Weekly Wrap from the Corps of Cadets


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The weekly report on activities at West Point. A very busy week for the Corps of Cadets.

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Weekly Wrap from the Corps of Cadets

  1. 1. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 29 JAN - 04 FEB 2012 1 REG st 2 REG ndH1 CDT Steven Sattler wins the brigade open wrestling C2 CDT Brendan Lorton competes for a spot at the Combattournament for his weight class. Diving School this summer. He was chosen as the company’s “Ace of the Week” because he placed in the top 5 during tryouts.I1 During formation, a cadet gets “pied” in the face by fellow E2 CDT Mike Rothenberger talks to CDT Evan Hansen as partcompanymates. Events such as these help build up morale within of the Firstie-Plebe mentorship program in the company.the company. Highlights Highlights B2 Cadets visited the VA Hospital in NYC and met with veterans from WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. CDT Derek Turner, the company’s community service officer organized the event. Upcoming Events E2 LTC Huerter will host a leadership meeting for Cows and Firsties on 07 FEB. Written and Submitted by CDT Daniel Koszalka Written and Submitted by Kaitlyn Anderson Written and Submitted by CDT Ming ki Kwan
  2. 2. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 29 JAN - 04 FEB 2012 3 REG rd 4 REG thC3 Cadets participated in the annual Help Our Military Heroes B4 CDT Mike Kilby organized a company ruck march in orderSpinathon. This organization raises money to purchase modified to challenge and train the company on 31 JAN.vehicles to help wounded veterans. This year, the organizationraised $190,000.F3 The company celebrates every cadet whose birthday was in I4 MG Hodges receives an “I-beam Alumni Shirt” from theJanuary at the end of the month. cadets in the company. MG Hodges graduated from USMA in 1980. Highlights HighlightsE3 CDT Zachary Thompson is recognized for performing first B4 CPT O’Neal, the company’s Tactical Officer, conducted anaid on his history instructor when the instructor collapsed during Officer Professional Development (OPD) session with the Firstiesclass. CDT Thompson successfully treated the instructor for concerning how to fill out important forms such as leave andshock and bleeding. earning statements. C4 CDT Jeff Powers created videos for Youtube that helps promote the spirit of the company. The names of the videos are “Go Cowboys.” Written and Submitted by CDT Sean Eyre Written and Submitted by CDT by KaitlynConstantino Written and Submitted Elizabeth Anderson
  3. 3. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 29 JAN - 04 FEB 2012 BrigadeCDT Grant Ward gets his 100th Night suit checked off by MAJ On 02 FEB, the Firsties picked thier first assignment posts. CDTSoyka. Becacause the Firsties are allowed to wear civilian attire to Brett Boyer received her first choice of Ft. Bragg, NC.the formal, company Tactical officers had to check to make surethe attire was, “appropriate.”CDTs Gavin Chapman and Kevin Ross work with a Chicago During the Army vs RMC hockey game, Army scores a goal.middle school student on the fundamentals of boxing. Everyone, including the Zamboni driver celebrated the win.Post Night HighlightsYearling Winter Weekend Upcoming EventsPresident’s Day Weekend100th NightFlipper Dinner Created by CDT Noelle Kerr Questions or Comments? Contact CDT Kyle Johnson Kyle.Johnson@usma.edu
  4. 4. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 29 JAN - 04 FEB 2012 Yearling Winter Weekend This past weekend the yearling class, class of 2014, celebrated Yearling Winter Weekend. Yearling Winter Weekend is aspecial event for the yearling class in which their class along with dates are offered a weekend full of events, including a hop at Ikehall and a class dinner. The formal dinner set in the cadet mess hall the evening of February 4th is the culminating event. This yearAmbassador Dell L. Dailey was the guest speaker and gave an address to the cadets. Dell Dailey is a West Point graduate from 1971, and served on active duty for 36 years retiring as a Lieutenant General.During his career he became a master army aviator and over 2400 hours of flight time, 400 of which was conducting wearing at nightwith night-vision goggles. According to many of the yearlings that went, Ambassador Dailey was able to connect with them throughhis speech. The focal point of his speech was his experience as a cadet. Keeping the crowd alert with lively commentary and humor,he also shared with them some advice for the future. He explained his cynical outlook when he was a cadet and how he was able totransform himself into having a successful career. He then challenged the yearlings to have a more positive outlook. He explainedthat he could have been more successful had be kept a more optimistic and positive outlook from the beginning and challenged theyearlings to do so. Although many may not see the benefit now, he explained how the lessons we learn here will matter when webecome officers in the United States Army. As one group of yearlings concluded, “He was able to be completely honest and was trulyable to relate to our class; a great speaker.” Following the dinner was the hop down and Ike Hall. Cadets and dates alike packed the ballroom as like music from theBenny Haves band played. The first official dance was “Fly me to the moon” by Frank Sinatra which was enjoyed by many. As thenight drew on LTC Thompson-Shoats went up to the front and led the whole class in the ‘cupid shuffle.’ All in all it was a greatsuccess. Written By CDT Daniel Koszalka, Photos by CDT Sam Wharton
  5. 5. United States Corps of Cadets Weekly Wrap-up 29 JAN - 04 FEB 2012 St. Barbara’s and Maneuver Ball Last week, the combat arms branches hosted their formal balls. The Fires Braches of Field Artillery and Air Defense Artilleryhosted what is known as the St. Barbara’s Ball on Friday at the Officer Club. St. Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen. TheManeuver Ball, which is celebrated by the Armor and Infantry Branches, hosted their event in Eisenhower Hall. These events inspire camaraderie amongst the cadets and expose them to officers and NCO’s of their respective branches.Since post night has passed, cadets are certain of their future and this offers them the opportunity to form an identity with theirbranch. The night usually consists of a dinner and drinking from grog to symbolize that camaraderie. Written By CDT Noelle Kerr, Photos by CDT Matt Bunker