2011 Suzuki Crossover West Herr Chrysler Jeep Suzuki, NY


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2011 Suzuki Crossover brochure provided by West Herr Chrysler Jeep Suzuki located near Buffalo, NY. Find the 2011 Suzuki Crossover for sale in New York; call about our current sales and incentives at (716) 662-4400. http://www.westherrchryslerjeep.com/

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2011 Suzuki Crossover West Herr Chrysler Jeep Suzuki, NY

  1. 1. S X 4 S u z u k i 2 0 1 1 West Herr Chrysler Jeep Suzuki Orchard Park , NY. 14075 Sales: (716) 662-4400 http://www.westherrchryslerjeep.com/
  2. 2. T R A V E L L I G H T L I V E F U L L Y
  3. 3. S X 4 C r o s s o v e r S X 4 C r o ss o v e r T e c h V a l u e P a c k a g e Shown in Quicksilver Metal lic S X 4 w a s n a m e d a 2 0 1 0 T o p 1 0 C o o l e st n e w c a r u n d e r $ 1 8 , 0 0 0 b y k e l l e y b l u e b o o k ’ s k b b . c o m .1
  4. 4. T R A C T I O N 2WD sends power only to the two front wheels. Use this mode primarily on dry pavement . By the way, it gets you optimal fuel economy. I-AWD I N D E P E N D E N C E Kitesur fing the waters of The Bahamas is one way to make your mark and declare your independence. But you only need to go as far as your SX4 to real ly show the world the stuff you’re made of. i-AWD Auto constantly monitors trac tion in changing conditions. When the i-AWD system detec ts slippage in the front wheels, torque immediately shifts to the rear wheels for al l-wheel trac tion and increased stabilit y. i-AWD Lock gives 50/50 front and rear torque distribution for best trac tion in snow and mud. Ful l i-AWD Lock trac tion is maintained until the vehicle reaches cruising speed ( 36 mph), and then it automatical ly switches over to i-AWD Auto. 2 0 X SX4’s E lec tronic Control Unit ( ECU ) has 20 tim es the com puting power of the lunar landing module. Ponder that on your next ter restr ial off-road tr ip. C ontro l The available Elec tronic Stabilit y Program2 constantly monitors SX4’s trajec tory and the driver’s steering input to detec t skidding motion or loss of trac tion, then automatical ly adjusts throt tle input and brake pressure to help maintain direc tional control . Average sedan seat height SX4 Crossove r seat height T op V ie w SX4 Crossover’s in-command seating puts you at a higher level than the average sedan. Why’s that impor tant? Besides get ting in and out more easily, you have a more commanding view of the road, and with it, greater control and confidence. P E R F O R M It’s a quick course in ac tive control watching Christian jump and grind the rails. SX4® won’t catch as much air. But when it comes to control, it gets high marks for consistent love-to- drive per formance. A C T I V E C o n t r o l S P O R T sedan Featuring America’s most affordable standard touchscreen navigation, the SX4 Spor t® ratchets up the class’s level of standard s afet y features and brings back the joy of driving with the per formance-tuned paddle-shifters al l at an unheard of compac t-class value. C R O S S O V E R a w d America’s most affordable standard al l-wheel drive is the alternative to a thirst y SUV. The Crossover® packs eight air bags and elec tronic stabilit y control . Add the available heated seats, advanced touchscreen navigation and Bluetooth® and you’ve got transpor t deluxe. S port B ac k America’s most affordable hot hatch is packed with Suzuki’s ral ly-racing DNA . The Spor tBack® combines its responsive, track-tuned handling with an aggressive, head-turning st yle, a surprisingly refined interior — named Ward ’s Interior of the Year — and al l the vers atilit y of a hatchback . 3 - mode I - a w d M o v e o v e r C R - V ® , I m p r e z a® a n d M at r i x ® w i t h y o u r si n g l e m o d e AWD s y s t e m . S X 4 C r o ss o v e r ’ s 3 - M o d e i n t e l l i g e n t A l l - W h e e l D r i v e ( i - AWD ™ ) S y s t e m h e l p s g i v e y o u o p t im a l t r a c t i o n f o r e a c h r o a d c o n d i t i o n — g e n i u s !
  5. 5. A v a i l a b l e F e a t u r e s A d v a n c e d T o u c h sc r e e n G P S N a v i g a t i o n 3 - m o d e i n t e l l i g e n t A l l - W h e e l D r i v e ( I - a w d ) s y st e m B l u e t o o t h h a n d s - f r e e c o m m u n i c a t i o n I l l u m i n a t e d st e e r i n g w h e e l s m a r t p a ss ® k e y l e ss st a r t a n d e n t r y s y st e m A u t o m a t i c c l i m a t e c o n t r o l IN T UI T I V E C O N T R O L S X 4 Shown in Black interior
  6. 6. bluetooth B I G L E A G U E C O M P A R I S O N Vehicle TouchScreen navigation Real-time Traffic Google local search Movie finder Suzuki SX4 Sport Standard* Available Available Available Lexus ES® Available Available Not Available Not Available Acura TSX® Available Available Not Available Not Available *AlsoavailableonCrossoverandSportBack N A V I G A T ION D Y N A M I C C O N T E N T T our G uide What a resource! TR IP 2 .0 contains over 6 million standard points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants and even ATMs. You can also get one-year access to nuL ink! ™ ser vices3 , which includes real-time traffic, low-price gas finder, weather forecast, air line ar r ival/depar ture tim es, Google search for the latest information and m ore — an assor tm ent of infor m ative real-tim e features you’l l wonder how you ever left home without . C opi l ot SX4 Spor t is the m ost affordable vehic le w ith standard GPS navigation. Suzuki® TRIP ® 2 .0, which stands for Travel, R eal-tim e traffic , I nfor m ation and Play, is feature-packed for convenient, hassle-free driving. The navigation is integrated into SX4 ’s audio system to make sure audio driving direc tions come in loud and c lear. Chec k out the adjustable color touc hsc reen display, preloaded 2-D and 3-D maps, turn-by- tur n voice direc tions, autom atic routing , route planner, handy locator and a pack of available real-time features you’l l love. D R I V E N Like Vaness a, a free-form rock climber, you may have a strong sense of where you’re going. But a lit tle help from technology is always welcome. S U R V I V A L Emperor penguins make treks of up to 75 miles across th e i r s tark , wh i te landscape for food and f i n d th e i r way h ome again w ith pinpoint acc uracy. Their lives depend on it . Seems we’re not too di f fe re n t f rom pe n guins after al l . Is your friend ’s f light on time? Has your depar ture been delayed? Relax, TRIP 2 .0 provides real-time f light depar ture and arrival information for every airpor t . Move fast and stay informed with real- time traffic info. A prompt warns of messy tie-ups ahead an d of fe rs re - routing options to ke e p you movi n g. Others may waste a gallon searching for the lowest gas prices. But not you. You’re the savvy traveler to follow with the available low-price gas finder. TRIP 2 .0’s available Local Events gives you freedom to search for a destination on the f ly. Pick a hot club, a comedy show or wherever your mood takes you. Jump in your car and hit the red carpet. You’ve got available real-time (or is it reel-time?) movie listings with film titles, theaters and show times at your fingertips. Be forewarned of weather conditions. TRIP 2 .0’s real-time updates keep you advised of severe weather that may impac t your drive. H ands - free T h a n k s t o s x 4 ’ s n a v i g at i o n w i t h a v a i l a b l e i n t e g r at e d B l u e t o o t h ® , Y o u c a n f i n d a r e s ta u r a n t a n d m a k e a h a n d s - f r e e c a l l f o r r e s e r v at i o n s f r o m a h o t - l i n k b u t t o n o n t h e sc r e e n . T raffic F ue l prices M ovies E vents Weather F l ight info
  7. 7. S X 4 S P OR T S E Shown in Black interior
  8. 8. Secure C onvenience is standard Vehicle 8 air bags for front & Rear passengers IIHS FRONT/SIDE CRASHWORTHINESS 2010 RATINGS ALL-WHEEL DRIVE TRACTION & GRIP BLUETOOTH DIRECT DIALING VIA NAVIGATION POI/BUSINESS LOOKUP Suzuki SX4 Crossover Standard Good/Good Standard Available Toyota Matrix® No, 6 Air bags Good/Good Available Not Available MINI Cooper® No, 6 Air bags Good/Acceptable Not Available Not Available Subaru Impreza® No, 6 Air bags Good/Good Standard Not Available C O M F OR T A D A P T A B L E There’s no sleight of hand. Your SX4 can hit the high country at sun-up, carry groceries home at 1:00 pm and stil l sit confidently in valet parking at your favorite restaurant in the evening. 1 0 X F A S T E R SX 4’s dual-stage front, front- and rear-side and side cu r tai n ai r b ags de ploy a nd def late ten times faster than a h u mmi n gb i rd can f lap its w ings, w hic h is just a blur. U s i n g t h e av a i l a b l e S m a r t Pa s s Keyless Star t and Entry system, you can unlock your doors and start your engine without taking your key out of your pocket or purse. SX4 Crossover AWD gives you and your passenger available heated seats. Now that’s toast y! Heated side mirrors are also great for those cold mornings. Al l this and music too? SX4’s radio auxiliary input jack lets you plug in your MP3 player or iPod® to play your favorite tunes or catch up on the latest audio book . S T O P ! The standard Bosch® Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and available 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes help you maximize your control and stopping power to help keep you protec ted. P E A C E Shazia may pressure-pack every minute. But she’s learned that a regular dose of serenit y keeps every thing in balance. That’s SX4 to a “ T ”. You’l l love al l the dynamic features and appreciate the peace of mind that only a vehicle designed for s afet y and reliabilit y can provide. S A F E T Y P R O T E C T Y o u a n d y o u r pa ss e n g e r s c a n s a i l d o w n t h e r o a d k n o w i n g y o u ’ r e s u r r o u n d e d b y t h e b e s t a v a i l a b l e p r o t e c t i o n Wi t h 8 s ta n d a r d a i r b a g s i n c l u d i n g d u a l - s ta g e f r o n t, F r o n t - a n d r e a r - si d e a n d si d e c u r ta i n a i r b a g s , s x 4 m e e t s 2 0 1 4 f r o n t a n d si d e c r a s h s ta n d a r d s y e a r s a h e a d o f sc h e d u l e .
  9. 9. S X 4 S P OR T s e Shown in Quicksilver Metal lic
  10. 10. T H E S T A N D A R D B E A R E R Vehicle Standard horsepower Sport suspension Aero sport body kit Standard tires Standard wheels Paddle shifters Suzuki SX4 SportBack 150-hp Standard Standard 205/50-R17 Alloy-17 inch Available Toyota Matrix® 132-hp Available Available 205/55-R16 Steel-16 inch Not Available Honda Fit Sport® 117-hp Standard Standard 185/55-R16 Alloy-16 inch Available MINI Cooper® 122-hp Available Available 175/65-R15 Alloy-15 inch Available P O W E R P A Y O F F The SX4 packs a proud 2 .0-liter I- 4 DOHC engine that cool ly out-powers compac t segment leaders such as Toyota Matrix® with 150HP (MT), 148HP (CV T) and 140 lb/ft of street-smar t torque. But the real power to please may be in its impressive fuel economy, maintenance-free timing chain and clean running manners. LOADEDM aster mix When you’re ready to take on the world, you’re confident that your Spor tback provides a sm ooth m ix of st yle, vers atilit y and streetwise per formance. S port suspension The SX4 Spor tBack e mb odi e s Su zu k i ’s u n paral le le d exper tise in designing and building smooth-handling compac t cars. You can thank its trans atlantic cousin, the Swift, a magnet for European and Asian “Car of the Year” awards, for it’s highly evolved chassis. But the Spor tBack ups the ante with K YB s h ock s , s por t- tu n e d s u s pe n sion w ith lower -r ide height, w ide-trac k stance and more standard h orse powe r th an e i th e r Toyota Matr ix® or Honda Fit Spor t®. A g i l i ty P E R F OR M A N C E S T R O N G Throw your spor t fac tor into hyperdrive. Standard high-per formance KYB® shocks, a spor t suspension that balances a smooth ride with responsiveness and low-profile tires with al loy wheels make the Spor tBack as strong on st yle as it is on drivabilit y and per formance. F l ex room With SX4 Spor tBack’s rear liftgate and 60/40 split-folding rear seats, you got plent y of room for options. Whether you’re hauling gear for a weekend camping trip or friends to a concer t, your seats quickly f lip to accommodate. “A sm a l l c a r t h at is d o w n r i g h t f a s t t o 6 0 m p h w i t h d e c e n t p u n c h t h r o u g h o u t t h e r e v r a n g e .” A uto Week , May 2010 51.8 cu. ft. of cargo room T a k e charge Th e 6- s pe e d manual transm ission has a precise feel and optimal ly spaced ratios that give quick response and h i gh f u e l e con omy. P rimed to go If you’re an independent spirit like Dale, sit ting behind the wheel of a minivan is not your st yle. Your vehicle must be as distinc tive as you are and ready to go at a m om ent’s notice.
  11. 11. S X 4 C RO S S O V E R S X 4 C r o ss o v e r T e c h V a l u e P a c k a g e Shown in Sunlight Copper Metal lic8 with accessories S X 4 c r o ss o v e r AWD i s A m e r i c a ’ s m o st a f f o r d a b l e a l l - w h e e l d r i v e a u t o m o b i l e 4 .
  12. 12. Power C A R R Y A LL Christian owns the snow and dominates the air over the half-pipe. The SX4 loves the snow too, but it’s the solid agile per former in al l four seasons — hence the “4” in SX4. Though firmly rooted to the road, the SX4’s exhilarating acceleration and deft responsiveness may lead you to believe that you’re the new air-dog. S hift Available per formance-tuned paddle shifters give you the option of keeping control or let ting the Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CV T) cal l the shifts. W O R L D C L A S S S X 4 ’ S 2 . 0 - L I TER DOH C 1 6 - VALVE ENG I NE HA S M U C H M ORE I N - L I NE THAN J U S T I T S FOUR C YL I NDER S . I T ’ S H I GH ON POWER W I TH AN I N S P I R I NG 1 5 0 - HP AT 6 , 2 0 0 RP M 5 AND 1 4 0 L B - FT OF PEAK TOR Q UE . I T ’ S B I G ON S UPERLAT I VE S W I TH EX C ELLENT FUEL E C ONO M Y AND A C C ELERAT I ON — M AK I NG TH I S ONE OF THE M O S T NON - S TANDARD S TANDARD ENG I NE S I N I T S C LA S S . L E G E N D A R Y The s ame bold company that created the Hayabus a, the wor ld ’s h ot test spor t bike, is at work u nder the hood of your SX4 . P erformance E ver wish you could get the s ame power ful engine torque you experience at high speeds when you’re at lower speeds? SX4’s Variable I nduc tion System (VI S) gives you just T O R Q U E Just as a cheetah pursues its prey making strong , agile turns before transitioning power f u l ly to i ts f u l l s tri de , SX 4’s e ngine torque gives you the strong , ful l-bodied re s pon se you wan t wh e n corn e ring and at lower speeds. The competition can’t match th i s k i n d of low-e n d torque. A . B. C . that — automatical ly. A . The rotating intake manifold tuning valve adjusts automatical ly to create the optimal intake leng th for the ful l RPM range. B. The closed valve routes the air/ fuel mixture through a longer intake that creates a power ful torque output at lower RPMs. C . The valve rotates to an open position, creating a shor ter intake that provides maximum torque and per formance at higher speeds. S T R E N G T H P E R F O R M A N C E P o w erfu l yet efficient Vehicle Standard Engine Standard Horsepower Maximum Torque Suzuki SX4 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve 150-hp @ 6,200 RPM 140 lb-ft @ 3,500 RPM Honda Civic® 1.8-liter SOHC 16-valve 140-hp @ 6,300 RPM 128 lb-ft @ 4,300 RPM Toyota Corolla® 1.8-liter DOHC 16-valve 132-hp @ 6,000 RPM 128 lb-ft @ 4,400 RPM Ford Focus® 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve 140-hp @ 6,000 RPM 136 lb-ft @ 4,250 RPM The highway MPG as displayed is based on EPA mileage estimates for the SX4 Sedan, sourced from www.fueleconomy.gov. 23/33mpg
  13. 13. # 1 W A R R A N T YA M E RI C A ’ S 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 - MILE / 7 - YEAR p o w e r t r a i n l i m i t e d w a r r a n t y FULLY T RAN S FERABLE NO DEDU C T IBLE 2 4 - HOUR ROAD S IDE A S S I S T AN C E See suzukiauto.com or your local Dealer for more information on warranty highlights or the New Vehicle Warranty Information booklet for full warranty disclosure.S X 4 S p o r t B a c k Shown in Vivid Red
  14. 14. Mont Blanc® Removable Roof Rack System and Modules (Ski Module Shown) Window Visors Crossover Rear Spoiler SX4 SportBack MODEL FEATURES • Aero Sport Body Kit • 17-inch alloy wheels • Sport-tuned suspension • Foglamps • Leather-wrapped steering wheel with illuminated audio and cruise control • Power windows, doors and mirrors with remote keyless entry • Electronic Stability Program • Available touchscreen TRIP® 2.0 GPS navigation • Available Bluetooth®12 hands-free communication system SX4 SPORT sedan MODEL FEATURES • Touchscreen TRIP® 2.0 GPS navigation system • 17-inch alloy wheels • Aero Sport Body Kit • 4-speaker AM/FM/CD audio system with MP3 playback and available iPod®15 interface • Power windows, doors and mirrors • 4-wheel disc brakes • Available foglamps • Available paddle shifters • Available Leather-wrapped steering wheel with illuminated audio and cruise control • Available Bluetooth®12 hands-free communication system 1 Formoreinformationaboutthe2010Top10CoolestNewCarsUnder$18,000fromKelleyBlueBook’skbb.com,visitwww.kbb.com/CoolCars2010.KelleyBlueBookisaregisteredtrademarkofKelleyBlueBookCo.,Inc.2 Electronic StabilityProgram,whichshouldremainonwhendrivingexceptwhenfreeingthevehiclefrommudorsnow,cannotbereliedupontopreventaccidentsduetoabruptsteering,carelessnessordangerousdrivingtechniques. Alwaysdrivesafely.3 Free1-yearGarminnuLink!servicesincludedwhileofferlasts.ContinuetoreceivenuLink!servicesafterthe1-yearperiodendsfor$60peryear.Someservicesonlyavailableinselectcitieswherecoverage exists.Coverageandpricingbasedoninformationavailableattimeofprintandsubjecttochangewithoutnotice.GarminnuLink!isaregisteredtrademark.4 Basedonmanufacturers’websitesasof7/16/10.5 CVT-equippedSX4is limitedto6,000RPMandhasslightlylesshorsepower(148-hp@6,000RPM).6 NotavailableonCrossover.7 NotavailableonSedan.8 OnlyavailableonCrossover.9 OnlyavailableonSedan.10 Bosch®isaregisteredtrademarkofThe RobertBoschLLC.11 KYB®isaregisteredtrademarkofKYBCo.,Ltd.12 Bluetooth®isaregisteredtrademarkofBluetooth®SIG,Inc.13 RequiredXM®tunerandsubscriptionsoldseparately.Allfeesandprogrammingsubjecttochange. Subscriptionssubjecttocustomeragreementavailableatxmradio.com. XM®serviceonlyavailableinthe48contiguousUnitedStates.XM®isaregisteredtrademarkofXM®SatelliteRadio,Inc.14 TirePressureMonitoringSystem (TPMS)isnotasubstituteforregulartirepressureinspections.Tirepressuresshouldbecheckedatleastmonthlyusingatirepressuregauge.Maintainingtherecommendedtirepressurecanhelpavoidperformanceproblems,tire damageandprematurewear.SeetheOwner’sManualforadditionaldetails.15 iPod®isaregisteredproductofApple,Inc.16 BasedonIHSGlobalInsightdataforJapansales.17 BasedonALGdataasof7/29/10.18 ©2010AutoPacific, Inc.VehicleSatisfactionAward.MontBlanc®isaregisteredtrademarkofMontBlanc®.CR-V®,ToyotaMatrix®,LexusES®,AcuraTSX®,MINICooper®,SubaruImpreza®,HondaFitSport®,HondaCivic®,ToyotaCorolla®,FordFocus®, Porsche®,Volvo®andMercedes-Benz®areregisteredtrademarks.Allcompetitorspecificationsareobtainedfrommanufacturers’websitesasof7/16/10.Coloroptionsmayvarybytrim.Specificationsandequipmentbasedon informationavailableattimeofprintandsubjecttochangewithoutnotice.Formoreinformation,contactyourlocalSuzukiDealerorvisitsuzukiauto.com. Chrome Alloy Wheels COLORS SX4 accessories Quicksilver Metallic Sunlight Copper Metallic8 Cherry Red Metallic9 Vivid Red7 White Water Pearl6 Black Pearl Metallic Azure Gray Metallic Deep Sea Blue Metallic XM®13 Satellite Radio iPod®15 Interface S X 4 S P E C I F I C A T I O N S SX4 specifications and features Crossover SportBack Sport sedan Sedan/le ENGINE and DRIVETRAIN 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine S S S S 150-hp @ 6,200 RPM (MT), 148-hp @ 6,000 RPM (CVT), 140 lb-ft @ 4,000 RPM S S S S Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) — S S S Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (i-AWD™) S — — — 6-speed manual transmission S S S S Performance-tuned Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT) O O O O Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters — O O O WHEELS and BRAKES 15˝ Steel wheels with full covers (P195/65 R15) — — — S 16˝ Steel wheels with full covers (P205/60 R16) S — — — 17˝ Steel wheels with full covers (P205/50 R17) — S S O Alloy wheels O S S O 4-wheel disc brakes, ventilated in front S S S O Bosch®10 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) S S S S Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) S S S S Sport suspension with KYB®11 performance-tuned shocks — S S — EXTERIOR Aero Sport Body Kit — S S — Roof rack rails S — — — Rear spoiler — S O — Foglamps O S O — Front wipers with variable intermittent function S S S S Rear wiper with intermittent function S S — — Rear window defroster S S S S Power side mirrors (heated on Crossover AWD) S S S S Interior TRIP® 2.0 touchscreen GPS navigation O O S — Access to nuLink!3 services (real-time traffic, low-price gas finder, movie listings, etc.) O O S — Bluetooth®12 hands-free calling O O O — Leather-wrapped steering wheel cover with illuminated audio controls O S O O Power steering S S S S Information display (MPG, range, outside temperature, average speed) S S S S Power windows and door locks S S S S Remote keyless entry with trunk opener S S S O SmartPass® Keyless Start and Entry — — O — Cruise control O S O O Manual air conditioning with pollen filter S S S O Rear footwell heater vent S S S S Sun visors with vanity mirrors S S S S 4-speaker AM/FM/CD/AUX with MP3 playback and XM®13 capability S S S O 9-speaker AM/FM/CD, subwoofer, MP3 playback and XM®13 capability — — O — SX4 specifications and features CROSSOVER SportBack Sport sedan Sedan/le SEATING and cargo 60/40 split-folding rear seats S S S S Cargo security cover S S — — Cargo light S S S S Driver’s seat height adjuster S S S S Seat heaters — driver’s and front passenger’s O — — — SAFETY and Security Electronic Stability Program S S O — Brake assist S S S S Advanced dual-stage front air bags — Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) S S S S Front and rear seat-mounted side-impact and 2-row side-curtain air bags (SRS) S S S S Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS14 ) S S S S Front 3-point ELR seat belts with pretensioners, force limiters and height adjusters S S S S Child seat tether/ISOFIX rear anchors/rear child door locks S S S S Side-impact door beams S S S S Daytime Running Lights (DRL) S S S S CROSSOVER SportBack SPORT sedan Sedan INTERIOR DIMENSIONS Head room, front/rear (in) 39.6/38 39.6/38 39.6 /37.5 39.6/37.5 Leg room, front/rear (in) 41.4/36.4 41.4/36.4 41.4/35.8 41.4/35.8 Shoulder room, front/rear (in) 53.3/52.8 53.3/52.8 53.3/52.8 53.3/52.8 Hip room, front/rear (in) 51.0/46.7 51.0/46.7 51.0 /42.6 51.0 /42.6 EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS Wheelbase (in) 98.4 98.4 98.4 98.4 Overall length (in) 163.4 162.8 177.6 176.8 Overall width (in) 69.1 69.1 68.1 68.1 Overall height (in) 63.2 61.8 60.8 60.8 CAPACITIES Seating (passengers) 5 5 5 5 Maximum cargo (cu ft) 51.8 51.8 15.5 15.5 Fuel (gal) 11.9 13.2 13.2 13.2 EPA ESTIMATED FUEL ECONOMY FWD automatic, city/highway (mpg) — 23/30 23/30 23/30 FWD manual, city/highway (mpg) — 22/30 23/32 23/33 AWD automatic, city/highway (mpg) 23/29 — — — AWD manual, city/highway (mpg) 22/30 — — — S = Standard  O = Optional  — = Not Available B e i g e F a b r i c I n t e r i o r S e d a n B l a c k F a b r i c I n t e r i o r C r o s s o v e r, S p o r t B a c k , S p o r t S e d a n a n d S e d a n
  15. 15. 99962-11118 G RAND VI T ARA S X 4 S p o r tB a c k EQUA T ORKI Z A S HI S X 4 C RO S S OVER S X 4 s p o r t s u z u k i a u t o . c o m S u z u k i f a st f a cts : M a k e r o f t h e N u m b e r - 1 - s e l l i n g c a r i n J a p a n s i x y e a r s i n a r o w 1 6 . S e c o n d l a r g e st c a r m a n u f a ct u r e r i n j a p a n 1 6 . H a s b e tt e r r e s a l e v a l u e t h a n p o r sc h e ®, v o l v o ® a n d m e r c e d e s - b e n z ®1 7 . M a k e r o f K i z a s h i , h i g h e st s a t i s f a ct i o n o f a n y 2 0 1 0 c a r . a u t o p a c i f i C 2 0 1 0 v e h i c l e s a t i s f a ct i o n a w a r d 1 8 .