh (West Vancouver) 2.  Cedar Springs (North Vancouver) 3.  Mulberry (Burnaby) 4.  Summerhill (North Shore) 5.
  138. 138. German-Canadian Care Home •  This is a 134-bed, publicly funded care home in South Vancouver. They care for seniors with complex physical and/or mental needs. They have set up a building fund and will be running a major capital campaign for a new building. • projects/
  139. 139. Services Provided by Germans Or Swiss or Austrians or Liechstenstein…
  140. 140. Wagner’s European Fabricare • •  They offer the best European training and education in textile cleaning that is not available in North America; their family has more than 165 years of experience in the garment care industry.
  141. 141. European Cleaning Company • deutsch/ •  Dagmar & Steffen Goeschick offer affordable office cleaning services with environmentally friendly cleaning methods
  142. 142. Singers/musicians Local bands or groups who perform everything from Oompah pah to Baroque or play piano etc.
  143. 143. S-Bahn Band •  The S-Bahn Band was founded in Vancouver in the early 1990’s by singer and accordionist Richard Tyce. They specialize in Oktoberfest & Wurstfest, but also are happy to play for galas, weddings & other events. •
  144. 144. Organ grinder •  The official North American “Westcoast” outlet for all of your RAFFIN ORGAN needs. Organ music can spread happiness, let you escape from everyday life and give a grand concert at your event… •
  145. 145. Rheinlander Band •  The Vancouver Rheinlander Oompah Pah Band is a Vancouver, BC based group that plays authentic Oktoberfest Polka music. •
  146. 146. The Alpiners •  A real crowd pleaser, Al Pichler and his Alpiners band provide fun Oktoberfest Music for all. They specialize in yodelling and the chicken dance, and offer a variety of music that will keep you dancing… •
  147. 147. Vancouver Dorfmusik •  The Vancouver Dorfmusik is a “Blaskapelle” has around 2- players and keeps close ties to the Swiss community. They have performed locally and internationally and their president is Urs Fricker. •
  148. 148. Winfried Rompf •  Win Rompf is the founding member of the Vancouver Piano Ensemble, which has toured in Canada, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Italy and China. He is also the chairman of the North West Piano Ensemble Society and is the Vice-President Emeritus of the British Columbia Conservatory of Music. •
  149. 149. Vancouver Bach Family of Choirs •  Now in its 87th season, the Vancouver Bach Choir provides high quality training and performances of traditional and new choral works for all communities of all ages. • vancouver-bach-family-of-choirs/
  150. 150. Rosemary siemens •  Canadian Violinist has mesmerized audiences around the world since the age of 3. She has performed four times at New York’s Carnegie Hall, played private concerts for Donald Trump and was the first violinist to perform at the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican since its first mass in 1483. • siemens/
  151. 151. The Oktoberators •  This Vancouver Oktoberfest Band is made up of 4 members: Joe Schmidt, Mike Mueller, Johann Bargeld and Vince von Fuchs. They service up Bavarian Ooom pay and German party music to craft beer festivals and Oktoberfest celebrations. • about/?ref=page_internal
  152. 152. The Beer Barrels •  The Beer Barrels are a 3-piece Oompa-pa dance band who have been performing professionally for the last 25 years. Besides Oktoberfest, they also provide “Elvis” Live, a Beerbarrel rap, male vs. female singing contests • theBeerBarrels
  153. 153. Theatre in the classroom •  Enjoy inspiring legends, myths, fairy tales and stories in the classroom. For students in Grade 1 to 7, approximately for 50 minutes in the “tic-theatre in classroom.” •
  154. 154. Matterhorn Music • •  David has four years training as a woodwind and brasswind repair technician in Switzerland. Moved to Canada in 1996 and started Matterhorn Music as a home-based business in 2001.
  155. 155. The Alpen Plattlers •  We are an enthusiastic group who enjoy German Bavarian Schuhplattler dance based in Vancouver, Canada. Their goal is to keep Schuhplattler dancing alive and have fun while doing it. • About_Us.html
  156. 156. Technical Computer applications Software, applications (apps), programs, technical communications etc.
  157. 157. INVvers Mobility solutions •  Invers Mobility Solutions offers intelligent software and hardware telematics systems for private and public sector fleet operations, as well as car-sharing organizations worldwide. •
  158. 158. Karelo e-Service Inc. •  Karelo enables event participants to register for your event, seminar or conference and to pay online using their credit card. Our system is customizable, allowing you to define your own registration fields. • &T=About%20Karelo&LtID=102
  159. 159. innoMedia •  Anke Sabo is a digital warrior, creative designer, blogger, social media lover, acrylic painting artist and a German teacher with a passion for German cars. She has been crafting websites since 2015. •
  160. 160. Cyberscribe solutions •  Cyberscribe is a full-service technical communications firm, offering strategies and user guides, product manuels, operation guides, newsletters, policies and procedures, as well as instructional design etc. •
  161. 161. Translation German to English or English to German
  162. 162. German-Link •  Johanna Timm received her accreditation as certified translator, established her own business and is now the cheerful owner and sold director of German Link Translation Services Inc. •
  163. 163. Etc. translations •  They provide expert language services services including translation and interpretation to government agencies, companies and private clients around the world. •
  164. 164. Travel/Tourism Fun stuff to do or places to stay or tourism-related services.
  165. 165. Seaside Lookout Bed & Breakfast •  The Seaside Lookout Host is Rudy Lechleiter and they are located minutes from Vancouver with the beach community of Deep Cove. He speaks German. •
  166. 166. Claudia Liebrecht •  Works for Canada Travel Partners Ltd. who lead tours and self-drive vacations through Canada and the USA. They have offices in Ontario & Vancouver, BC. •
  167. 167. Destination Canada •  Destination Canada markets Canada internationally. Their mission is to grow Canada’s tourism export revenues and to stimulate international demand and tourism export revenue for Canada in Germany and 9 other countries. • us#whoweare
  168. 168. Prime Travel •  They offer year-round special fares to Switzerland and Europe with Edelweiss Air & new Air Canada flight Vancouver to Zürich directly! Markus Bill was born and raised in Berne, Switzerland and has been offering sports vacation tours for recreational athletes, as well as other tours since 1996. •
  169. 169. Fraserway RV REntals •  They are Canada’s largest independently owned RV Rental Company, famous worldwide for vacations to Whitehorse, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax and, of course, Vancouver! They offer parts, camping, outdoor and travel accessories, and a service department. •
  170. 170. Atlin Mountain Inn • •  Atlin is a small isolated community in the NW corner of BC by the glacial-fed Atlin Lake. It is 2-3 hour drive from Whitehorse. There are a large and very influential number of artists, artisans, and authors in this very special little-known community. It has no cell phone service.
  171. 171. Nimmo Bay • •  Der Reiseveranstalter kennt das Nimmo Bay Resort persönlich und bietet Insidertipps aus erster Hand. You can go heli-fly fishing, wildlife adventures, helicopter adventures and on raincoast retreats.
  172. 172. Meridian RV • •  Angela Haensch is the Rental Manager. She has a Master’s degree in German Language & Literature. She is also a tutor, manager and event planner.
  173. 173. Do you need Help? •  As I was completing this list of German, Swiss & Austrian companies, I noticed that some people still need improvement in communicating what they do! •  Occasionally, I had trouble finding out what services a company offered or where they are located •  I had trouble finding logos, links & information •  If you want an assessment of your online presence, contact Elke at
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