Weekly Wrap Up 1/29/12


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The Weekly Wrap Up from the Corps of Cadets! Always informative and this week a feature on Fourth Regiment.

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Weekly Wrap Up 1/29/12

  1. 1. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 22 JAN - 28 JAN 2012 1 REG st 2 REG ndE1 CDTs Bryan Hoffman and Justin Hunter enjoy food at the B2 Spirit crew, led by CDTs Laura Ruiz and Max VandervortGrant Hall Food Tasting event. This event allowed for cadets to successfully decorated both the Dean’s yard and office withexpress their opinion about possible future menu choices. birthday cards.H1 CDTs Jeremiah Watson and Vincent Shaw treat CDT Nichole H2 Company mates support CDT Pamela Baker as she competesSiegrist when demonstrating Soldier First Responder (SFR) in the Brigade Open Grappling Tournament.during a Sandhurst Practice. Highlights HighlightsREG MOLLE Gear inspection held on 28 JAN. B2 CDT Olivia Schretzman was named Patriot League Rookie ofD1 CDT Nathan Roberts travelled with the Karate Team to the Week for her performance on the woman’s basketball team.Atlantic City to compete at the Action Martial Arts Magazine D2 Firsties and Cows take part in their company’s open bar eventChampionship. He earned first place in both sparring and which was held at the Officer’s Club.intermediate divisions. H2 CDT Claudia Caso is selling Girl Scout Cookies with a 1 dollar donation going towards care packages for soldiers. Upcoming Events Upcoming EventsG1 Company will host a wine tasting event on 01 FEB. E2 Valentines Day Wine Tasting on 15 FEB. Written and Submitted by CDT Daniel Koszalka Written and Submitted by Kaitlyn Anderson Written and Submitted by CDT Ming ki Kwan
  2. 2. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 22 JAN - 28 JAN 2012 3 REG rd 4 REG thC3 The company held a branch class for the 4th class cadets in A4 During the company auction, CDT Joseph Oh shows histhe company dayroom. MAJ Martinez from Aviation and MAJ companymates how to “break dance.” CDT Oh’s skill sets are mostAndrews from Engineers talked about their respective branches. likely up for auction.I3 CDT Zach Newquist enjoys a slice a pizza that his company G4 The Guppy Sandhusrt Team is starting to train for the annualbought for dinner. competition that will take place at West Point in April. Highlights HighlightsC3 CDT Seth Lynn prepared a care package for a former B4 CDT Rachel Stuhlmiller organized a Greeen Activity toGamecock and his platoon, who are currently deployed to educate Buffs on proper recycling techniques.Afghanistan. C4 COL Cook, from the IT department, taught a class onD3 CDT Nolan Melson placed 2nd in the Brigade Grappling Microsoft Outlook to the company during commander’s time.Tournament. E4 CDT Joshua Bruce earned a 375 on his recent APFT.E3 CDT Richard Foster taught an Economics and Taxes class to F4 CDT Mike Gorman won the NY State Championship inthe 4th class cadets. Wrestling. Upcoming Events Upcoming EventsC3 Will conduct “sensing sessions” for all underclassmen in the A4 Will host a military training challenge on 31 JAN.company. Written and Submitted by CDT Sean Eyre Written and Submitted by CDT by KaitlynConstantino Written and Submitted Elizabeth Anderson
  3. 3. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 22 JAN - 28 JAN 2012 BrigadeWest Point cadets were invited to the Austrian Ball “der Offiziere” The Glee Club sings the National Anthem at a New Jersey Netsin Vienna. They all studied for a semester at the Austrian Military Game.Academy and were the first WP Cadets to participate in this high-profile event which included many dignitaries.Cadets talk with SFC Standly Villiers at the Firstie Club on Friday CDT Brian Meese, Brigade environmental officer, briefs variousduring the TAC/Cadet social. This was an opportunity for TAC West Point senior leaders and the deputy assistant secretary of theteams to talk with cadets in a less formal atmosphere to answer Army for energy and sustainability, Richard Kidd.any burning questions about Army life. Photo by Mike StrasserMens’ Basketball versus Holy Cross. HighlightsGrant Hall Tasting forum. Upcoming EventsYearling Winter WeekendPost NightUnderclass APFT Created by CDT Noelle Kerr Questions or Comments? Contact CDT Kyle Johnson Kyle.Johnson@usma.edu
  4. 4. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 22 JAN - 28 JAN 2012 4 REG Community Service th Although classes have only been in session forthree weeks and everyone is beginning to have busyschedules, companies have begun to invest themselvesin community service events. All of the regiments areleading the way in company-based volunteer projects,especially with Habitat for Humanity, WoundedWarrior events, and events to honor old graduates whowere killed in combat. CDT Danny Garcia, a member of the Class of2014, initiated a volunteer program in Company D-4to honor fallen old graduates, especially those fromD-4. CDT Garcia and his Company Commander, Picture of the D-4 fallen soldier bracelet, taken by Cadet HeatherCDT Heather Purkey, Class of 2012, have initiated a Purkey, D-4 Company Commander.comprehensive program in their company. Every cadetin the company wears a bracelet that states the name and information of a fallen graduate. Every Thursdaymorning, the company gathers together after morning formation and two D-4 cadets share a story theylearned about their fallen graduate. The intent is to honor the sacrifice of those who have passed before us,while building cohesion as a company. All of the proceeds from this project go directly to the AmericanWidows Project, a fund which helps families of those who have lost someone in combat. The company hasalready raised over $250 for the fund. Additionally, the Long Gray Line Team, a cadet-run organization, is going to send nine cadets andofficers, including Major Michael Denehy, the current B-1 Tactical Officer, to New Mexico to compete inthe 23rd annual Bataan Memorial Death March. This march, which is organized and sponsored by theVeterans of Foreign Wars, honors the sacrifice of the 76,000 American soldiers who marched over 60 milesin harsh conditions upon the onset of World War II . The team, which recently sent 95 cadets and officerswho successfully participated in the Marine Corps Marathon, will wear a 35 pound ruck sack during theduration of their run. The race will be organized into five man teams, which will each run 25.2 miles throughthe sandy desert and hills of White Sands Missile Base. The Long Grey Line Team is raising money for theTragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). This program is dedicated to assisting the families ofboth wounded and deceased soldiers. Their goal is to raise $7,500 for TAPS. If you are interested in donatingto the Long Grey Line, please contact CDT Louis Tobergte at Louis.tobergte@usma.edu. Written By CDT Elizabeth Constantino