2010 Ram 2500 Buffalo


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2010 Dodge Ram 2500 color brochure provided by West Herr Dodge located near Buffalo, NY. Find the 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 for sale in New York; call about our current sales and incentives at 716-667-1700.

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2010 Ram 2500 Buffalo

  1. 1. West Herr Dodge 3551 Southwestern Blvd Orchard Park NY 14127 2010 RAM 716-667-1700 HEAVY DUTY 2500/3500 dodge.com | 800-4ADODGE
  2. 2. THE NEW 2010 RAM HEAVY DUTY. Only R am would have the audacity to take such proven On On Ram would hav he audac t y o tak uch prove nl am ha a audaci au a u take tak ove v workh e ik e workho se like h am i l y o f R am H e av y D t y P ic ku p workhorses l ike th e f ami ly of Ram He avy Du ty Pic kup s — an d t hen re fi n e t hem to be o ho k ke amily Ra m m v vy c n then e fin them t o b e he n h en e h em s t rong e r, str o ng er, to ugh er an d more c o fo t ab e tha ver st r ong er, t ough e r and mo re com for tab le than ever. ng gh gh nd n omfor ta b h om f ortab o a RAM. STANDOUT But that’s w hat gi ves 20 10 Ram such for midable clout. For this is where engineering ut t hat t at hat hat g es 20 1 0 Ram such f or midable clout For his is w her e engineer ng R am such a d b bl lou For ut. u wh he en in r ne refinement r esults in bo th increa sed capability and gr eat er int erior comfor t — no tably efi emen esults n both inc e a sed c ap b lit y and g r at er int er or comfo fi me en ult s bo t h in lt ts bo nc e ed li ater n t omf n t abl ab in the ultra-sp acious ne w R am Cre w C ab. This is where key f e atures like the av ail able n the ultra-sp ac ou s n h he ltra-sp -sp s u new am Cre Cr ew ab. T his s w r e ke y fe tu es l k e he v a l abl r abb. ey e t s he ai ab ailabl b le end y le gend ry Cumm ns Tur bo Dies e nd a ailable 6 -sp legendary Cummins® Turbo Diesel and available 6-speed aut omatic tr ansmission put eg n m ns®s se lable 6-spe aut om t i t r nsmi sion u a le peed m ic ns issio CAPABILITY THAT yo you us nes ot o the map and in h black t’ wher xt rio es n im ovem nt your business both on the map and in the black. It’s where exterior design improvements sine ot p and la lac t ’ her ack. e t i s improvements ov t result re ult n aer od yn mi so leek , the ct all ont ri e t a in littl re n. t’s result in a rod ynamic s s o sleek, the y actually cont ribute to saving a little g reen. It’s t y nami ee t he ctuall h n r n l tt l r ee tt tl whe e ntelligent innov at o where int elligent innovations — like the new Tailgate Lif t Assist — make lif e and work here ell gent in v he ellige l e like h e w Ta lgat e f A ssi t e Tai ga ss s si ake life and wor k ke nd n easier easier. A nd it’s wher e t hat inter ior comfort and br illiant Uconnec tTM technolog y give as er e it w her ha inter or comf o t an br illian Ucon ec M t echnolog t t’ e h in t e or f n ill a l co ec o on ect echno ogy ve hno STANDS UP. y yo an o th g you an on-the-go o ffice 24/ 7. This is wher he the-g u o e /7 This is where you come when you want the power to tow or haul — for work or for leisure. h he yo want the ow en Where o u n d trucks that stand W he a ant w tow ha w Wh e ou find tr ck t h t s t a ou w ith pro ve d ra ility n d s pe ties. h h u e w a li y li war anties This is wher you ste up to new 2010 a Heavy uty ucks h vy fo ork o fo ei ure for o for o we t in war ranties. This is where you step up to new 2010 R am Heavy Dut y trucks that stand up tand r Whe re you fi nd trucks th at sta nd out wi th pro ven durabili ty and super b p owe rtr ain h ru ks h roven to the toughest tests of all: your workload and the test of time. Start here, and continue t ughest te s o all your workloa nd th te of time. t t he e, and onti ue tests all: o orkload test m e ntinue the journey at dodge com/ram_hd h he journe rney dge.com/ram h ge.com r m_hd Big enough for the job: Ram 3500 Mega Cab® Laramie Dually in Bright Silver Metallic.
  3. 3. MORE CAPABILITY THE FIRST STEP IN MASTERING YOUR DESTINY IS TO MASTER THE TOWING. Everywhere you loo , Everyw e you look, rywher this is team this is teamwork that works. From R m and Cummins®: L w-end torque to handle most every thing out there. h amwork that works From Ra at k m d Cummins® Low-end torque handl most every thing ou there. mins®: Low-e e ndle er W Wit h i ts cla ss- exc lus ive , [1] st and ard ex hau st bra ke add ing excep tio nal b r aki ng cap abi lit y, the formi dab le its class- exclus ive, [1 t a d d x aust brake adding xceptio s-exc lu sive u t ak tional br king ca pabi lity, a i fo rmi da rm 6.7-li Cummin Turbo e gener ates best in-c ss[1 stand d torqu 6.7-liter Cummins Tur bo Die sel gener ate s best-in-cl ass[1] st andard torque — u to 65 0 lb-f t in a ne w 2010 -ll mm b nerate e t n-class 1 andard nd u up o 650 lb-f in b e TO MASTER Ram 3 00 Pic kup , a n ideal numb er for an y g eta way. F ort una t el y, oth er number s f or Ram 35 00 Pic kup ar e am 35 Pickup an idea umber equall GCWR ally kup, dea eal mb any geta way. Fort unatel other umbers for am 3500 Pickup r etaway ort p essive like up 12,2 0 of GVWR ap b ity, and 2,200 pa tely, tel y d o 4 umber equally as impressive — like up to 12,200 lb of GVWR capability, and up to 24,500 lb for an uncompromised GCWR when properly equipped. Like improved axles with increased front GAWR up to 5,500 lb. Th R prope equippe Like impro ed axles with in re se front GAWR p o 5,500 b. operly pped. extr that a towin b ze? y vai ab xt h w proved d The Ram extras that make towing a breeze? Try avail able asse ts lik e ailabl reased e sets l 00 o an uncomp omised compr m up ed TOUGH JOBS. the Re Back-U amera, R e Park ss the Re ar Bac k-U p C ame ra, Re ar Par k A ssi st, an d  Rear k-Up me ra U Electronic nge Sele (ERS) [ [2] Ele ctronic R ange Select (ER S) on the available e 6-spee automatic t nsmission. 6-speed automatic transmission. peed S ssist, and  avail b availabl [2 ] 1 2 3 1. BRAKES THAT BENCHMARK CONTROL. Brake rotors on Ram Heavy Duty models have been enlarged, and feature new brake friction material. On Ram 2500 and 3500, stopping power comes from pure authority: these are the largest brake rotors and pads in the class.[1] 2. THE NEW, AVAILABLE INTEGRATED TRAILER BRAKE CONTROLLER helps improve braking properties and trailer stability when towing, allowing the operator to control brake force application. It can even be customized to increase or decrease brake pressure, depending on the weight of the load. SHOW SOME PULL: USE YOUR MOPAR CONNECTION: Capable towing 4 3. CUMMINS DIESEL EXHAUST BRAKE: JOIN THE BIG BOYS ON THE CREW. It’s class-exclusive,[1] infers strength; few combinations match Mopar and new Ram Heavy Duty. and standard. The Diesel Exhaust Brake is an invaluable asset when added to the braking properties of Ram’s new exterior redesign off ers yet greater capability when equipped with Ram, with the additional advantage of saving time and money on the brake system itself. a Gooseneck[3] or Fifth-Wheel Hitch,[3] from Mopar. Essential is the Bed-Mount 4. FIFTH-WHEEL HITCH. [3] Instant capability: this premium hitch from Mopar mounts directly Wiring Harness, and making life — and loading — far more comfortable are the to crossmembers of the frame; unique scissor clamps securely attach the hitch to the mounting Bed Step (not shown) and the custom-designed Chrome Tubular Side Steps, brackets. Extra clearance greatly expands turning angle, previously 45 degrees, to 80 degrees. all Authentic Ram Accessories by Mopar. [1] Based on Automotive News classification. [2]Always check entire surroundings before backing up. [3]Check Owner’s Manual for hitch type, load capacity, and heavy-duty equipment required. Do not exceed the rated tow capacity of vehicle as equipped. Trailering may require some items not supplied by Mopar. Ram 3500 Crew Cab Laramie Dually shown in Two-Tone Rugged Brown Pearl and Light Graystone Pearl with Chrome Tubular Side Steps, an Authentic Ram Accessory by Mopar.
  4. 4. 1 2 2010 RAM 2500 HEAVY DUTY. A NEW CREW CAB EXPANDS 1. SNOWPLOW READY. New YOUR CAPABILITY. Step up into a 2010 Ram 2500 Pickup, and you’ve Ste up into 20 Ram 2500 Pick and you’ 2010 ckup, ou’ve increa inc rea ses in front GAWR rat ings reases in fr nt GAWR rating f W ings stepped up the pace of your work life — because today, it’s all about capability. teppe up the pace of your work life becau today, it’s about capability. p h ou or u cause pabili for Ram 2 500 Pickups give you a 2500 Pickups g you 50 u u Ram 2500 Crew Cab SLT in Austin Tan Pearl. more capability — and put Ram 2500 o or apabil ty and put Ram 2500 b n m 50 Let’s fi Let’s define it further. Capability in 2010 Ram 2500 models gives you engineering s furth Capab i y i 2 rther pa t p m 255 od gives y engineering nginee at the f refront . at at the foref ront. On 2500 4 x2 ront. 2500 4x2 x2 that ts this pickup the ec nd to-non that puts this pickup in the s econd-to-none classification. Powered by t he a s s ku co d o-non s ificatio Powere by the fi tion. owe io e models, f ront GAWR maxes out dels, fron GAWR ma xes out l o W g undbreaking 5.7-li HEMI® V8, this ngine rovide es n-c groundbreaking 5.7-liter HEMI® V8, this engine provides best-in-class[1] s andard e -l e st-in 1 1] standard a at 5,0 at 5,000 lb; on 4x4 models, fr ont 5,000 b x d front ntt ho epow (383 and torque (400 lb-ft) Variable Valv Timi horsepower ( 383) and torque (400 lb-ft). Variable Valve Timing (VV T) increases o p we 383) q ft). ariabl alve iming VVT) increa ereases RAM 2500. THE GAWR is oosted t 5, 00 l GAW R i s b oos ted to 5 , 500 lb , os te te ed 0 per for ance d also c tribut s engine per for mance and also contributes to engine efficiency Ram 2500 a so off ers erfforman n r t iency. ie cy. Ram 2500 al o 0 also s easily accom mo ating large eas ily ac com mod ati ng lar ge il y commod i o one of t on of the most power ful available engines in the whole 2500 c ass of pickups: ne st power ul a ai able engine n the ho power ng es clas picku ckups: sno wpl ows an d o ther equipment. ow o n t equipm t qu the 6.7 lit r Cummins® Turbo Diesel. h 6 7-lite ummins Turbo iesel. 6.7-l t 7-lite m n rb e 2. BIG BED FOR BIG JOBS. 3/4-TON SOLUTION. Impressive power is only p rt of the picture. The abilit y to outthink , outwork , of t p essiv powe is only par v ower he p c re The ability o outthink ut w rk e l tthink t think, u n and outsmart the competition is quit e anot her. Here , t h result is a level n utsmart the compet t on is quit anot he r o uite nother ere, the re sult ot e of toughness that makes the 2010 Ram 2500 the immediate solution — l ke f tou n ss that makes he 2010 m 5 0 th immed ate soluti f s e t mediat olutio e t vel tion li e increasing payload by 600 lb on select 2500 models with that Cummins Turbo ncreasing ay d y 600 lb on selec 500 odels t ha umm Turbo re ay e s h m k T 8 foo bed with Regu ar The 8-foot bed with a R gular Cab m n foot ed ed wit d  Regul in front is a classic combinat ion n front is class combination l assic mbinat io for ¾-ton capabili ty. Like all Ram or ¾ t on capability. Like l Ram b mo els, Regu Cab offers acious models, Regular Cab offers spacious u on Diesel. L ik increasing the front GAWRs, and by off ering an Integrated Trailer iesel Like increas s ike creasing e f nt G WRs, and si fferi ff e n Int ate Trailer ntegr t leg room and head room, providing room head room, providing m ng B Brake Controller. Like backing Ram 2500 with quality so good, it’s designed Controller. Like acking a ller. le ng 500 i qualit y so good, it’s designed ed efficient seating for a crew of three. cient seating nt g crew of three hree. to be one of the longest-lasting, most durable lines of f ull-size pickups. This o be o of the longest-lasting, most durable line o la i e full-size pickup . i ups. In back, the long 8-f oot cargo bed n back, h long 8 f oot cargo bed k g footo go b is the 2010 Ram 2500 Pickup. Find o t more — at dodge.com/r m_hd 2010 2500 Pickup Find ou more p d e dodge.com/ra _hd ge /ram_h on Ram 2500 accommodates loads 2500 a om odates loads 0 Base d on Auto mot ve N ews classifi cation. [1] 1 ased utomoti News cla ssifi cat ion. motive ws ws sifi [2] 2 When properl y eq uipp ed. Pr erly s ure pro perl equipp . Prop per uipped. Properly sec up to 3,160 lb[2] with ease. Shown 3,160 with ease. Shown all cargo al l ca rgo. rgo h re her with Under-Th The-Rail B dliner, Be liner S ding Tool o and Pickup Box Slidin g Tool box , and Pic kup Box olbox Ut lity Rail Authen Utilit y R ail s, Aut hen tic Ram ils, hentic Ra m Access ories b y  p Acc ess ories by Mop ar. essorie y Ram 2500 Regular Cab SLT in Inferno Red Crystal Pearl.
  5. 5. COMFORT AND SPACE TO HANDLE WORK AND PLAY. NEW SPACIOUS RAM CREW CABS. New, available heated and ventilated seats, new storage: this interior works. These pickups prove themselves over brutal preproduction testing — and over the test of time on the job. But that doesn’t stop Ram from improving comfort levels — which brings you to ultra-tough transport that now includes the available luxuries of new power lumbar seats, new fl oor console, new and relocated Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC), new soft-touch trim, new fabrics, and even new Dual-Zone Temperature Control. Ram 2500 Crew Cab Laramie shown in Light Pebble Beige.
  6. 6. Ram 2500 Crew Cab Laramie shown in Light Pebble Beige. 1 SUPERIOR TOUCH With UconnectTM , you’re always connected — to people, places, music, movies, and the Internet. AND TECH. VOICE COMMAND. Select radio stations, satellite radio channels,[1] and It’s quality you can touch. The new instrument navigation[1] destinations by voice. Works with all Uconnect Media Center panel features unexpected touches of luxury — radios. Included with Uconnect Phone. like available upper panel stitching and woodgrain MEDIA CENTER. 730N AM/FM/CD/DVD[2] radio with 30GB hard drive, GPS center panel. It’s balanced by technology that navigation, 6.5-inch touch screen, MP3/WMA support, USB input, 4,250 song includes advanced multistage air bags.[1] capacity, SIRIUS® Satellite Radio,[3] SIRIUS TrafficTM and Voice Command. 1. IN-FLOOR AND UNDER-SEAT STORAGE. Uconnect WEB.[4] This Authentic Ram Accessory by Mopar is an in-car On Crew Cab, the in-floor bins are insulated and router that connects any Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Internet at 3G removable — and accommodate either hot or cold broadband speeds. Multiple passengers can surf the Web, social-network, look up directions, check eMail or download music. Subscription required, items. In addition, storage under the rear bench sold separately. is available for new Crew Cab Heavy Duty models. 2 3 Find it fast, and stow it out of sight. Ideal for iPOD® CONTROL. Connect most iPod compatible devices to your car’s stereo using the in-car cable; then control them with your radio or steering wheel valuables and tools. controls. Keeps the devices charged too. 2. NEW HEATED AND VENTILATED SEATS AUDIO JACK. Connect a 3.5-mm audio cable from your MP3 player, phone, In front are available, with premium materials or electronic book reader to play audio through your car’s speakers. and unique seat stitching. Small fans direct Uconnect PHONE. Lets you talk on your Bluetooth® compatible phone heat away f rom the occupant. Mega Cab® virtually hands-free. Address Sync[5] lets you call anyone in your address book and new Ram Crew Cab off er available heated by saying their name. rear seats. REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT WITH SIRIUS BACKSEAT TV.TM 3. DUAL GLOVE BOXES. Now, glove box Passengers can play DVD movies or connect gaming consoles to an 8-inch storage off ers advantages too big to ignore, with screen. Available SIRIUS Backseat TV TM channels provide a never-ending supply of live content on three of the best family-friendly channels. no compromise in interior room — but a big jump [1] When satellite radio and navigation features are equipped on your vehicle. Any voice-commanded system should be used only in safe in everyday convenience and comfort. driving conditions and all attention should be kept on the roadway ahead. Failure to do so may result in an accident causing serious injury or death. [2] In-dash DVD capability not available in all states. [3]SIRIUS service available only in contiguous United States and [1] Always sit properly in the seat with the seat belt fastened. Children D.C. Service available in Canada; see siriuscanada.ca. Subscription required after 12-month subscription included with vehicle purchase. 12 and under should always be in a backseat correctly using an infant Subscriptions governed by SIRIUS. Terms & Conditions available at sirius.com. SIRIUS, XM, and all related marks and logos are or child restraint system or the seat belt positioned correctly for the trademarks of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries. [4] The Uconnect Web feature is not intended for use by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. [5]Phone must support Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP). child’s age and weight.
  7. 7. NOTABLE ENGINEERING IN THE 6.7-LITER CUMMINS TURBO: EFFICIENCY. POWER. RAM. HIGH FUEL-INJECTION PRESSURES. Rated at 2,900 psi (200 bar), these pressure levels translate into proven capability and performance. VARIA ABLE GEOMETRY TURBOCHARGER (VGT). Discussed below, the VGT is used in concert with a large front-mounted intercooler for increased d perform mance and improved fuel economy. THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND MANY RA M A FORMMIDABLE BLOCK STIFFNESS. The cast-iron engine block technology HEAVY DUTY MODELS: THE SINGULAR contrib butes to less noise and vibration and helps mitigate harshness. 1 6.7-LITER CUMMINS TURBO DIESEL. By any ® y COMM MON-RAIL ARCHITECTURE. The common-rail fuel system in the measure, it’s got game. Torque — the benchmark figure a 6.7-lite Cummins Turbo Diesel works with sophisticated electronics to yield er for working power — is almost off the charts, maxing multiple advantages. Among them — uncommonly quiet operation. out at 650 lb-ft @ 1,500 rpm. But no matter which model you drive, INTEG GRATED GRID HEATER. An engineering accomplishment by Cummins to when measured in terms of quality, it’s got legs. Over a million Ram help ac chieve outstanding cold-starting ability. The Cummins starts without glow models have been powered by the world-renowned Cummins Turbo plugs or an ancillary block heater in temperatures as low as -20°F. o Diesel. As one of the cleanest, most powerful, and most respected ELECTTRONIC CONTROL MODULE (ECM). This proprietary engineering diesel engines in any commercial pickup, this remarkable power plant o enables the engine to respond faster to throttle and acceleration. Its expanded can power significantly larger-class vehicles. Measure it in your own electro onic features were specifically designed for the demands of the terms for strength, quietness and efficiency — when you test-drive e comme ercial market. a new 2010 Ram Heavy Duty. FUEL FILTER: A WORKING MODEL OF EFFICIENCY. Changes to fuel THE DIESEL EXHAUST BRAKE: A PREMIUM PERFORM ER. M proper ties and emissions standards are in progress this very moment. The 2 6.7-lite Cummins Turbo Diesel features a fuel filter with outstanding efficiency. er AND STANDARD ON EVERY CUMMINS -POWERED RAM . This M class-exclusive feature allows greater control over the vehicle, especially [1] , on downgrades. It helps extend brake life and helps save in operating costs. a And drivers love it. Best of all, the diesel exhaust brake comes standard e in every 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel powering a Ram Heavy Duty. y 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel, available on 2500/3500 Pickups. ADVANTAGE RAM: VGT TECHNOLOGY. Diesel power from Cummins m 350 horsepower @ 3,000 rpm (6-speed automatic) comprises many assets to Ram ownership. One in particular off ers 650 lb-ft of torque @ 1,500 rpm (6-speed automatic) a major contribution to that legendary durability. The Variable Geometry 350 horsepower @ 3,013 rpm (6-speed manual) 610 lb-ft of torque @ 1,400 rpm (6-speed manual) Turbocharger (VGT) allows for precise airflow calibration, balancing the need for maximum power and maximum fuel efficiency. Further benefits e of the Diesel Exhaust Brake when integrated with VGT include faster u cab warmup times and greater vehicle control. 3 1. 545RFE 5-SPEED AUTOMATIC. The 545RFE 5-speed is a sophisticated multirange electronically controlled transmission that provides optimized gear ratios for responsive and durable performance along with good fuel economy. For 2010, this transmission now features Electronic Range TRUCKS THIS TOUGH DESERVE Select. Mated to the 5.7-liter HEMI V8. TH 5.7-LITER HEMI® V8: QUALITY AND HE WARRANTIES THIS TOUGH. Found on Ram 2500 Pickup models. TEECHNOLOGY THAT WORK DAY AFTER DA — WITH NO END IN SIGHT. It’s a AY They start as molten steel and finish with 2. 68RFE 6-SPEED AUTOMATIC. leg gend on-road, off-road, and at the job site scorching performance across the board – With the brilliant Electronic Range Select — because this is engineering that works. The b especially when it comes to built-in adding efficient performance, the 68RFE rec cent addition of Variable Valve Timing (VVT) dependability. Whether you require the 6-speed automatic transmission provides gives this engine a high-performance edge: stunning off-the-charts turbo-driven all the benefi ts measured by the working THE HEMI V8 TORQUE VV off ers increased engine breathing VT torque of the mighty Cummins, or the world: strength, stamina, reliability. CURVE. thrroughout the rpm range by varying the best-in-class[1] standard horsepower and Coupled only to the 6.7-liter Cummins It mimics a mountain — and it’s points at which the valves open and close in torque of the 5.7-liter HEMI V8, all Ram Turbo Diesel. Available for Ram 2500 and what to look for in a gas-powered connjunction with piston position. Results are Heavy Duty models feature comprehensive 3500 Pickups. engine: a quickly rising level quaantifiable: better performance, more warranties designed to last. Count on a of uncompromised power that 3. 6-SPEED MANUAL. effi fficient operation, and increased torque for 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited levels out into a broad top for A high-ratio sixth gear allows lower tow and hauling — exactly the demands wing Warranty on your 2010 Ram Heavy Duty.[2] sustained, yet efficient output. highway rpm figures — with the welcome ma on these formidable work trucks, day ade 383 horsepower @ 5,600 rpm economy that comes with a manual aft day. It’s all about refinement, power, and ter 400 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm transmission. The 6-speed manual is the ecoonomy, and in every way, the 5.7-liter HEMI standard drivetrain combination for Ram V8 in Ram Heavy Duty delivers. Heavy Duty Pickups with the 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel power plant. [1] Based on Automotive News classifi cation. [2] Transferable. See dealer for a copy of limited warranty. Includes towing to an authorized dealer. Excludes Chassis Cabs. s